Monday, July 30, 2018


We had a pretty eventful weekend, but more on that later. It has been extremely smokey here, which has kept us inside. I am soooo hoping all these wildfires are put out soon and no more start up. Ugh. But onto our weekend.

Friday after work, I hit the gym and then grabbed some lunch. I went to Sprouts to get some snacks for the beach the next day and then headed home. We went to pick up the girls and then came home. I noticed how badly the girls needed their haircut, so I took them to a kids haircut place and they got to pick out a style and color for their hair after.
toddler haircuts

toddler haircuts and styles

toddler haircuts and styles

After haircuts, we went home and made the girls dinner and then picked up Indian food for Rory and I. We wanted to try a new place that was close to us and it ended up being really good. Plus the girls liked some of it too. We put the girls to bed and Rory took Walter for a walk. I caught up on some of my shows before calling it an early night.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the beach early. But once we got into Tahoe, the traffic backed up and we had over 3 miles to go to get into the beach and we didn't think it was going to happen. The girls were really upset, but we had to turn around and drive home. We quickly drove home, changed and took the girls to the trampoline park instead. We jumped for an hour and had a blast.

After jumping, the girls were hungry, so we went to In N Out. On the way inside, Sutton took off running for Rory and ran right into the door. She fell down and I ran to grab her. She immediately had a huge bump and sat on my lap for lunch.

After lunch, we headed home for naps. But we wanted to make sure she was ok first. We gave the girls a bath and kept an eye on her before putting them down for a nap. She only napped for an hour.

After the girls got up, we played, and then bbq'd some sausages and peppers and saute'd some onions for dinner. The girls LOVED it.

Then we got ready and headed to the Dragon Lights Festival that has been going on in our city for the last month. The exhibit is only open for another week, so we went Saturday night. The smoke was still in the air, but it wasn't too bad that evening.

We arrived for the 7 pm showing and walked around for awhile. The lights were not to come on until 8 pm, so we walked, took pictures, and then went to this area where people were making things. We stopped at this guy who was drawing names with pictures. We watched him for awhile and then decided to get the girls their names done.
Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

After we got our picture, we headed back up to the front since the lights were about to come on. At 8 pm, they came on and we walked back through the exhibit again.
Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Right after we took the last picture, Avery says that Sutton has something on her mouth. I look down at her hands (she was holding onto the stroller and walking next to me) and see blood. Then I look at her face and see blood. She had a bad bloody nose. We stopped and I went up to a vendor for paper towels and a water. Then two nice women (one of the vendors) and another fellow mom (I think she was a nurse) came up to Sutton and helped us control the bleeding and helped us clean her up). Her nose bled for about 5 to 10 minutes. At one point when I removed the wipe, she tilted her head forward and it gushed blood. After we got the bloody nose under control, she was super sad about messing up her dress. Ha. We thanked the two ladies who helped us and then we made our way towards the exit.
Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

Dragon Lights Festival Reno

We left just around 8:45 which is way past the girls bedtime. Sutton drank a bunch of water to make sure she was hydrated and then we cleaned her up even more when we got home and put the girls to bed. After they were asleep, we had a glass of scotch and went to bed. But we made sure to check on the girls before going to sleep.

Sunday morning we got up and made bacon, eggs and toast with coffee. Then we got ready and headed out to Target and Petco for a few things. We came home and had leftovers for lunch and then put the girls down for a nap. While they napped, I went to the grocery store. I came home and we watched some golf until the girls woke up. They napped for over two hours.

Then we did some cleaning around the house while the girls played. The girls helped with some yard work outside and played on their scooters while I made dinner. We had stuffed shells and caprese salad for dinner, then bath time, stories and the girls normal routine. We put them down and then tried to relax. Avery had a hard time going down last night, but they were finally out around 8:30. We went to bed early since it had been a long, but mostly good weekend.
Caprese salad with heirloom tomatoes

stuffed shells recipe

How was your weekend?

Sorry this post is coming so computer wouldn't download the pictures from my phone.
Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites

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How are we entering the last month of the Summer? Well technically Summer doesn't end until September 22, but I feel like Summer break is almost over. But Fall brings football, pumpkin everything, changing leaves and so many of my favorite things to do (ie Apple Hill, Halloween, etc.)

And I let it slip on Wednesday that my birthday is coming up. I feel like as I get older, I don't celebrate as much. Some of my friends asked what I wanted to do, and I am not even sure what I want to do. Do I do a dinner with my friends around my birthday or just let it go by? I am celebrating with Rory on my birthday (birthday date night) and with my family that weekend (my dad's birthday is 4 days after mine). So anyways, I have been asked a few times when my birthday is and it is August 2nd.

Onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. Ok the first isn't really a favorite, but just a thought. I, like others, are over this season of the Bachelorette. While I like Becca a lot, it just has been pretty boring. And this upcoming episode is the Men Tell All. I used to love this episode, but now it bores me. I just want to see the finale. And if you know who wins/gets her heart, don't spoil it. I am not reading the spoilers.

