Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Nevada Day Weekending

I am a little late on my weekend post, but work has been crazy busy and I am just getting caught up. Especially since we had Friday off. But Happy Halloween all!!!

My weekend stated Friday. We got up and headed to a new to us breakfast place that specializes in donuts and bagels. Rory and I shared a cronut which was amazing. I never had one before. We got one with nutella and almonds. I also had a bagel sandwich that I shared with Avery. Rory got a breakfast burrito and the girls both had donuts.
nutella cronut

After breakfast, we decided to head out to the pumpkin patch festival. On the way, I got pulled over. I haven't been pulled over in about 10 years, let alone got a ticket. I was in a new area, was going with the flow of traffic and I was the last person in a long line of cars. Well the cop decided to pull me over and I had no idea why. I guess the whole line of cars was speeding, but I was the fall guy. Soooo annoying. Way to break my streak of no tickets.

We got to the pumpkin patch and the girls were so excited. They saw chickens on the way in and couldn't wait to see all the animals. First, we went to the petting area and the area just to see the animals.
petting farm animals

After the animals, we headed over to the hay jumping. Rory had to show the girls how to do it since they were sort of scared of the hay. Then we did some hay stuffing.
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch

Followed by the hay maze.
pumpkin patch

Followed by some rocking horse action.
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch

Next, we went and grabbed a slice of pizza (free) and the girls played on the slides for a bit before taking some cute outlaw photos.
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch

We left shortly after and the girls fell asleep in the car on the way home. Once we got home, they napped and I went to the grocery store for the makings of dinner, meatball subs. We spent the rest of the day playing, reading, making dinner, bath time and relaxing.

Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast at home before heading out to the Nevada Day parade. I haven't been in many years and we wanted to introduce it to the girls. Plus our friends invited us to their company area where we could watch the parade, eat, play and be in a safe area. The girls loved it minus the load noises from the bands and fake guns.
Nevada Day Parade
Nevada Day Parade
Nevada Day Parade

We left shortly after 1 pm and the girls crashed right away. I could have used a nap as well, but once we got home the girls were up and ready to play again. We played with the new unicorn bubble gun outside for awhile before heading to the outlets to buy some jeans to go with the girls outfits for family photos.

The girls were full of energy in the stores, so we had to bribe them with some outdoor play time while Rory and I took turns going into stores. Then we headed over to the pizza shop at the outlets and had an early dinner.

We went home, did some laundry, and put the girls to bed early. They were tired from not having a long nap that day.

Sunday morning we got up and I took care of the girls while Rory went out to breakfast on his own because I had a brunch date with friends at 10:30. The girls and I did some cleaning and they ate breakfast. I headed out to a nice outdoors brunch with my friend Heather. We spent hours talking, eating and having a mimosa. It was 78 degrees Sunday, so it was beautiful.

After brunch, I headed to Costco for a few essentials and came home to the girls playing outside with Rory. We did more bubble time and then gave the girls baths since we had family photos that evening. We got the girls ready, then got ourselves ready and headed to the photo shoot spot. We spent about 45 minutes taking photos and walking around. It was very warm so our long sleeve outfits were HOT.

After photos, we said our goodbyes to our photographer (Rory's cousin) and then headed to dinner. We had every intention on cooking dinner, but the girls were hungry at that moment. We grabbed dinner and came home to get things ready for the week.

Overall, it was a great weekend minus the speeding ticket.

How was your weekend?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

It is Friday and I am off today since it is Nevada Day. We may not get Columbus Day off, but we get to celebrate our great state today. Plus I need it after traveling all last week, the last two days and then again on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Phew.

Let's get down to my favorites this week.

ONE. Do you like caramels? I know I do. There is something about them. I really got into them when I was pregnant with the girls. I would often go into a candy store and get those scotch kisses (caramel with marshmallows). I would seek them out. And don't get me started on chocolate covered caramels with sea salt. Yum.

I have been following Sweet Thing Caramels on Instagram for quite awhile now. So when I decided to do a collaboration with them, I felt like I was counting down the days until my box of goodness would arrive.

I got a box of pumpkin spice caramels, chocolate caramels and coconut cream caramels. I have tried them all and love them soooo much. They are smooth, perfectly chewy, they do not stick to your teeth and are not overly sweet. My favorite flavor was the coconut cream. Nothing beats coconut and this one is a dream. They are all gone.

