Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Confessional

Hello to all the new readers coming over from September Farm.  Thank you so much for joining us!

I am so excited as today is the weekend (I can hear Tahoe calling my name) and today is also my guest feature on September Farm.  I love reading Karli's blog and every Saturday she does confessionals.  Let's be real here, if you know me, you know I have enough stories to fill up several weeks worth.  My life is (WAS) very interesting and I wouldn't change it for the world.

So do yourself (and me) a favor and check it out.

And while you lovelies are doing that, I will be getting ready to consume my first Wet Woody (Garwoods in Lake Tahoe) of the year.  Don't worry, it won't be for another few hours.  I got breakfast on my mind right now.
Heaven in a glass

Have a great weekend all!
Friday, May 30, 2014

Another Friday in the Books

Hello Friday lovers.  Did it seem like this short week went by so slow to anyone else?  Maybe it is due to the fact that I have to work a full day today instead of my usual Friday half days.  Boo.

So let's get down to Friday's random thoughts, confessions, wants and whatever else comes to mind.

1.  I am very excited for my first guest post tomorrow over at September Farm.  So please be sure to check it out.  Saturday's Confessional.  You won't be disappointed.

2.  We have ANOTHER fertility appointment next week.  But I am hoping this one is different.  It is with a new doctor (who specializes in fertility and PCOS) with lots of tests and an awesome game plan for us.  Weird thing about it?  My husband has to sit in on everything.  Through the entire physical exam.  I know, he will have to get used to it when we do actually get pregnant, but it is already uncomfortable enough without him there.

3.  The Giants have the best record in all MLB!  35 - 19.  Savor it kids because it may not last.  I can not wait to watch my lovelies in August.
J.T. Snow.  My favorite baseball player (and Giant) via

4.  Only in Nevada would you see something like this.
Is it wrong that we (my friends, R and I) took a baby to his first bar at 5 months?  It was during the day, after lunch, the bar was empty, we only had one drink, they were visiting and our lunch spot didn't have a good cocktail menu.  #babysfirst

5.  I forgot to bring breakfast to work this morning, so I feel like this.
 6.  Good luck to all my friends running the Reno Tahoe Odyssey.

And that closes Friday's thoughts.  Have a good weekend all and come back tomorrow for my guest post.
Venus Trapped in Mars

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Wedding Day Matt

Every have those days where your brain feels like mush or is overloaded?  Yep that is me today.  I have an interview at work today for a promotion that I so badly want.  I have more knowledge of myself and the inner workings of my job crammed in my head that I can't think about anything else.  Let alone get out a decent post.  So I leave you today with this.

  College days with Matt (we look like such babies then!)

Happy Wedding Day to my best Matt!  I am beyond happy for you and Kate.  I wish I could be there in England celebrating with you two, but know I will be at your Reno wedding in July.  To the new Mr. and Mrs. Sikora.  I love you both!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend (hopefully a long weekend)!  I know I enjoyed every last second of my four day weekend.  Is it bad that I am wishing it was still the weekend after four days off?  Nope.  Good.

I started my weekend off getting my hair done.  There is nothing I love more (ok maybe a few things) than getting pampered.  Especially when it comes to my hair.  The thing I don't love?  The payment at the end.  Or the fact that I was out of conditioner and had to buy new shampoo and conditioner for a cool $80.  Ouch.  Never feels good.  But this new shampoo and conditioner, I am in LOVE.
 Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Shampoo and Conditioner

What do I love about these new products?  Not only do they smell like heaven, they are sulfate free, they don't weigh down my fine hair, UV radiation protection, protects against breakage and makes my hair silky soft.

Saturday was spent going to Graeagle, California.  We were scoping out our vacation digs for next month and a few other things.  It was a beautiful 81 degrees, no wind and pure heaven.  I can't wait to go back.  Is it June yet?
 Nakoma Golf Course (view of hole #1)
Sneek peak at the wedding location

Saturday night, we went to see the Neighbors.  Let me just say, Zac Efron....HOT (though a little too young).  The movie was really funny.  Lots of alcohol, drugs, sex and shenanigans.  Let me just add....I don't find it appropriate to bring your six year old to this movie.  This happened with about four different families.  Not ok.

