Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Favorites

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We made it to Friday. And we are officially half way through November. I have no idea where the last half of the month went. I have a work trip next week back east to the Philadelphia area. So if you have any favorites around there, please send them my way.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. Last weekend, Rory was out of town visiting his friends in California. He has season tickets to Nevada basketball, and I thought it would be fun to use his ticket plus my in-laws tickets and take the girls to their first game. 

We made a whole evening out of it. I took them to dinner and then we headed to the game where they got the largest tub of popcorn and proceeded to eat most of it before the game even started. And then our friend came over to see us and gave the girls another 1/3 of his tub of popcorn. The girls were in heaven. 

We only stayed until half time since the game started at 7 pm and they were getting tired with about 3 minutes left in the half. But overall, they did great, had a great time and asked to go back again.

TWO. Speaking of sports and taking the girls to games, our local visitors authority put the girls and I on their website under the Nevada Wolf Pack section!
THREE. Vici Collection just released a bunch of their holiday line and I went to see if they had any sequins, velvet or lace that I just couldn't live without. And guess what, they had the prettiest velvet blazer. I scooped it up right away and I am hoping to wear it on Christmas. How cute is this? And I will be wearing a shirt under my blazer.
Felicia Velvet Blazer (not sponsored or affiliate link. I just love this blazer)

FOUR. There is a 40% off deal at Old Navy. I went there last weekend and I got the girls two pairs of leggings and two pairs of jeans. My girls really needed some new pants for the changing weather. But now I am thinking of getting them some other things as this is a good deal. But I am also thinking of keeping them until Christmas because when you buy stuff now, you save it for Christmas.

That meme that is going around has it right. "Mom I need some toothpaste". "Well you will have to wait until Santa brings it to you for Christmas".

We got the leggings in XS and the jeans in 5T. They fit their waist and were pretty long.
Old Navy Print Built-in Tough Leggings

Old Navy Print Built-in Tough Leggings Rainbow

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

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Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Kids

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I can't even believe that Christmas is coming up so fast. Don't worry, we are not forgetting Thanksgiving. We have big plans for Thanksgiving weekend. But with Thanksgiving comes Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping. I am trying to buy the girls gifts early to spread out the cost.

Here are some items on the girls wish list and also some items that they LOVE already and had to share just in case you are looking for some gift ideas. Not all of these are just for girls.
Gift Ideas for big kids at Christmas

Pottery Barn Backpacks

My girls will be starting school in August and they can not wait. They talk about going to Kindergarten daily. And they will need backpacks, so this is a great time to grab a personalized one on sale.

Connect Four Shots 

I saw this game in the toy section on Amazon and thought it was cute. It says for 8 years and older, but it was recommended for my 5 year olds.

Ice Cream Truck
Ice Cream Truck

My kids got this from their cousins in the Bay Area. They were getting too old to play with it, so they sent us home with it when we visited last year. The girls play with it ALL.THE.TIME. It is big and the side folds down for easier access to the inside of the truck. It plays ice cream truck music and the lights and windshield wipers work. Such a cool gift.

Disney Garmin Junior

My girls are always asking us how many steps we got in the day. We tell them and then they tell us they got way more than us which is probably true. But this way, they can really see how many steps they got.

US Scratch-off Map

My girls love seeing where they have been on a map. They have a globe in their room, but I thought it would be fun to scratch off the states that they have been to as well.

Mermaid Blanket

My girls don't have the mermaid one, but they have a shark one that they love. It is soo cozy and keeps them warm. These mermaid ones are even cuter than their shark blankets.

Melissa and Doug Play Tiaras

Every princess needs her crown and my girls need these tiaras. They wear them when they dress up and just when we go out grocery shopping.

Pop Snap Bead Jewelry Kit

My girls love crafting. They also love making jewelry. They have the bead princess necklace maker and they use it all the time. This bead kit is a step up from the previous one mentioned and I thought they would love this one.

Large Splash Pad

I have seen a few people recommend this over the summer and I thought my girls would love it.