But I will say that I want Garrett to win because he is from Reno and that is where I live. I have a lot of friends who know him pretty well and say he is a very nice guy. I have also seen all the controversy on his twitter/instagram. I think Becca's statement and his statement took care of that. So moving on.

I do like Blake because he reminds me of Miles Teller (looks wise) and I have a huge crush on him. So either way, it is a win.
Blake from Bachelorette and Miles Teller look alikes

But mostly, I just can't wait for Bachelor in Paradise. Those are so much fun to watch.

TWO. Yesterday Jen from Marathons and Dog Tags did a post where she said to ask her anything. I have seen that around on Instagram and I love this idea. It is a way to get to know someone more and even gets tips and advice.

So I am coming here to say.....


I will compose a list of questions and answer them next week.

THREE. So we have been doing some research on vacations next year and I think I narrowed it down to where I want to go....Yellowstone. I have never been and it isn't even that far away from us. My co-worker goes all the time and he has offered to help us plan out an itinerary and recommended places to stay, etc. I am actually really excited about this and can't wait to share it with my girls.

FOUR. So I wanted to give you all an update on my CT Scan. My scan showed that I have a rightward deviated septum with a right septal spur. This is all in addition to the collapsed nasal value in my nose. So my doctor sent everything over to my insurance and now we wait.

I did what any normal person does and I googled a lot about the surgery, recovery and what not. I even watched a video. Yep. Don't do any of that. I am a bit nervous and almost didn't want to go through with it, but I know I need to. I need to breathe right. I need to not be sick all the time. And I need to get enough oxygen when I sleep (this is a huge one and might be the cause on why I am so tired all the time...kind of like sleep apnea).

Also, have any of you heard of using arnica for healing, bruises and swelling? Why hadn't I heard of this before?

FIVE. Have you ever wanted to spy on your dogs when you are away? The thought has always crossed my mind, but I never did it. Or maybe when the babysitter is with your kids? My friend, Stacey, showed me her new Cloud Cam when I was over at her house last weekend and I sooo want one. Especially after our house was burglarized several years ago. I want to see what my dog is up to all day and make sure no one breaks in or steals our packages, etc.

Stacey bought the Amazon Cloud Cam, but I want to know if you found something you like better. Send me your suggestions, experience, etc.

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Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

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I feel like life has been going at warp speed here. We are getting closer and closer to Fall. Plus we have so much going on in the near future. But for now, it is time for another round of What's Up Wednesday.

What's Up Wednesday


Sunday: Homemade pizzas
Monday: Korean Beef Bowls by Skinnytaste
Tuesday: Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries
Wednesday: Dinner out with just my girls.
Thursday: Unsure as it is Rory's first softball game of the season.
Friday: Not sure.
Saturday: Not sure.


My wedding. August brings my 5th year anniversary and it brings back all the memories. Especially since my sister just got married in June. I have no idea what we are doing for our anniversary yet, but I know, I need to figure out a gift that goes with either wood or silverware since those are year number 5 items. Suggestions?


Everything that I got from Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. I wasn't sure how much I would love the Moto Jacket or the Blazer I got, but they are huge hits. I can't wait to wear both to England next month and in the Fall.

A few weeks ago, I bought some linen pants from Loft as they were having a great sale in stores. I love these pants. They are extremely comfy. I sized down to a XS when I am normally a small at Loft.
Loft Draw String Pants


July brought lots of beach days, a great 4th of July evening out, an unexpected trip to Elko for Rory's aunts funeral and lots of HOT summer days.
4th of July attire


Not really much. Maybe just the super hot weather accompanied by all the fires that are near us.


Prepping for a huge work trip to England, getting more posts ready for the future, planning a birthday dinner and prepping for surgery (fingers crossed).


My birthday, my anniversary and our next Graeagle trip.


I am still reading The Woman in the Window. I don't know why I haven't finished it yet as I have a few books already downloaded and Dana sent me Dead Girl Running. I hope to finish it this week and move onto the next book.

As for TV, a few of my favorite right now are The Affair, Million Dollar Listing New York, Masterchef, the Bachelorette, Staircase and Bachelor in Paradise starts in August!


Nothing at the moment, but my friend recommended I listen to the podcast Stuff You Should Know.


All the Summer clothes. I am trying to stay cool with the constant high 90s to 100 degree temps we have been having.


We don't have much planned, so maybe take the girls to the trampoline park.


My birthday, my anniversary and our second Graeagle trip of the Summer.


Not much. I am a pretty open book.


That is a hard one as we did a lot of fun things so far. But I would go with our first Graeagle trip. Followed closely by my sister's wedding.
Monday, July 23, 2018


Sorry for the late post coming at you, but this morning while I was driving to work, I got a nail in my tire and we had to turn around and take my car back to the house, so I can take it into Honda tomorrow to get the tire patched. Ugh. But at least the tire didn't blow, right?
nail in tire

Friday after work, I didn't have much to do, so I grabbed lunch, stopped at a local clothing boutique and then headed home. I didn't have to pick up the girls since my in-laws were doing that and taking them to pizza and the museum.