Sunday was our first trip to Lake Tahoe and Hidden Beach.  Amazing.
On our way to Hidden Beach (Walter never poses for photos)

For once I really enjoyed a Monday.  We met up with our friends who were in town from Oregon plus a few others who joined us for lunch and cocktails.  I got to finally meet the cutest little man, Oscar and soak up some baby time.  It's been too long since I have had baby time and have seen his amazing parents, Brian and Melanie.  It makes us want to go to Portland stat.  And we just realized I have three free nights at a Marriott to use by January, so planning a trip is in the near future.

We spent the rest of Monday buying new shoes (for a wedding we are attending), tending to our garden and cooking dinner.  It was the perfect end to an amazing weekend.
 My peonies are finally blooming.  And we have the most gorgeous roses this year too.  I love Spring.

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Random Thursday Thoughts

I wanted to participate in TBT, but I never manage to scan old cute photos from when I was a kid or anything that isn't on facebook or other social media.  Complete Fail.

So what I will do is tell you all a bunch of random things going on in life and my brain.

First did you notice that I have a new blog design?  The lovely Erin from Two Thirds Hazel designed this beauty and I couldn't be more excited.  Thank you Erin!

I got my nails done this week and I am loving the feminine look to them.  What do you think?  Can I just say how obsessed I am with pink and gold right now?  LOVE.

My dress for my sister-in-laws wedding came in yesterday and the color/texture isn't exactly what I thought it would be (fushia with hints of black texturing), but I can't wait to try it on and see what it looks like.  Hopefully it is the one and I don't have to return it.

We booked our trip to Avalon, New Jersey to watch R's cousin get married come October 11th.  I have never been to this part of Jersey.  It is on the beach and all I can think about is seeing lots of tan, muscular men wearing tank tops.  But really, pictures of this area look beautiful and I can't wait to go.

I am so bummed we won't be camping this Memorial Day weekend, but hopefully a trip to Tahoe, seeing friends from Oregon and a day away to Graeagle will do the trick.

Orange is the New Black season 2 comes out in 2ish weeks (June 6th) and I can't wait after the ending of last season.

Remember the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes I mentioned here, well I caved and bought them.  I can't wait to receive the mascara (tomorrow) and try it out this weekend.

This was taken a few days before my wedding with my new eyelash extensions.  I am hoping the 3D Fiber Lashes give me a similar result.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday's Dating Confessions

Bella over at Dateless in Dallas is hosting a great link up today on Dating Confessions.  
Let me first say that I feel so fortunate that I don't have to go on anymore awkward first dates.  I don't miss that AT ALL.  I feel your pain ladies.  I have been on my fair share of bad and awkward dates.  I have two that really stick out in my mind right now.
Bad Date Confession #1:
 I met a guy through a group of my guy friends.  He seemed very nice, polite and a total gentlemen.  He owned a local bar and seemed very interested in me.  After texting back and forth, we set up our first date.  
He took me to a great little Italian place that I had been to only once, so I was really excited.  The waitress came to take our drink orders, and he starts firing off what we would drink and eat.  He ordered for me, and didn't even ask what I wanted.  I am a picky eater and I am very independent, so this was rude and a turn off.  What if I didn't like the veal parmesan he was ordering (I don't like veal.  I have a hard time with the thoughts of eating a baby cow)?  Or the calamari appetizer?
I told him that I don't really like veal, and his response was, it is the best dish on their menu.  You will love it.  At that point, I knew I had to eat as much of the calamari as possible.  When the veal came out, I took a bite and couldn't get over the thought of it being a baby cow or the taste.  I just moved it around on my plate feeling so bad.
All the while, he is going on and on about his new boat, his car, his house, all the vacations he takes, his expensive clothes, owning his own bar at such a young age, his watch, going to the most expensive hair stylist and the list goes on and on.  He was trying to woo me with all of his material belongings like it was all I cared about.  He never once went into where he went to school, what he loves to do on the weekends, his hobbies, his values, his family, etc.  It was all about the material belongings.