These are perfect for a Christmas gift.
Sweet Thing Caramels

TWO. I was also recently contacted about trying some Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and I thought why not. I love tea tree oil for cuts, pimples and all healing, so I thought it would be great for my hair. The shampoo is supposed to help prevent hair loss and breakage, help your hair grow faster and be amazing for your scalp. I have been using it for about a month now and I love it. I don't use it daily, but I feel like it is a great option for your hair at least weekly to a couple times per week. It is currently on sale, here, for $8.95. You can also try it for free (samples) HERE.

THREE. I know this is news that came out last weekend, but I never got to write about it or talk about it. Justin Timberlake  is playing the Super Bowl half time show. I am beyond excited about this. We all know how much I adore J.T. (ie I have stalked him out at the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe for the last few years) and how much I love football.

Usually I am not impressed by the half time show, so I am super pumped for this one. And let's face it, my Niners are going nowhere near the Super Bowl, so I will be all about the commercials and the half time show.

FOUR. I am soooo wanting this cute top for work and play. It is a beautiful green and would be perfect for the holidays. The price kind of sucks, but does anyone have this shirt and can vouch for it?
Trouve Suplice Shirt

FIVE. We are at it again. We booked our flights this week to go to Mexico next year. This time we will not have the girls with us. Just a trip with Rory and myself. I seriously am so excited for this. A week away. Yes, we go to Puerto Vallarta almost yearly, but when you have easy accommodations, many flight miles and grandparents who are willing to take care of your children, you go. I can't wait to start planning it out more. We have the ability to go on more adventures this time. Viva la Mexico!!!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

I haven't sat down to write a thoughts post in what feels like forever and this week seems like the perfect time to do so.

- I have been so busy lately that I find it hard to actually take photos when I am doing things. I am usually just enjoying the moment and totally forget which sucks because I just bought a new iPhone 8 Plus and haven't used it like I should.

- On that note, I have been wanting to do a Day in the Life post for a long time and I keep forgetting to take photos. I need to put a sticky note on my phone to remind myself all day. Ugh.

- So remember how I was supposed to go on a girls weekend for my friend's 30th birthday? Well it seems like we just can't get it together to plan out and commit to something. So I am thinking of just planning my trip to see my friend Nathalie (my MOH) come January or February. I miss her and if we are not using airline points or my travel voucher that I need to use by March, why not treat myself to a long weekend away to see her? I know my husband wants to see her husband and her, but I am not sure if we can secure a babysitter aka grandparents for the whole weekend. I guess I should ask, right? Dad, if you are reading this, would you and mom like to? Ha.

- I am thinking I want to do an ornament blogger exchange. Would anyone be interested in co-hosting it with me?

- I am really wanting a new band for my Fitbit Charge 2, but I am not a huge fan of the colors I see on Fitbit's website. Has anyone bought the bands from Amazon and like them? I really want a pink one, but I am afraid the band will be too long (a complaint I see on the reviews) for my wrist or it will be cheap quality or will make my wrist break out (happened to my husband with a Garmin band).

- When I was out of town I bought myself a ton of underwear. This may seem weird to even talk about, but I buy myself things, but I just never buy new underwear. I used to ALL the time, so I have a good amount of them, but sometimes you just need to throw things away and get new ones. Like socks. Ha.

- How is it that come Wednesday it is already November? Thanksgiving is less than 30 days away which means Christmas is about two months away. I need to get my butt in gear and start shopping.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

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I actually remembered to participate in a What's Up Wednesday two months in a row and post more thank twice this week. Total win.
What's Up Wednesday


Sunday: Spaghetti with bread and a garlicy kale salad
Monday: Carne Asada tacos with fresh guac and grilled onions
Tuesday: Tomato soup with grilled cheese
Wednesday: Out of town for work, so out for me
Thursday: Not sure
Friday: Not sure
Saturday: Out since we are doing Halloween stuff that day/evening


When my girls were little. I went to my friend's baby shower Sunday and there were so many babies there. It made me want another little babe so much. 


