Friday, May 2, 2014

I Know It's Extra

Today is my second favorite day of the week....Friday.  My husband comes home today from his work trip.  Oh how I missed him (after I was gone all last week) and sat at home waiting for him went out almost every night this week.  No shame.  I was seriously in need of some time with my girlfriends.  Which also made me realize that I need to see these ladies at least once or twice a week from here on out.  Gotta make time for my bests.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo (I can't remember the last time I celebrated.  I am that old), I wanted to share this shirt with you that Iowa Girl Eats featured in her Friday Favorites that I must have.

This shirt resonates so much with me.  If you know me, you kinow I want to add avocado or guacamole to anything and everything.  Heck even my father-in-law jokes that I would put it on my cereal if I could (hmmm I wonder if that would taste good, eh probably not).  Anyways, whenever we are out to breakfast/lunch/dinner, I ask for a side of avocado or guac and they always say to me, you know that is extra.  Yep, and give me the biggest heaping spoonful you can.  So take note friends, I want this shirt now.

And also in honor of Cinco de Mayo, some of my co-workers wanted to cost a Mexican theme breakfast.  And when they sent out said email to the select few, it literally had most easier breakfast things taken care of...eggs, sausage, chorizo, guacamole (yes!), salsa, potatoes, tortillas, chips, sour cream, cheese and Mexican pastries.  So please anyone suggest some ideas for me that don't require me to get up at 4 am to cook for my office.  I would prefer to make it the day before and at most finish in the morning.

A lot of people are posting about the Kentucky Derby which I am a bit jealous of because I want to get dressed up and wear fancy hats.  Oh and shop for said fancy hats, but in Nevada, we wouldn't have anywhere to wear it.  What am I going to wear this get-up to the casino to watch the derby in the race and sports book?  Nope.  Or host a party at my house?  I don't think anyone would come.  But it has always been a dream of mine to go to Kentucky Derby and one day I will.  For now I will just have to plan a trip to San Diego (one of my most favorite cities) and go to Del Mar.  Hint, hint husband.

Will you be watching the Kentucky Derby this weekend?  Or enjoying the beautiful (or dreary weather in the north mid-west) weather outside getting that garden going?  I am going with gardening, pup time and sunshine.

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