I have never been so turned off in my life.  Then to add insult to injury, he was upset that I didn't eat my veal parmesan and was wasting it.  Hey buddy, you ordered it without asking me.  Then when the waitress asked if we wanted dessert, he quickly said "no because she never finished her dinner so no dessert for her".  Very rude as I contemplated dessert or grabbing a slice of pizza after this bad date.  I was hungry and this girl eats on her dates.
It was literally one of the most awkward rides back to my house.  He insisted on walking me to my door which I told him it wasn't necessary.  Then he went in for the awkward hug, grabbed my face and kissed me so hard.  Extremely gross.  
Needless to say, there wasn't a second date, I dodged his phone calls and texts and have never went into his local bar again.
Weird Date Confession #2:
I met a guy at a coworker/friends wedding.  The best part was him being the brides brother, so I knew there was a good chance of something coming out of the evening. He was amazing at the wedding.  We danced, laughed and talked all night.  He asked my coworker (the groom) for my number a few days later and after some texting, we set up our first and last date.
He was a gentlemen, picked me up and took me to dinner.  He complimented everything about me which totally boosted my confidence.  Was this guy real?  He complimented my hair, shoes, clothes, purse, etc.  I was on cloud nine until he started asking me if my shoes were Michael Kors, if my Coach purse was this seasons line and how my hair stylist highlighted my hair with such perfection.  
Was I on a date or hanging out with one of my girlfriends?  I know my guy friends could never tell me what shoes I am wearing.  They may be able to tell me that my purse was Coach if they saw the signature C or the Coach label.  And as for hair, they just know if it looks good or bad.  Men hardly can tell when you get your hair done unless it is a dramatic change and they still may not notice that.  I am pretty sure my date was gay and not open about it.

I enjoyed the rest of the evening, but told my coworker we weren't a good match.  He said he thought so and even hinted that he thought his brother-in-law was gay too.

What are your dating confessions?  Be sure to link up with Bella's Dating Confessions.
Dateless in Dallas
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Influenster VoxBox Review

Good morning, lovelies.  Today's post is brought to you by Influenster.  Don't know what Influenster is?  Basically it is a community of people who share their opinions on products and services through social media.  Members are chosen to review VoxBox's full of themed products.
I was chosen to review the Mary Kay box.  All opinions and photos are my own.  I was not paid to give my review, but I did receive the products complimentary of Influenster.
Mary Kay VoxBox
I have very little experience with Mary Kay before receiving this box.  I went to a party a long time ago where we learned make up techniques and learned about Mary Kay.  I am not one to buy products through catalogs or parties.  I always go to a store, test the product and purchase.  Or maybe I am too lazy to go to the parties because I feel like they will make me buy something.  (Though I am really wanting to buy Younique 3D Fiber Lashes mascara from an online party, but that is another story for another post).

But after receiving the Mary Kay box, I was excited to try the products out.  Here is what I received:
Apricot creme eye shadow, eye shadow brush, mascara, liquid eyeliner and liner brush, blush, bronzer, finish powder and brush
I also used these products from my own collection to have the finished result as there was no concealer, foundation, primer or eye brow pencil.
Mac foundation, Mac brush for foundation, eye brow pencil, Urban Decay eye shadow primer, Benefit concealer
Now get ready for awful selfies.  I never take selfies and this is probably why.
  Notice all my red blotchiness?
 Using both Mary Kay and my own make up products
Product Breakdown
Apricot creme eye shadow and brush: After using Urban Decay primer, I added the eye shadow which applied smoothly, light and stayed on all day without any creases.  The brush gave the eye shadow a smooth well covered area.  I like both of them, but if you apply the apricot shadow too heavily, it appears too orange.