All the Fall clothes. I have been buying way more than I should. I picked up the cutest button up top in Phoenix, plus a Pink Floyd shirt and a pink sweater from Gap.
gap ruffled sweater
Pink Floyd shirt

I am also loving IT Cosmetics eye concealer. I use it on other areas of my face and it covers sooo well. I use it under my foundation, the one that illuminates and it covers all my breakouts.
Buy Buy Under Eye


Well I have been traveling a lot for work, so in between we have been going to football games, doing Fall like things with the girls, going to the park a ton and potty training the girls. We are almost to the point of no pull-ups at night and nap time. I will be celebrating when we don't have to buy pull-ups or diapers anymore. What a great feeling.


Nothing really. Ok, maybe going to Vegas on Monday for work because I have a massive case on the agenda that I have been working on for two and a half years. I love the Vegas part and being there, but the case gives me anxiety. Ugh.


Wrapping up some cases at work, picking out our outfits for Fall photos (this weekend, nothing like last minute), putting together our outfits for Thanksgiving (we are traveling for it) and starting to research what I want to make for Christmas dinner.


Halloween with my girls. I can't wait to take them trick or treating on Tuesday. They are going to be Minnie Mouse and are beyond excited. We have a few Halloween activities planned this weekend as our test run. 


I finished The Perfect Stranger while on the road for work. I was intriuged the entire book, but was sort of let down at the end. I liked it, but didn't love it.  Now I am reading The Husband's Secret. I am about a quarter the way through the book and I am liking it so far.

I am watching all the Fall tv. I can't wait for even more of my favorites to come back. Has anyone heard if The Affair is coming back for another season? I love that show. I just finished Bloodline and I am soooo sad it is over. I am even more sad that I can't watch John Rayburn in Friday Night Lights. Bring it back Netflix.


Nothing at the moment. It is lunch time and it is eerily quiet around here.


What I mentioned above. I am always looking for new shirts and things to wear. I can't wait to show you my new button up that I found at a random boutique. 


Friday is Nevada Day, so we have the day off. I am not sure what we have planned for that day, but the following day we are going to go to the Nevada Day parade (I haven't been since I was a kid) and then to the Discovery Museum to take the girls trick or treating there. Sunday we have our family photos. 


November brings more work travel for Rory, so I am looking forward to more time with my girls. I am also excited about Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. And I just might squeeze in Fantasies in Chocolates right before Rory leaves to Florida. It is a black tie affair for charity and it is so much fun. Think decadent wines, food and chocolates.


We took the girls to the doctor yesterday for their annual flu shots and to get Sutton's stomach checked out. She complains of a tummy ache a lot, but never at school. I don't know if it has to do with potty training and not pooping enough, acid reflex, attention or what. But I wanted to get her checked out since she complains about it a lot. It never has a fever accompanied to it. Just a tummy ache.

The girls will be 3 in December and I am starting to plan for their birthday and Christmas. My dear friend Heather is going to do some head shots of me for this blog and some three year old photos of my girls. I hope to use these photos on their invites which for now I am going to have a small get together. Maybe bigger next year. I do want to invite their best friends from school which are twins born a few days after them. So cute.


Toss up between mashed potatoes with gravy or green bean casserole. My SIL found this amazing green bean casserole that you actually make the baked onions and it has no cream in it. It was still really good and I hope to make it again. It is by Alton Brown and it is amazing.
Alton Brown's green bean casserole
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Arizona and Colorado Trip

My last week was spent in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona and the Denver, Colorado area. The weather was awesome, ok, maybe a bit too hot in Phoenix, but still beautiful. The sun was shining and I always love visiting these two places.

First stop was Phoenix. I arrived on Monday and headed straight out to a little area that has casinos. I spent part of my day outside and it was HOT. 100 degrees and I was baking. I stopped at a little lunch spot called, Original ChopShop and had the best salad. It has pistachios, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, raisins and goat cheese on it. Soooo amazing. I also had a strawberry ginger ice tea lemonade.

