Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Girls are 6 Months!

Yesterday was my babies' half birthday's. I still can't believe they are 6 months old! And along with them turning 6 months, this momma has been providing them breast milk for 6 months. I made my first goal. I still plan to pump until they are almost 8 months old. That means the weaning process starts in about a month. Crazy!

Now let's get down to business.
nicknames: Avery: Avery Girl, Avey, Bunny, Chunky Monkey  Sutton: Sutton Muffin, Sutte, Bear Cub, Little Miss

weight: We weighed the girls on our own since we need to have an idea on their weights to give them Tylenol for their upcoming 6 month shots. This is just an estimate as we hold the babies, get on the scale, then weigh ourselves and take the difference between the two. So probably not that accurate, but it gives us a good idea. Sutton weighs approximately 12 pounds 6 ounces and Avery weighs approximately 12 pounds 12 ounces. Sutton is catching up!
sleep: We go back and forth on this one. The girls were sleeping so well. It was the best thing EVER. This momma and daddy were getting some much needed sleep and then Avery decided to start waking up every hour to every few hours when we were in Graeagle. She has been doing that ever since then (almost two weeks) and Sutton joined her this last weekend. Come one babies. I need my sleep too! Last night may have been a turning point as Avery slept the entire night through and Sutton woke up at 4 am and went right back to sleep. Fingers crossed we can get back on this schedule again!
eats: The girls are still champs in the eating category. They currently eat 150 - 150 mls per feeding, 6 times per day (30 or so ounces). And this month we are going to start introducing purees! Super excited about this. The girls watch us eat and mimic us, so we think it is as good of a time as any to start them. Plus we snuck them a taste of whipped cream from our pie in Graeagle and they loved it.
loves: Sutton: Baby girl still loves her Wubba Nub, but she has taken more of a liking to chewing/sucking on her hands. She constantly has her hands in her mouth. And we are finally seeing that her tooth is going to break through anytime now! Sutton also loves to sit whether it is on the ground with mommy's help (though she can sit up on her own for a few seconds at a time), in her bumbo or in the jumper, she wants to look around at everything all the time. Sutton is really starting to like tummy time (sometimes she gets tired more easily now that she has her helmet on). Sutton also has been grabbing everything in her sight. When you pick her up, she takes along her blanket, your clothes, her clothes, her Wubba Nub, taggie blanket, or anything she can pull up with her. Sutton also loves to smile, coo, blow raspberries, eat, hold her sisters hand, lotion massages, screaming and peek a boo time.

Avery: Avery Girl loves her Wubba Nub. But just like her sister, she has been chewing on her hands more often. And she really loves to grab her sisters hand, arm or face and hold or slap them. She constantly wants to be close to Sutton. She is definitely an explorer. She loves playing "I got your nose" and tries to grab mine as well. She is very talkative (baby babbles) and loves to squeal. Avery loves sitting up. She has even been sitting up on her own for a few seconds at a time. She loves the jumper, Kick N Play, bumbo time, tummy time, rolling over and looking over your shoulder. Along with Sutton, Avery loves to grab at everything. She will grab your shirt when you carry her around. She likes to take Sutton's Wubba Nub out of her mouth and bring it to herself. Avery also loves to smile, laugh, eat, touch her sister (annoy her and love her) and play peek a boo.
Proof that Avery can sit on her own!

dislikes: Bath time has always been the girls dislike. Again, one baby will like it and the other will hate it. It changes every time we bathe them. We did get a new bath that is like a bouncer and they seem to like that a bit more since they can splash. Once they can sit up on their own, they can bathe together and hopefully play more. The girls haven't liked their car seats that much this month, but we think they were outgrowing their infant inserts (baby girls are still petite). So we took those out and they have been doing better. I am not sure if they like or dislike their helmets. I think it is a love hate relationship. They don't mind them being on, but they hate when we have to put them on and take them off. They also sweat in them (hello stinky heads!), so I think they get bothered by them when it is really hot outside.

clothing size: The girls are in 3 month clothing. They are even wearing some 3 to 6 month clothing.

diaper size: Size 2!
Monday, June 29, 2015


Today is my babies half birthday. I can't believe they are 6 months old today. Where has the time gone my little ones? I have their 6 month update coming tomorrow since I need to recap my weekend. One that started off with a huge bang (literally).