Princess Dress-up Costumes

My girls dress up every day. They love to play dress up. All of their old costumes go into a bag and then they can change into them after school or on the weekend and play dress-up or just be princesses for the day.

Girls High Heels

My girls love high heels. They have been wearing them to school lately because a couple of their friends do. They begged me to get them a pair for a long time. We used to have the slip on ones that come with princess dresses, but they out grew those and asked for a new pair. I bought them Elsa and Princess ones at Target, but they have become beat up with daily wear. I am getting these for them and I know they will love them!

Pottery Barn Hooded Towels

These are the cutest towels. My girls have some from here, but they are old and needed to be replaced. These are so cute and definitely will be gifted to the girls.

I have several other items on their list that I didn't include here, but will do a separate post on. I also have stocking stuffers for kids coming up as well!
Friday, November 8, 2019

Friday Favorites

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I am so thankful for the weekend! It has been a long week. Between work, doctor appointments and renovation stuff, I am beat. Luckily, we have a three day weekend ahead of us!

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. I have been shopping all week it seems or feels like. I started buying some Christmas gifts and I started prepping for our elf, Giuseppe's arrival. In preps for our elf's arrival, I have bought the girls pajamas and a book. This is our choice this year.
Cat and Jack Christmas Pajamas

Santa's Underwear Book

Merry Christmas Stinky Face

TWO. I also purchased the girls Christmas outfits and hopeful Santa picture outfits.
Top  |  Skirt  |  Tights

THREE. There is a Sephora sale that started yesterday (for VIB) and I was in need of some refills on my products. Here is what I bought.
Dior Forever Foundation in 2.5N

Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer

This stuff is legit. I bought it after several people recommended it and it works. I always have bags and dark circles under my eyes and this stuff takes it away. It goes on smooth and makes my make-up looks smooth. It doesn't crease at all.

Kerastase Blow- Dry Primer

If you are like me and have fine/thin hair that gets damaged easily, this stuff is for you. I put it on every morning that I blow-dry my hair. I put it on the tips of my hair and in my bang area. 

And I really want this Charlotte Tilbury palette, but I can't justify $75 ($63.75 with my 15% off) on an eye shadow palette with Christmas right around the corner. But how beautiful is this palette?
Charlotte Tilbury Starry Eyes to Hypnotize Eyeshadow Palette

FOUR. On Thursday, I had a mammogram and ultrasound. My doctor found a lump in my breast and she wanted me to be immediately seen. So I had my first mammogram (diagnostic) and then an ultrasound. The mammogram looked fine, but my ultrasound showed a fibrous tumor on my implant. The radiologist believed it was benign, so he sent me data over to my doctors and said I needed to come back in 6 months for a repeat ultrasound and again every 6 months for 2 years. Now to see what my doctor's think about it paired with my wonky blood test results.

But I just wanted to keep everyone in the loop on my health and to make sure you all are doing your breast checks. If you feel anything, call your doctor. It is better to be safe.

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

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Have a great weekend!
Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Halloween 2019

I gave you all a sneak peak of the girls Halloween last Friday, but I wanted to share more. I am doing it now since I didn't have time to write it after the girls went to bed on Thursday night and with home renovations, I just hadn't had the time to write it until now. But it deserves its own post because DUH, cuteness overload!

My girls have been looking forward to Halloween since last Halloween. They have prepped all month long. I thought for sure they would want to be something from Toy Story as it is their favorite movie right now. But nope, they went with Frozen. They are pretty pumped for the second movie to come out this month. I am even excited for it.

The girls chose to be Elsa and Anna. I was sure they would fight over who was going to be which sister, but they did not. Sutton chose Elsa and Avery chose Anna.

Our Halloween had a bit of drama in it, but nothing too bad.

My FIL called to order pizzas around 4:30 and they said they had 75 pizzas ahead of us, so we didn't end up ordering from this pizza shop as it would take way too long. We called another favorite of ours and they said it would be ready in 10 to 15 minutes. We had to make our way there, so we asked for 20 minutes. We grabbed the pizza while my in-laws picked up the girls.