I worked the rest of the day and then checked into my hotel. I worked out and then went to a nearby outlet mall to buy a little wallet from Kate Spade. Then I grabbed dinner at Postino. I had a cup of soup and three bruschettas (burrata, bacon and tomato, the ricotta with dates and pistachios, and the prosciutto with figs and marscarpone). The food was good, but the service sucked. Ugh. I wanted to stay for dessert, but thought I would go to an ice cream place instead. That is when I found, Fatty Daddy's. They had this dessert that looked pretty amazing and I had to try it. I got the coconut gelato with a vanilla macaroon half and then a burned vanilla marshmallow. Soooo good and worth every single calorie, ha.
Fatty Daddy's

Tuesday morning I got up bright and early to grab breakfast at a place Rory recommended to me, Hash Kitchen. I wanted to try a hash with crab in it, but they didn't have it at the time, so I settled for the Paella Hash. Wow. Sooooo good, but rich and filling. It came with the most amazing biscuit too.
Paella Hash at Hash Kitchen

After breakfast, I drove into Phoenix and worked all day. I got a salad for lunch as my breakfast was huge, filling and rich. I worked out and then met up with my cousin (from Rory's side of the family) and her boyfriend at Houston's Steakhouse where we had ribs, soup, artichoke dip and so much good wine.

Wednesday morning I flew out to Denver and I had a very early start. I was up at 4 am, ugh. I flew to Denver and got to working right away. I had lunch at Zeps Epiq Sandwiches. Go there if you are in Downtown Denver.

That evening, I worked out and then met up with another one of my cousins (again from Rory's side of the family) and his girlfriend at 10 Barrel Brewing for beers and food. It was really good food and I had an amazing brown ale on nitro. We spent several hours catching up. Plus I got to meet his girlfriend before most of the family has. She is pretty awesome.

Thursday I worked all day in Golden, Colorado which was a lot of fun. It is such a cute area of Colorado. I had lunch at D'Deli sandwiches. I go to the same sandwich spot every time I am in Golden. I always think I will branch out, but the sandwiches are soooo good. I got the Bahn Mi with a bunch of spicy extras on it and it was perfect. Best sandwich I have had in a long time. Plus they were playing Pink Floyd which made the lunch hour even sweeter.
D'deli in Golden Colorado

I did some work in other areas near Golden before heading to Union Station to see what it was all about. A fellow IGer told me about how she was in Denver right before I was and that the best ice cream was at Union Station in a place called MilkBox Creamery. I had to give it a try. I got the coconut ice cream with almonds and fudge in it. Really good.
Union Station Denver
MilkBox Creamery

After I head back to my hotel for a workout and to look for dinner. I settled on Acres which had a great happy hour special. I got an amazing glass of wine for $4 and butternut squash soup with baked carrots in it and some fried artichokes. Really good. I made it back to my hotel early, so I packed and finished Bloodline. I am so sad it is over.

I got up bright and early on Friday morning to head home to my family and the Nevada Wolf Pack football loss. Ugh. But overall it was a successful trip.
Monday, October 23, 2017


It feels like I need to dust off this blog since I have written here in forever. Last week's posts were written ahead of time and I couldn't even managed to write but two days. I wanted to drop in and say hi and tell you a little about my weekend. I didn't take many photos and I blame that on being tired from last week.

Last week I went to Phoenix and Denver for work and it was so much fun. The weather was HOT, the food was good and the company was pretty amazing. But by the time Friday rolled around, I was ready to head home to my family. I took the early flight since I had a Nevada Wolf Pack game that night. Who makes homecoming on a Friday night? Nevada does.

I got into Reno around noon and by the time I got home, it was closer to one. I unpacked, showered and took my laundry to the dry cleaners. Then I went to pick up the girls from daycare, but I arrived too early. They were still napping, so I went back home and hung out with Walter until just after 3 pm.

The girls were so happy to see me, as was I to see them. We went home, got a snack ready and then my in-laws came over. They were watching the girls for a bit before my sister and fiance got over to watch them for the game. I took an uber to the stadium where we tailgated. It was freezing outside compared to the weather I was in all week, but we snuggled by the fire and ate some amazing Mexican food.
Nevada wolf pack band

Nevada lost and it was very disappointing. They were so close to winning, but just couldn't pull it off.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to breakfast. Rory was going bike riding most of the day and I was watching the girls. After breakfast, the girls and I headed to Target and Petco. They love Target, so we spent over an hour there just browsing and picking up things that we needed. Then we had to get some dog food and treats for Walter. On the way home, I grabbed a latte (for me) and cookie (for the girls) at Starbucks and then I made the girls lunch.