I came home, cleaned both bathrooms, swept and mopped the floors and then headed down to the hospital for a CT Scan. I had a CT Scan of my sinuses because I still can't breathe well out of my nose and I have a lot of issues with my nose. But that is a post for another day.

After my CT Scan, I went home and did some more cleaning. My in-laws brought the girls home around 5:30 ish. They played some dress up and then headed out around 6:30. I got the girls ready for bed and then put on some Mickey and The Roadster Racers. Rory got home from golf and I grabbed my things and went to my friend Stacey's house for dinner. We hung out in the backyard all evening and it was soooo nice to see my friends. I feel like it has been too long.

Saturday morning we got up and had some pastries. We did some things around the house before packing the girls bags. Then we went to Target for a few essentials and then Chick-fil A for lunch. After the girls played in the playground, we headed to my parents house to drop the girls off for the night.

We headed home and did some things around the house. I watched the movie My Friend Dahmer (was just ok and not as good as everyone raved about) and then got ready for the party. We had a booster party for the Wolf Pack to attend. We missed last years party, so we were excited to go this year. But the weather got really nasty. On the way over, it was raining and hailing. There was soooo much water on the road.
thunder and rain storms

When we got to the party, it was pouring. It didn't stop until 7:15. They also lost power there, but luckily had a generator.

We had bbq catered and an open bar. We had a great time and got to meet some of the coaches, play some games and just hang out.
Brother's Barbecue

We went home around 11 pm. Sunday morning we slept in and then went to get Rory's truck from the party. We took Lyft home as we didn't want to drink and drive. Then he went to breakfast by himself and I met up with some friends for brunch.
blonde brunch

After a three hour brunch, I went home and helped with some yardwork. The girls got home around 4 pm. Rory and my dad fixed our fan in our bedroom that hasn't worked since we installed it. They also made a game plan for our new fence. It was nice to sit and catch up with my mom while they worked on those things.

After my parents left, I made homemade pizzas for dinner and then we watched the massive thunderstorm roll in.

After we put the girls to bed, we just sat outside for a bit and enjoyed the smell of the rain. Walter was pretty scared, but it was the perfect ending to our weekend.

How was your weekend?
Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favorites

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I feel like my week just started, but it is already Friday. I am not complaining at all. I hope this weekend is relaxing, NOT stressful and maybe a bit cooler. I am over the 100 degree temps.

Onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. Remember a few Fridays back when I said we were looking for a new lamp for our front room? Well, we finally got one and it was one of the ones that I had shown you all. I went to West Elm last weekend and bought this lamp. It was 30% off, and even more beautiful in person. I couldn't pass it up. Plus, I scored a beautiful Nevada side table from a local vendor.
West Elm Mid-century Tripod Floor Lamp

Nevada side table

TWO. Last weekend was the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe, but sadly, this was the first year that I didn't go. Timing didn't work with everything that has happened lately. But my sister did get to go and she snagged a picture with Miles Teller. He is the one person I HAD to see this year, so my sister found him and got a picture with him. She also got pictures with Rob Riggle, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Jared Goff, Alex Smith and several others.
Miles Teller

THREE. I am giving you guys a mini weekend update through here too. On Saturday, we were invited to our friends house for a little party. They made 15 pounds of pulled park, grilled corn, a fruit salad, rolls, dips, cocktails and ice cream. The girls had a blast playing with the other kids and we got to relax and spend some time with friends that we hadn't seen in awhile.

Ballast Point Tart Peach Kolsch
 Rory tried this beer that he thought was ok and I LOVED. Seriously, if you love sour beers, this beer is a must try.

FOUR. I received my first #nsale purchase which was the BP Raw Edge Tee. I have this tee in black already and since it was on sale for $11.90, I scooped up another one. I knew this one would stay in my closet, but I am getting nervous about the other 4 packages that are coming. Why is Nordstrom sending every piece separately? Seriously, all 5 items are coming in different packages. Plus I feel like I have been watching a lot of try-on sessions and many people are sending a bunch of their items back due to poor quality or not exactly what they wanted. I get two more packages tomorrow, so fingers crossed, they stay in my closet.
BP Raw Edge Tee

FIVE. I went back and forth on sharing some of the photos from Gail's memorial weekend, but then I figured since I shared a few on IG, I would share more here.
Picon Punch
 Picon Punch - a classic Basque drink

 Tuesday morning we filled up balloons, wrote sweet messages on them and sent them up in the sky to Gail.

Balloon Memorial Send-off

Balloon Memorial Send-off

Lamoille Canyon
Lamoille Canyon

SIX. Thank you all for being so patient with me reading blogs and answering your comments. I feel like I am finally catching up and hope to be more with it next week.

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Have a great weekend!