Then we had pizza and while we were eating, I got texts asking to authorize transactions on my credit card. They were not mine and were done in Texas stores all over, so someone had stolen my card. I had to call my bank and order a new card. I was doing this when I was supposed to be getting the girls ready for trick or treating.

We had set out a bowl of candy and a sign saying to take 3 pieces each. Well within 5 minutes, some older kids around 17 years old, tried to steal the whole bowl. But Rory saw it go down and ran after them. He gave them a talking to saying he did that when he was a kid, but it wasn't right. It was for the younger kids and they were ruining it for them. The guys apologized and were almost in tears. Rory said to keep 7 pieces and give him the rest back. And then they drove off.

We were sure they were going to come back and steal it again or egg our house, but they didn't. They were scared after the talking to. We think they were high school students coming from practice and realized what they did was wrong.

Then we got the girls ready, took some photos and headed out.
 Avery was so pumped to be Anna!

Look at how adorable Sutton is as Elsa! Notice our awful carpet in the background? That is going away very soon!!!

And then we took photos outside.

We trick or treated for about an hour and a half.

Even Walter dressed up for the occasion!! He was a hot dog!

The girls got cold and tired. Luckily, we brought the wagon and were able to let them ride on the way home. Once we were home, it was very apparent that they were tired. Small meltdowns ensued, but we got them ready for bed and Rory even hung out in their room until they fell asleep. I had many things to get done around the house. We gave out all of our candy except a few pieces. I call it a win! And that is a wrap on our 2019 Halloween!
Monday, November 4, 2019

October Amazon Prime Purchases

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It's time for another round of what I bought on Amazon Prime. I once again didn't buy too much on Amazon. I know this next month will be different with holiday shopping here, but October was pretty tame.

Prime Purchases
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First, I bought the girls some headband headphones. They had some traditional style headphones from when they were younger, but they could never hear the sound in them. So I went online and got them these headband ones so they would stay on, not hurt their ears (another complaint they had) and even pull over their eyes if they fell asleep in the car or on the plane.

Next, I bought the No Poreblem Primer that I have purchased several times before. Amazon has the best price on it and it is my go to foundation primer.

Next, I bought some reusable ear plugs since I was going to Oklahoma and I wasn't sure how much baby Charlotte cried at night. I used them in my Dallas hotel as the highway noise was loud, even on the 8th floor. These are pretty comfy.

Lastly, I purchased a broom and dust pan. Rory had used our other broom to sweep up mouse poop in our garage after trapping a few mice and I just couldn't bring myself to use that broom in the house again. So gross. So I bought a new broom and dust pan.

What did you buy this last month on Amazon?
Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

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I hope you all had a good Halloween last night. I know we did. The girls trick or treated, we drank some wine while walking around with the girls and saw all the sweetest kids costumes. That is what I loved about handing out candy...all the cute costumes.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. Have any of you tried Myro Deodorant? It is antiperspirant free and gets pretty good reviews. I am planning on buying it from Target this weekend to try. I have the Schmidt's Lime and Bergamot that I use after the gym, but I don't like the way it goes on or how it feels after it is on. The smell is good though.

I am constantly seeking out a better for me deodorant. I currently use one swipe of my antiperspirant stuff and then the Schmidt's stuff. That is the only way it is tolerable for me. I just can't get used to JUST deodorant.
Schmidt's Lime and Bergamot

TWO. I mentioned that I bought a few items at Evereve in Texas, but I couldn't find one online. I wore it yesterday and was able to look it up. This sweater is the softest. The flatter black is so soft and then the more knitted black just as soft but a different texture. This was on the hot rack at Evereve and sold out very quickly.

THREE. Yesterday was Halloween and the girls have been looking forward to it for weeks. This year they were Elsa and Anna, from Frozen. But I also wanted to show years past Halloweens.

Elsa and Anna

The cutest Rapunzel's I ever did see!


They were the cutest donuts. I wanted to eat them up!

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Look at how tiny my babies were!

FOUR. Funnies for the week.
This is totally something I would say.

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Have a great weekend!