The girls took a two and a half hour nap which was amazing, but during that time, I tried to do some laundry and my washer just wasn't working. I kept having to clear an error code and restart it. I did this over and over again. What should have been a 45 minute wash turned into a 4 hour or so wash. Basically our washer just died on us. So I texted Rory that we needed to go buy one as soon as he got home. We expected him home by 2 or 3 pm, but one of his friend's lost his chain while bike riding and they didn't get back until 5:15. Not an ideal way to cap our day off.

Once Rory got home, he showered and we headed to Lowe's. The girls were wild while we were there which made it even harder to shop and get a new washer purchased. I would have rather waited until Veteran's Day for a good sale, but we needed it now. We got our washer purchased and it should be delivered today.

We took the girls to a new to us pizza place and then headed home for the bedtime routine.

Sunday morning we made bacon and protein pancakes which the girls loved. I finally found a pancake mix they like. They love all the pancakes when we go out for breakfast, but haven't found one they liked at home until Kodiak Power Cakes.
Kodiak Power Cakes

After breakfast, we got ready and Rory and the girls headed to the park and I went to my friend's baby shower. She is 32 weeks pregnant and just the sweetest mama. They don't know what they are having yet and I am sooo excited for them. I work with her husband. I got to see my old co-worker who has a 3 month old baby and snuggle on him, plus see some of my favorite girlfriends. It was so much fun. Plus we got the cutest baby shower cookies from it.
baby shower

I guessed how many golden bears were in a jar and I got a pound of local fresh honey. I can't wait to use it this winter in my tea!

After the shower, I talked with my friend for a bit before heading to the grocery store. Once I got home and unloaded everything, I took Walter for a much needed walk. I got home just in time for the girls to wake from their naps and then we played and then gave Walter a bath since he was so stinky.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing, cleaning and cooking dinner. We had spaghetti, kale salad and bread for dinner and the cookies I got from the shower as dessert. Rory and I had some wine and watched Modern Family after the girls went to bed. Perfect little Sunday.

Now let's hope my washer gets here today so I can do the mounds of laundry that I need to get done before I head to Sacramento later in the week.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Recipe Blog Hop

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There is just something about the Fall time that makes me want to bake, make soups and eat all the comfort food. Recently, I posted about pumpkin sugar cookies. This isn't my recipe, all the credit goes to Lisa at Wine and Glue. My mom makes these killer pumpkin cookies, but I will rarely make them because they are never as good as my makes them. Plus if I ask, she usually will make these for me. And bonus, the girls love them.

Anyways, I love sugar cookies and I love pumpkin cookies, so when I saw this recipe combining them, I knew I had to make it. The pumpkin is light and the cookies are fluffy. It is the perfect Fall cookie.
Fall Recipe Blog Hop

By: Lisa at Wine and Glue
Makes 24 cookies

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

1 1/2 cups of sugar plus some for rolling the cookies in
2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon
14 tbl unsalted butter (1 3/4 stick) at room temperature
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg yolk
1/2 cup 100% pure pumpkin puree


1. In a large bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.
2. Using your mixer, mix together the butter and sugar on medium until it is light and fluffy.
3. Mix in the egg yolk, then vanilla and then the pumpkin puree.
4. Turn your mixer down to low and slowly mix in the flour mixture. I put in a small portion at a time, so it does not gum up your paddle. Scrap the sides to make sure the flour mixture is thoroughly combined.
5. Put your dough in fridge for 20 minutes. While your dough is setting, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
6. Roll your dough into one inch balls. Roll the balls in sugar and place on a silicon mat or parchment lined cookie sheet. Make sure to space your cookies out (around 2 inches) and gently press them down.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe
 Silpat (I use it for all my baking)
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

7. Bake for 15 minutes, rotating your cookie sheet halfway through.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

8. Cool on your cookie sheet for two minutes and then move the cookies to a cooling rack.
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

9. Enjoy!
Pumpkin Sugar Cookies Recipe

Want more Fall recipes? Hop on over to these other ladies amazing recipes.

Monday, October 16, 2017

$10 at Target

It is time for another round of spending money at Target, also known as $10 at Target.
$10 at Target

My girls LOVE Home Depot. They get so excited when we are going there and they often ask if we can go there. Silly girls, but then they do the same thing with Target and that makes me so happy because who doesn't love Target?!

This month I was pretty boring. I didn't find anything that I just could not leave without, so I got some candy and a candy bowl. Next month I will adventure out more as I hope to get a few more Fall decorations and prep for Christmas.

