Thursday, October 31, 2013

7 Deadly Sins Link-up


seven great things in your life.
1. My amazing family including my new in-laws.
2. My pup Walter.
3. Holiday season is around the corner which means more crafting!
4. I am reliving my wedding day over and over through wedding photos, crafts and friends.
5. Trying to get pregnant...all the excitement and nerves all at once.
6. Building a home (not literally) with my husband.
7.  My un-phaseable ambition

seven things you lack and covet.
1. Time.
2. Money.
3. A baby.
4. Black riding boots.
5. A new car.
6. Patience.
7. A more challenging career.

seven things that make you angry.
1. People who hold grudges.
2. Backstabbers.
3. The economy.
4. Co-workers who snort their phlegm, clear their throat, fart and make other rude/gross bodily functions at their desk.
5.  Politics. (especially Obamacare)
6. Bad drivers and my long commute everyday.
7. People who air their crap on social media.

seven things that you neglect to do.
1. Be more innovative in the kitchen (with my OWN recipes).
2. Not worry so much.
3. Eat breakfast (unless it is the weekend).
4.Go out more on weekends.
5.  Clean the closets out.
6. Not overanalyze every situation.
7. Confront people.

seven worldly material desires.
1. A new car.
2.  New household furniture.
3.  Remodel of our kitchen.
4.  A vacation to Fiji or Bali.
5.  A designer wardrobe.
6.   The other wedding band to complete my wedding ring set. 
7. Millions in cold hard cash.

seven guilty pleasures.
1. The Bachelor(ette).
2. Lattes (everyday).
3. Pizza.
4. Online Shopping.
5. Wedding Blogs.
7. Girlie shows.

seven things you love about love.
1. Wedding vows.
2. Sweet sayings/names.
3. Being best friends.
   4. Laughing at/with each other.
5. Sweet kisses.
6. Sharing your life and experiences together.
7. Always having another to rely on.
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  1. I'm a big overanalyzer too. And definitely could use some more time, money and patience! :) Hope you had a good weekend.

  2. I wish I didn't over analyze so much. It would save me so much heart ache.