Liquid eyeliner and brush:  The brush is what stood out to me.  I love how compact it was and small the tip was.  It made putting on eyeliner easy.  As for the eyeliner, I am still trying to decide.  It went on really dark (I used a q-tip to soften it up) and I was afraid it would crease later in the day.

Mascara:  I am in love with the mascara.  It makes my lashes longer, fuller and darker.  I love the little brush.  It makes it so much easier to get in the inner crease area of the eye without getting mascara on your skin.
Mary Kay mascara brush
Blush:  The pink color applies nicely and isn't too dark.  It didn't show very well over my foundation, but it added the bit of color I needed.  I never wear blush and always opt for bronzer, but I have been using the blush daily to try to change things up.  The pink color pairs nicely with my skin tone.

Bronzer and brush:  I love the bronzer.  But I love most bronzers.  It doesn't give you a orange color and paired nicely with my foundation.  I used the large brush to apply both the blush and bronzer and love this new brush.  The bristles are soft, allows for great coverage and seems high quality.  It lasted all day without reapplying.

Finishing powder:  I was skeptical of the powder and keeping your face oil free, but so far I have really liked it.  I put it on after my entire make-up routine and have found that I don't need to reapply it after work like I do with other finishing powders/sprays.  I was worried the white color would lighten my skin, but it go on colorlessly (if that is a word) and helps control the oil and look of 12 hour make up.

Lipstick/lip gloss:  Not pictured.  I forgot to add the lipstick/lip gloss as I put it on the day I received this and it made my lips look orange.  I did not like it.  I wish it was more of a pink tone than orange.

Overall, this is a nice VoxBox and I have been using some of the products daily in the mix with my everyday make up.  I would recommend the mascara, finishing powder, brushes, bronzer and blush.

Here is a final product.  Also a little shout out to Whitney as I am wearing this month's blogger shirt.  It is so soft and comfy.

Would I consider purchasing May Kay products?  Maybe.  Probably if I didn't have to go through someone or a party to get the products.

And that wraps up my Mary Kay VoxBox Glam Box.  What are your experiences with Mary Kay?
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Cake for Breakfast

Happy Monday all!  I know it is rare for me to be happy on a Monday, but I had a great weekend and I am looking forward to this week and upcoming weekend.  So let's get down to the weekend recap.
After work, I went to a bunch of stores in search for a dress for my sister-in-laws upcoming wedding since I couldn't afford these two dresses.  I didn't find anything.  In fact, some of the contenders I found online that were in local stores looked AWFUL on me.  Can the lights in dressing rooms at department stores make me look anymore horrible?  So I searched Rent the Runway for designer inspiration, headed over to the designers websites, looked under the sale section and found myself a pretty dress.  I even found a coupon to go along with the sale.  So now let's hope it fits, looks good and can pair easily with some wedges.  I am keeping the dress under wraps for now, just in case it doesn't fit or looks awful on me.
Friday night we had date night.  We went to Sodo for dinner and I had the best scallops dish.  So good and spicy.  Then we went to a local wine bar for some music and wine.  Such a great evening.

I spent the morning searching for an outfit to wear.  The weather didn't want to cooperate.  It was sunny, very windy and then cloudy.  I started off in a dress, changed to shorts and was in pants by mid-afternoon.  Girl problems.

We drove to Gardnerville for my sister's boyfriends college graduation party.  Funny little has been around 13 years since I went to his parents house.  I was good friends with his older brother in high school and early college, but drifted apart after the brother moved away.  So I found it funny and odd when my sister started dating my friend's younger brother years later (they never had met when I was friends with his older brother).  But it was a great party.  Lots of food, drinks, a band, some volleyball and a great view.
  The roses are starting to bloom at my house and this little guy is just one of the perfect roses in our garden.