I just bought a huge bag of candy at Costco and didn't want to put it in our big mixing bowl like I normally do, so I grabbed the cutest pumpkin bowl. It is large, simple and I can use it again next year.
pumpkin bowl

I also grabbed a bag of mini Reese's. Why? I figured I can't break into the big bag of candy yet, so these will do for now. Plus who doesn't love Reese's. And when I eat 5 of them, I don't feel so bad since they are minis.
Reece's Minis

So how did I do?

Pumpkin Candy Bowl $4.00
Reese's Minis $2.66
Tax (8.265%) $0.55

Total $ 7.21

Hopefully next month I find more interesting stuff at Target. Or more likely next week since I go there almost weekly. Don't judge, you know you do too! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

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Did anyone else feel like this was a long week? I mean my evenings were pretty full of appointments (pampering myself since everyone moved my appointments to the same week), but the work days were long and I was super busy. But I am so glad we have another weekend upon us. We don't have much planned, and I am ok with that.

Happy Friday the 13th all!

ONE. So I have been looking into all the things we are going to do for the Halloween season and I can't wait to dress my girls up. The weekend before (the 28th), we are heading to our state's parade since Nevada Day is Friday October 27th. I haven't been since I was a kid and Rory wants to share it with the girls. Then we have a trick or treating event at the Discovery Museum and since we are members there, we are taking full advantage of it this year. We have a few other trick or treating events around town plus actual Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I have to fly down to Las Vegas the day before for work and stay overnight. I am hoping my case is heard as #1 (won't find out til later this month), so I can change my flight to an earlier one and get home way before Rory and the girls do to prep for the evening. Otherwise, I will be running home right after I land (at 5:05) just to make it in time to take the girls out.

And if you don't remember, these are the girls Halloween costumes plus shoes.
Minnie Costume
Red Toddler Dress Shoe

TWO. I have been waiting for a certain sweater to come back in stock at Mindy Mae's Market and it finally did this week. I scooped it up as soon as I saw it. It is perfect for the fall/winter and so simple but cute.
heart sweater

THREE. Growing up, my mom decorated our house for the big holidays....Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. But she also would decorate a bit for holidays like Independence DAy and Valentine's Day. I loved this growing up. I probably didn't appreciate it like I do now, but it was always fun to have a house decorated. Now that I have children of my own who are getting old enough to enjoy the holidays, I want to recreate that feeling in my own house.

Last weekend I went to Hobby Lobby and Pier 1 Imports to find more Fall/Halloween decor for the inside of my house. I want to add a few pieces each year, so I can get my house up to my mom's standards. But I also don't want to buy all the cheap stuff. Balance.

When I went into Pier 1 Imports, I was in heaven. They had all their Fall/Halloween decor up front, and I bought a few things, but then I browsed the Christmas stuff and I picked out a ton. I am going to go back every couple weeks and buy a few items each time, so I don't break the bank and we will have a ton of new Christmas decorations. Seriously, if you haven't been to Pier 1 Imports in awhile (I hadn't), go check them out.

I bought the cutest glass pumpkins. They are thick and amazing quality.
Pier 1 Imports Glass Pumpkin
Pier 1 Imports Glass Pumpkin

FOUR. Don't forget that Monday is our $10 at Target link up. I know you all go to Target often like me, so come back here on Monday and share what you bought and see if I went over.
$10 at Target

FIVE. I found the perfect appetizer for any party, tailgate or just to impress when having people over for dinner. I can't wait to try these out.
Carmelized onion, mushroom and apple bites

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Girl Chat - Favorite Halloween Costume

It is time for another round of Girl Chat. This time we are talking about, well showing, our favorite Halloween costume.
Girl Chat

This one is tough because I definitely would pick something from my childhood as I was a dead cheerleader, an army woman, my little pony, a doctor and the list goes on and on. I had every intention on going to my parents house a few weeks back (which I did go there) and go through the boxes and boxes of pictures to find some Halloween photos, but then toddlers get in the way and you just play with them instead of going through the boxes.

So I guess I will show you some past favorite costumes....some show more skin than I would ever show now on Halloween.
Grease costumes
 Danny and Sandy
 Bleeker and Juno
Dr. Suess Costumes
Dr. Suess costumes
cop costume
Girl Scout costume
Girl Scout

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