11:30 am hit Friday and I couldn't get out of work fast enough. My husband and I drove separately to work since I had a pedicure at 12:30. We picked up the babies and were to meet at a deli shop in Reno for a quick lunch and then I would be off to my appointment. But life had other plans and I got into a big car accident with a flying object on the way to lunch.

I was driving in Washoe Valley and the car in front of me hit something (a huge piece of metal from an oil drum) and that something came flying at my car. I tried to swerve to the left as much as I could without going off the road and avoid it. But no such luck as it hit my passenger bumper and tore through towards the back of my car. Obscenities were yelled and I tensed up quite a bit.

I pulled off to the side of the road as did the person in front of me (her car was smoking). I checked the damage and my husband had pulled over too (he was in front of the girl ahead of me but missed this object thankfully). Her little Dodge Neon type of car had some damage, but nothing compared to mine which is crazy because she it it head on and it flew at my car.

I was stuck on the side of the road for a few hours waiting for NHP (who changed my tire so I could drive to the auto shop). Once my tire was changed and NHP assessed my car to make sure I could drive it to Reno, I drove the long slow way back.

Thankfully I swerved out of the way because the metal would have hit me head on and it could have been a whole lot worse. And thankfully my baby girls were in the truck with their dad and not me.

So I am waiting on an assessment from the auto shop, but from just looking at it, they said at least $5,000 to $10,000 and up to two weeks in the shop. So bad. It cracked my bumper, destroyed my fog light and headlight, sliced my tire, took out my wheel well area, my passenger door, my hood is pushed up, my running board area is damaged, dents and scratches everywhere and it is leaking fluid. Who knows what else is going on there.

While at the rental car shop, I noticed my incision from my surgery was bleeding from the seat belt doing its job. So I have been keeping an eye on it and my doctor will check it out tomorrow at my post op appointment. Hopefully it didn't damage anything. Fingers crossed.

After I got my rental car and my car at the shop, we had to take the girls to their helmet appointments. Everything is looking good and their heads are already responding to the change. The doctor has high hopes for our girls and getting their helmets off in a record time.
 The pictures don't even do the damage justice.

That evening, I just wanted to do nothing and rest.

Saturday we ran some errands, went out to brunch and made dinner at home. We took it easy since it was so hot outside and Friday was not a fun day. Sunday we went to brunch again (I hate cooking breakfast it seems, haha), ran more errands and again relaxed. It was much needed after the start of our weekend. Plus I am still recovering from surgery.
Sutton chilling at dinner last night on the patio at Stonehouse

And now it is Monday and we are back at it. I am waiting for my car estimate and details on that. And hoping for good news on my surgery incision. I have a post coming on that and the changes to my incision daily (I know, TMI).

How was your weekend?  
Thursday, June 25, 2015

Father's Day

I know I am a little late, but Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband. Don't worry, I gave him the proper shout outs on social media and we tried to spoil him rotten, despite him being sick.

I would say the girls and our pup have a pretty awesome Dad. He cherishes and loves them more than anything.

His day started out with him going to the driving range to hit his new driver (no not from me, but he got a screaming deal on it). He had mixed feelings on it, but I think with a little practice, he will love it. Then we headed out to brunch. A late brunch that took a bit too long, but oh well.

In the middle of it all, we gave him presents from the girls.

Plus a handmade card (which I still need to take a picture of). My sister and I took foot prints of the girls and made feet hearts with a sweet message to their dad. Plus we did it for the grandfather's too. So sweet and such a great keepsake.
 Sweet Sutton
Sweet Avery

Since my husband was sick (from our sweet Avery girl), we didn't do too much. But we did meet up with my in-laws for a late lunch and watched the US Open (so happy for Jordan Speith) followed by a walk with the girls and pup. We took the girls on the walk using their carrier. So in love with my Ergo 360 carrier. Great investment.

We capped off the evening with ice cream (for my husband and I) and trashy tv.

I hope it was a great first Father's Day for my husband and I can't wait to celebrate the next many with him. We love you R!
 Daddy with a sleepy Avery girl on Father's Day (and a sneak peak at her new helmet)
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I'm Back.

