Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Thanksgiving Weekend 2022

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We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving this year and spent it with Rory's side of the family (his dads side). If you have been following me for awhile, then you know we like to do themed Thanksgivings. This year's theme was Vegas Baby. In the past, we have done movies and tv, Dr. Seuss, Wild Wild West, Colors, and more. 

Rory and I thought about what we wanted to be for quite awhile, but didn't want to spend a ton buying costumes and wanted something we could pack. We ended up going with Sigfried and Roy and the white tigers. I got the girls tiger outfits on Amazon awhile back and Rory and I used things from our closet...well I did buy my pants on Wednesday as I wanted a pair of boot cut work pants and they worked better than skinny slacks.

So this was our Thanksgiving weekend. We flew into Vegas on Thursday afternoon, rented a car, got to the family's house, changed, went downstairs and took photos, enjoyed drinks, caught up and had dinner.

I got my hair done recently and it made it very difficult to make my hair into a mans cut. Ha.

My pants/slacks. My shirt was a H&M find for $12 (and it was very wrinkly from being in my bag).

Everyone left and we were able to just head upstairs for bed.

Friday morning, I did some shopping and Black Friday posting and then the girls and I got ready to head over to another family members house for a tea party. I still need to get the group photo we took.

After high tea, the boys came over and then Rory and I headed off for some bourbon hunting. After about 5 stores, we were successful and then we headed to sushi. Just us two and to one of the best sushi places, Sushi Fever.

We went back to the house, had some ice cream with the girls and watched the Golden Knights game followed by The Godfather (not with the girls).

Saturday we got up, had a leisurely morning, took a long walk around the neighborhood, stopped at Starbucks and then got ready for the Nevada vs. UNLV game. We were not going to go to it as Nevada has lost the last 9 games, now the last 10 games, but we wanted to see the Raiders stadium, so we went to that. We should have went to the Golden Knights game. But at least we saw the Raiders stadium which was beautiful....even though I am not a Raiders or Rebels fan.

Nevada lost, but at least it was a decent game to watch. Then we headed back to the house to pick up the girls and my mother-in-law and went to Ethel M. Chocolates and Botanical Gardens. Our friends told us about a Christmas light display plus free chocolates. We got there and had to wait outside in a long line. It was a bit cold out, but it was so much fun! At the end they give you some chocolates and then you can go inside to purchase more and get more free samples. We each got a chocolate truffle of our choice and then we bought some peppermint bark that is out of this world.

After we were done, we drove back to the house and the girls and my MIL went to bed. Rory and I stayed up with family hanging out before turning in as we had to get up early for our flight home.

Sunday morning our flight was at 8:25 am which sucked, but was great for getting home early enough. We got home, unpacked, went to lunch, grocery shopped, decorated our Christmas tree, watched the Niner game, made dinner and watched more football followed by a Christmas movie.

And that ends our Thanksgiving weekend. It was fun, but a busy weekend! How was your Thanksgiving?
Monday, November 28, 2022

Mexico 2022 Days 3 and 4

We left off on Sunday evening, so I will start with Monday October 3rd. It was a beautiful morning and the hurricane had went up north leaving some beautiful views. We got ready and the girls asked me to snap a photo of them.

Then we headed off to another favorite breakfast place, Coco's Kitchen. We had the best breakfast with fresh smoothies and coffee fraps.

It was finally pool day and the girls were so excited! We spent a good 4 hours on the rooftop pool. As always, I take a ton of photos up there because you can see the whole Bay of Banderas. 

Puerto Vallarta

We had the pool to ourselves most days. There was also another couple and an older lady that we have seen there many times that we hung out with at the pool. They gave us tons of food recommendations!

After a day of swimming, we headed out to dinner. Now this is where I got Montezuma's from. I went back and forth on posting where we went, but decided to do it. We all shared everything except this one taco that I got, a garlic shrimp taco. We had tuna tar tar, firecracker shrimp, octopus tacos, a shrimp tostado and margs (us not the girls) and the only thing different was I got the garlic shrimp taco and the girls and Rory shared the octopus tacos. 

The food was amazing, but it hit me hard that night. I was too scared to leave the condo, even though we did quite often. Ha.

The best mango margs.

Something in this wrecked me.

I didn't feel it right away either. We went to an American style bar and watched the Niners game til half time there. I had a glass of wine, so it wasn't that either. Then we went back to the condo to watch the rest of the game, put the girls down and enjoy the Niners win!

That evening I woke up about 2 in the morning and spent a lot of the night in the bathroom. I never threw up, but had other issues....for weeks. 

I grabbed some pastries down at a little Parisian shop for breakfast, but just wasn't feeling great at all. 

We headed into town to go to their mall for some shopping and then next door to Walmart to try to get me some meds and basically a pedialite for me. I needed to rehydrate and feel better. Then it was some pool time. Well for Rory and the girls. I was too scared too. I didn't take many photos that day as I was too sick.

That evening we went to Italian food and ate some amazing food at Trattoria Di Nuovo. My stomach was still rough so we didn't get to enjoy a ton of appetizers, but the bruscetta, wine and pasta was amazing!

This picture was taken and within minutes, we had to move tables as part of the restaurant has an open roof and it started dumping on us.

Some killer pasta in Mexico!

The girls love tiramisu and ask for it all the time now.

It never stopped pouring, so we had another glass of wine and tried to wait it out. No luck. When we got outside it was still dumping and the streets were flooded. In the roads, it was about 8 inches or more of water flooding. We sat under some awnings and tried to wait for a taxi. 20 minutes later and a $5 cab ride for less than a mile and we were back at the condo. I have some amazing videos of it.

We watched the storm roll through on our balcony, but it rained for hours that night. Only that night too.

And that concludes days 3 and 4.