Monday, November 21, 2022

Kids Christmas Gift Guide

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As promised, I am starting to share my gift guides. I know that these are helpful to me when I see them, so I hope they can help someone out as well. Most of these are items that are in my cart for my girls, already purchased and one or two that they already have. 

Also, please share your gift guides too as I need gift ideas for everyone. I have been shopping when I see deals and I have a lot of items on a "watch list" for the best price.


Girls Christmas Gift Guide
3D String Art   If your kids are anything like mine, they love crafting. I saw this and thought it was such a cute idea. It comes with everything you need and requires minimal supervision.

Instax Mini 11 Bundle  My girls would love this. It has been on their list for years and this year is the year. This bundle comes with a package of film as well.

Tabletop Instax Flip Frame  I want to get this to go with the girls camera. This way they can display their pictures and change them out.

Personalized Necklace  I had one of these when I was growing up and loved it. It was sadly stolen when our house was broken into in 2011. I did already grab these for the girls. And they are on sale.

H&M Warm Lined Boots  My girls have these and love them. They have them in pink and I wanted to get them this version this year.

Light Up Alarm Clock  My girls have an OK to Wake Clock which we loved. But they are getting older, reading the time more and I thought this was more appropriate for them. I bought it in white and can't wait to give it to them.

Stanley Water Bottle  My girls always get a new water bottle for Christmas. I know that everyone loves the Stanley bottles, so I found one that I like for the girls. This one doesn't have a straw, is insulated, has a handle and comes in pretty colors.

Gold Hoop Earrings  My girls have their ears pierced and prefer the hoop earrings so the stud doesn't stab them in the back of the earlobe. They have been wanting more grown up ones, and these fit the bill. Plus I scored them on sale.

Nail Kit for Girls  My girls love getting their nails done. This kit gets amazing reviews and allows them to be creative with some stamps and nail art.

The Never Girls Books  My girls are really starting to love to read chapter books. When I went searching for chapter books for their age range, these had great reviews, so I snagged them.

Pocket Water Color Books  I saw these on an Instagram ad and then went searching for them. You can find them so much cheaper on Amazon, so that is where I grabbed these for each girl.

Kinetic Sand Kit  My girls love to play with Kinetic Sand and Play Doh still. They use it in their kitchen and asked for a cooking set, so I grabbed this one for them. It was on sale too.

I have more items on their list, but these are the definitely purchases. What is on your kids Christmas lists?


  1. I think the Never Girls is the books I got my niece for her birthday. Great suggestions!

  2. Love that ice cream kinetic sand set. I may need to add that to Zoe's stuff. I was thinking about the Instax mini and saw that Walmart is going to have a set with a case, film and stickers on sale tonight for like $51 or $55. Might want to check that out if you haven't ordered already!

    1. It was on sale too. My girls love that stuff. I am thinking of getting it from Walmart as well. I did see that. I am waiting until Friday or Monday to grab it to get the best deal.


  4. Cute ideas! The boots look amazing.

  5. We have the kinetic sand kit and Sophia loves it!! Great round up here!

  6. That Instax camera is on Olivia's wish list! And she loves that string art, too!

    1. I did get one for the girls to share. Along with 40 films.