I just wanted to drop in and say I am back from vacation and surgery, but still a bit out of it. Little did I know that my surgery would take a lot more out of me. I am still sore, my stomach is really swollen and the incision site just looks gross. I will spare you photos (I have been taking them daily to see progress).

Last week was a great week away. Though we didn't get a lot of down time, we still had a great time hanging out with family and showing the girls one of our favorite places. I have photos to sort through and a post to write, but that probably won't come until tomorrow or later. You can see some photos on my instagram in the meantime.

I had planned to write more, but I am sore (and tired) and way too deep into Holly Madison's tell-all book on the Playboy Mansion. Have you read it? Kind of a guilty pleasure as I used to watch the Girls Next Door.

Until tomorrow...
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Review

After reading tons of reviews and boards on baby sleep issues, we decided to try the Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit. Let me back up a bit, our girls love to be swaddled. They have been sleeping in their Halo Microfleece Sleepsack Swaddle since they came home from the NICU. The girls loved it and fell asleep right away.

Well it is getting too hot in Reno to keep using these wonderful contraptions. Example: It was 94 degrees Sunday. So we had to transition baby girls to something different. We have the Halo Sleepsacks in cotton that have no sleeves to them. We tried them one night, but the girls like their arms swaddled up (or maybe it is mommy and daddy that like their arms swaddled up). They basically go crazy and dance in them, laugh and coo. That makes it hard for them to fall asleep, and stressful for mommy and daddy. They are definitely not ready to have their arms free just yet (for the whole night. They sleep without anything in their cribs for nap time.)

Next up, the Miracle Swaddle Blankets. We actually really liked these, but the girls will break out of them between 2 and 4 am (I think it is because they are too small for them now). We tried this for about 2 weeks and we got really tired of waking up only to find the girls broken out of their swaddles and fully awake.

Enter, we tried the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. We have been using these for about a week now and love them. The first night, they did ok, but each night it got better and better. My babies were back to sleeping from 8:30 pm to 5:30 am. And we could leave them sleeping if we didn't have to wake them to eat and get ready to go to daycare.

I was worried they would be too hot (even the cotton ones), but all the reviews state that they wouldn't. People use them in Vegas, Florida, Texas, etc. during the summer and haven't had any issues. Plus we have the air conditioner come on when it gets too hot during the night time.

Plus look how adorable Avery looks in her sleepsuit.
Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Ladies and gents, we survived our week without my baby daddy/husband. Man it feels good to have him back at home. So in honor of him being home, we had to soak up all the daddy/husband time we could. Which means, I didn't get many photos this weekend or ones that I can show you (I will get to that reason in a bit.).

Do you remember how I said on Friday that things were going more smoothly since my husband was coming home? Ya, about 30 minutes after posting my post, I got a phone call from the girls doctor about their helmets. Good insurance is paying 100% of the cost of the helmets. Bad news...they needed a new scan because the scans they sent in were the same exact scan. My babies are identical, but their heads are not. And they didn't know which baby's head it was.

I tried to get them to make it for Monday (today), but the doctor is only in on Fridays since he works in Oakland except Fridays. I asked about this next Friday, but that was too long for my insurance approval time. Ugh. So I had to take the girls to their appointment, alone, again. I vowed to never to that again after last time, but there I was doing it again.

The girls were better behaved this time. Only one meltdown from Sutton while I was holding Avery getting her ready for her scan. So I call it a win. Plus this appointment was only an hour and the last one was two hours.
The girls wearing a "hat" so their hair doesn't mess the image up. They used the new Star Scanner.

So our babies will have their helmets this coming Friday. I am sad that they have to spend their summer in helmets, but happy to be fixing their flat spots now.

That evening, their daddy came home and we went to dinner and soaked up each other's company.

Saturday we went out to brunch and then this momma got a facial and massage. A much needed facial and massage. Then I went off to do my bridesmaid duties and go to Nathalie's dress appointment. I have lots of pictures from her appointment, but I can't share them just in case her husband reads my blog. Sorry ladies. Let me just say, she is gorgeous in her sexy dress. I can't wait to share her dress with you after the wedding in August.

That night, we made dinner at home after I picked up some groceries for us. We bbq'd since it was gorgeous outside.