I had the best breakfast EVER.  Cake!  My mother-in-law and I went to see Stacey for a cake tasting.  My sister-in-law is getting married next month in Graeagle, but she lives in New York, so we get the task pleasure of cake tasting for her.  Best job ever.
Gorgeous set up and amazing cake to be had.

We had red velvet, very vanilla, vanilla and almond cake paired with cream cheese, raspberry, traditional and chocolate buttercream.  Heaven.  But we narrowed it down and got approval from the bride for two small cakes in almond and red velvet.
Almond cake

After my cake for breakfast, I had lunch with my husband followed by golf with some friends.  Let me just say, my golf game is improving and I had one of the best holes of my life.  That is the best feeling and will carry me for rounds to come.  Now if I can only mimic it every hole.
Lakeridge Golf Course
Our friends and golf buddies
Most beautiful hole in Reno
 A fat marmot.  Biggest guy of the day.
Hunter Falls Fire

Sadly, a wildfire started in the Hunter Creek trail area Saturday night and it is burning our beloved hiking trail.  158 acres has burned and it is only at 5% containment.  We hike this trail several times a year, and sadly, this area is now engulfed in flames.  Let's hope it gets extinguished quickly.
And to end my weekend, I had the best cupcake from Stacey.  She sent me home with cupcakes to try and they are my new favorite.
Vanilla cupcake with dark chocolate ganache.  Almost better than sex.

How was your weekend?
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cara Box #2

As I said here I was fortunate enough to get two cara boxes this quarter.  This cara box is from Arlyn who currently lives in Seoul, Korea with her family (husband in the military and 4 children).  She did go overboard with her gifts, but I am so thankful for everything she sent and how thoughtful everything was.  So without further ado, here is my cara box #2.
 So many goodies
Left: Chocolate goodies. Assorted chocolate covered pretzels (oreo and almond are the best), chocolate waffers, cookies, waffer crunch candies and coffee.  Right: Starbucks Korea coffee cup (cute twisty handle)
Left: Date book, purse and business card holder.  Right: Socks
Left: Assorted bookmarks.  Center: Ornament  Right: Toothbrush Cases
I love seeing the different things from Korea.  I think she did a great job on matching my personality.  I have already used/indulged on some of these items.  The business card holder was an awesome idea.  I travel a lot for work and sadly, I didn't have one yet.  I have already broken into some of the snacks and let me tell you, the chocolate/almond covered pretzels are to die for.  I am drinking my coffee from the coffee cup as you read this and I already displayed the ceramic pieces in my house.  Thank you Arlyn for your wonderful gifts.
If you would like to participate in the next cara box, follow Kaitlyn at Wifessionals.  Be on the look out around the first week of June when she posts about the theme and rules.  It is a great way to get to know fellow bloggers, instagrammers and amazing women.  I have enjoyed getting to know my partners, can't wait to meet them in person and can't wait for my next match up.
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Friday, May 16, 2014

No Money and Dress Problems

Happy Friday All!  First off, I want to say thank you to Sarah and Helene for putting on the first #TotalSocial yesterday.  The response was huge, the traffic on my page was huge and I found some new awesome blogs/friends.  So a big thank you!
Do you ever have those days where your brain can't seem to function and you don't have any ideas to write about?  Yep right here.  I think the only thing on my mind right now is getting off work (a little over two hours left) and finding a dress for my sister-in-laws wedding.
Did you know that Anthropologie charges $11 for shipping something that weighs next to nothing?  Yep.  Trying to find something else instead of this beautiful dress.  Ok it is second choice because the one I am dying to have, is sold out in my size.  Why isn't there an Anthropologie here?
 Or this gorgeous pretty.
Why must everything be so dang expensive?  The search continues....and I have less than a month.
All of this shopping makes me want a nice margarita that Sarah featured on her blog today.  Is it happy hour yet?

Venus Trapped in Mars
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