Sunday we went out to brunch again because I had cooked all week and wasn't up for any cooking. It seems like it takes forever to cook breakfast and clean it up. But dinner, that is way faster, so I tend to go out to breakfast more.

Then we ran some errands for our trip, started packing and doing so many loads of laundry. Then we had dinner at my in-laws house to spend time with family that is in town. We got home entirely too late last night, but it was a great time.

And now I am stuck at my desk counting down the minutes til we leave work and head out on vacation. Graeagle here we come.

How was your weekend? Are you going to miss me? Don't worry, I have some posts scheduled. 
Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites

Another Friday is here...Finally! It may have felt like the longest week of my life, but it was needed. I definitely feel like I can conquer the world after my husband being gone for a week. And dare I say that my babies were the sweetest, cuddly, giggly baby girls in the world last night?!

And now onto my Friday Five.

One. Orange is the New Black. I am dying to get home from work. Literally counting down the minutes so I can watch the new season. I think I am even more excited about this than my husband coming home today. Shh don't tell him. But really, I am contemplating watching parts of an episode while I pump at work.

Two. My husband is currently on a flight home, with a stop in SF. But he will be here in a few (9 hours) short hours. I.CAN'T.WAIT.
 Hottest baby daddy I ever did see.
Three. This has been me all week and probably into the next week. With my husband being gone, sleep training the girls with their new sleep suits and taking care of each and everything at home. I need all the coffee and wine in my life.

Four. Graeagle. I am so looking forward to my trip next week. Which also means that I won't be blogging much (I have a few scheduled posts, don't worry). We have limited wifi (which will be so nice for a break), there is golf to be played, babies to cuddle and family to hang out with.

Five. I am finally dropping off the girls newborn clothes to the NICU today. I am kind of sad as my girls don't fit in them anymore and are growing up soooo fast (please slow down), but so happy to return the favor. Plus I am hoping to see some of my favorite nurses. I have to go to the hospital for labs and pre-registration for my surgery and since I am not bringing the girls with me (grandpa is watching them), it is my chance to take the clothes over. Even though I have been in the hospital many times since they have grown out of the clothes. I just had the girls with me or you know, had emergency surgery on my breast.

Happy Weekend All!
Thursday, June 11, 2015

Family Photos

The Butlers FINALLY got some family photos taken. Do you know how hard it is to get us all four in a picture together? Harder than you think. But Sam from AB Photography gifted us a photo session and we finally got our family photos.

We took the photos May 29th, the day our girls turned 5 months. There are so many photos I love from the session, but I will share my favorites. Get ready for a photo dump!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Best New of the Day!

Things have been a bit rough in the Butler household with my girls daddy being out of country. Though last night things went pretty well and ended in a big glass of red wine.

But today I got the best husband coming home early from his trip...nope. My bikini bottoms (I had to exchange my Triangl Milly bottoms for a different size. #postpregnancyproblems) will arrive today...nope again. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE will be at the Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament this year.

I am beyond excited for this. I have some friends in "high up places" who have talked about trying to get Timberlake to join the tournament every year. And it is finally happening. The tournament is July 14 - 19th. Bad news...I leave that weekend (July 18th) for Nathalie's bachelorette party. I mean it is good news that I am going, but bad that it is during the tournament. Buuutttt it is also military appreciation week. "As part of the tournament's special tribute to America's military, all active duty, reservists, National Guard and veterans can receive two complimentary tickets per day, including one for a guest at the 26th annual tournament." - Reno Gazette Journal

Boom, my dad is in the military and now I am obsessively trying to call him to make some plans to go during the week. I don't have much time off, but I will get a few hours the week before for a work trip. I see a weekday spent in Tahoe watching Mr. Timberlake golf. So excited.

I have the biggest crush on this fella. From his music to his golf skills to him being charitable. He has it all. DAY.MADE.
 Previous tournaments. Left: Hubby and I, Center: Jason Whitten and I Right: Kevin Nealon and I

And this year, I WILL add one of JT and I.
Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Craziness

Do you ever feel like your barely keeping your head above the water? And that at any moment you will sink? That is definitely how I am feeling today. Let's just say I don't feel like a superhero mommy today. I feel like the opposite.

My husband is in London, England for a week. I have help from my family, so I feel like I shouldn't complain. BUT...this is my blog and I can complain here if I want. (I do want to say how grateful I am that my family is helping me out. They are amazing and I literally would be dead without them here. So thank you so much family!)

The last three days (since my husband left) have went well. The girls have been a bit fussy, but nothing I can't handle (I think they are teething). But add in all the extras that my awesome husband usually does, and it is a lot of EXTRAS. I have to take out the trash and recycling for trash day, clean up the doggie poo in the backyard, water the garden and plants every other day, walk my sweet pup, play with my sweet pup, and other stuff too plus all my usuals...pump, prep bottles, clean bottles, make dinners, clean up after dinner, pack stuff for daycare, pack my lunch, pack up all the girls stuff, pack my gym bag, change diapers, change their clothes, feed them, burp them, play with them, do the bedtime routine, console them in the night when they wake up, get them ready to go in the morning and so on. It is a lot of work, and while I do love doing it, it is hard. (again I feel so bad for complaining)

But I have handled it pretty well up until this morning. The girls slept really well last night which is great since we started using the Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit (a review to come soon). But this momma was already tired from Sunday nights sleep (the girls didn't sleep as well as I had hoped).

I showered and pumped like normal, but this time I had to pump for an extra 10 minutes to get enough for their morning bottles and to top off a bottle for daycare today since I didn't have enough milk for them. I am barely keeping up with their demands. Most likely due to stress and maybe my supply is starting to go down. Really feeling down about this because I don't want to supplement formula yet. I kind of feel like a failure when I can't give them enough milk. I know I am doing well with pumping for twins, but I want to do it for awhile longer and I am already have some issues with my milk supply.

So that put me behind. Then I prepped the bottles and changed them. My mother in law and I fed the girls, but Sutton pooped during her feeding. Ok I got this. Went to change her, but she was still pooping. So I had to wait and wait. Finally got her changed, bottles cleaned. Now time to get myself ready (I had to be presentable since we have Board meetings today). Finally got that done, feed the pup, closed up the windows and opened all blinds, packed their stuff in the car. Then I go to put them in the car and Sutton drooled and/or spit up all over herself and pooped again. After getting everyone ready, we were out the door about 15 minutes late. Then Sutton wasn't too happy and cried the entire 45 minute drive to daycare. And cried while I was unloading everything. I felt so bad leaving her, but this momma's sanity was quickly diminishing.

I know it doesn't sound THAT bad, but it is hard doing it ALL. So much praise to all those single mommas out there and SATH moms who do it ALL. You are truly superheros and I have no clue how you do it. But you are awesome. Know that.

Here is to hoping Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings go more smoothly. And here is to having a big glass of wine when the girls go to bed tonight!

Anyone have any advice or recommendations for my milk supply? I drink the Mother's milk tea, I drink lots of water throughout the day, I try to pump extra at some feedings/pumping times, I eat oatmeal in cookies (sometimes the lactation cookies) and bars, I massage the breasts, etc.  
Thursday, June 4, 2015

Random Thursday Post

I went to see the amazing Dr. Devia this morning for my consultation on my belly button. Well he confirmed it...I do in fact have an umbilical hernia from being pregnant and the only way to fix it is surgery. So yes, I am going to have surgery on Monday June 22nd.

He promised me that it is super easy and not that invasive. Basically he cuts a small opening right under my belly button, stitches the hole up, pulls the belly button back and closes me up. There is a 2% chance he will have to use a bit of meshing, but he doesn't think he will need to. He says since I am so skinny (I will take that compliment), he doesn't think I will need it.

Now the recovery should be pretty simple too. No lifting anything more than 25 pounds for 4 weeks, but I can work out after one week (lightly). He said the elliptical was fine, but no weights. Just take it easy in there. So I am pretty excited to get this out of the way and be another step closer to having my pre-pregnancy body back.

Has any of my readers had this procedure done?

And onto other news, my little Sutton bear rolled over again. She rolled over a few weeks back, but hadn't done it since then. Her sister rolled over Sunday for the first time and now is a rolling machine. But little Miss Sutton rolled again yesterday. We visited the girls at daycare on a break and put her on her belly for some tummy time. She was sitting up on her arms just hanging out and then rolled. So gracefully I might add. So we got two babies on the move and they are so close to rolling from back to tummy too.

And another bit of husband leaves for London on Saturday. I am so sad about this. Well I am happy for him and the yummy macarons he is bringing back from my favorite shop, Laduree.

But this is the first big trip he is taking since we had the girls. And it is out of country where we can't really talk to him. Sucks, but I am fortunate enough to have my mom, sister and mother-in-law helping me out all week. So happy to have the help plus a fun GIRLS week.

And that is all I have today.
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crazy Weekend

This weekend was a really good one. A crazy busy one, but a good one (mostly).

Friday afternoon wasn't as easy as I expected. I took the girls to Renown for their doctor's appointment to get their flat spots checked out. We arrived at the hospital early which was good because Sutton blew her pants out. So gross and screaming babies ensued in the bathroom. It was hectic.

Then they cried through the entire hospital and the entire time they were getting their vitals checked. Then I got Sutton to calm down and blow bubbles at me. It took holding Avery most of the time to calm her down.
 Happy Sutton
The girls destroyed those paper sheets in no time.

After the doctor looked at their heads, I took them a few rooms over to get a 3d scan of their heads. The doctor had to put little sock helmets on them so their hair didn't interfere with the scan. So cute. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. After they were both measured, Avery has a 15 mm difference and Sutton has a 14 mm difference. This basically means they have a moderate to severe deformation. So they recommend getting them helmets. It wouldn't be so bad (and could auto correct) if their heads weren't bulging out a bit in the front. It is better to get them fixed now, then regret it later. So our babies are getting helmets. We are waiting on insurance to approve them.

In the meantime, we are still changing the position we lay them down on and waiting it out. My insurance usually takes their sweet time, so we may have to get them scanned again before they can get their helmets. Babies heads change so much during 4 to 6 months that they only have a 2 week window to make their helmets.

I am super sad about this, but it will be harder on me and my husband than the girls. It is a small blip in their story, so hopefully they thank us for it later on.

Oh and momma did this alone for over 2 hours. Not an easy task.

Saturday morning we headed out on a road trip to the Bay Area. We had to pick up a couch from my in-laws (aunt and uncle) and it required us to bring a flat bed trailer there. FYI, it is super hard to park a trailer in the Bay Area. I wouldn't recommend it.

But first, we made some pit stops along the way. One for coffee, another to buy a new WubbaNub (since Walter ate Sutton's) and again another to feed the girls.
Miss Sutton bear happy to be roadtrippin
Avery isn't so sure about the car ride

We stayed in a hotel that evening. My brother and sister in-law came over to our hotel with pizza and salad and we provided the wine (a World Market was across the street). It was a fun relaxing evening.
Chillin babies

Sunday, we picked up the couch. And when I say we, I mean my husband and brother in-law moved it. I watched the girls with my sister in-law and checked out the new house.

We drove back pretty early because I had a bridal shower to attend. Along the way, the girls got fussy, hungry and it was pretty rough. We couldn't find a place to park and feed them and it was 12:00 pm and we still hadn't had any food for the day. Luckily, we found something and after some dramatics by the girls, we fed them, ate some food ourselves and were on our way.

We got home around 3 pm, fed the girls (again), made some coffee and I got ready for the shower while my husband and neighbor moved the couches inside. We way underestimated the size of these couches. They are HUGE. But so comfy. I see us moving around our furniture in the very near future to accommodate these. Pointer, measure your living room before getting new couches. In the end, it worked out though.

Now onto the lovely bridal shower. My dear friend Nathalie is marrying Nick. And my husband and I set these two up, so we are pretty excited to share their wedding day with them in August. The theme of the shower was Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake and pretty in light pink. The shower was gorgeous. Champagne cocktails, teacup flower favors, cupcakes by my friend Stacey at Cake on Sunday, yummy food and lots of girl talk. We had so much fun.
Tea cup flower favors
The bride opening gifts under the pink canopy
Stacey and I at the shower (bridesmaids)

While I was gone, I did miss my precious Avery girl rolling over for the first time. I got this little video from my husband while I was gone. One proud momma.

So I would say it was a pretty good weekend. I am dreading/excited/fearing/nervous about this upcoming weekend. My husband goes on a work trip for 7 days, 6 nights. Luckily, I have my mother, sister and mother-in-law helping me out the entire time. So happy about that. Wish us luck.