Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas for Big Kids

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I can't even believe that Christmas is coming up so fast. Don't worry, we are not forgetting Thanksgiving. We have big plans for Thanksgiving weekend. But with Thanksgiving comes Cyber Monday and Christmas shopping. I am trying to buy the girls gifts early to spread out the cost.

Here are some items on the girls wish list and also some items that they LOVE already and had to share just in case you are looking for some gift ideas. Not all of these are just for girls.
Gift Ideas for big kids at Christmas

Pottery Barn Backpacks

My girls will be starting school in August and they can not wait. They talk about going to Kindergarten daily. And they will need backpacks, so this is a great time to grab a personalized one on sale.

Connect Four Shots 

I saw this game in the toy section on Amazon and thought it was cute. It says for 8 years and older, but it was recommended for my 5 year olds.

Ice Cream Truck
Ice Cream Truck

My kids got this from their cousins in the Bay Area. They were getting too old to play with it, so they sent us home with it when we visited last year. The girls play with it ALL.THE.TIME. It is big and the side folds down for easier access to the inside of the truck. It plays ice cream truck music and the lights and windshield wipers work. Such a cool gift.

Disney Garmin Junior

My girls are always asking us how many steps we got in the day. We tell them and then they tell us they got way more than us which is probably true. But this way, they can really see how many steps they got.

US Scratch-off Map

My girls love seeing where they have been on a map. They have a globe in their room, but I thought it would be fun to scratch off the states that they have been to as well.

Mermaid Blanket

My girls don't have the mermaid one, but they have a shark one that they love. It is soo cozy and keeps them warm. These mermaid ones are even cuter than their shark blankets.

Melissa and Doug Play Tiaras

Every princess needs her crown and my girls need these tiaras. They wear them when they dress up and just when we go out grocery shopping.

Pop Snap Bead Jewelry Kit

My girls love crafting. They also love making jewelry. They have the bead princess necklace maker and they use it all the time. This bead kit is a step up from the previous one mentioned and I thought they would love this one.

Large Splash Pad

I have seen a few people recommend this over the summer and I thought my girls would love it.

Princess Dress-up Costumes

My girls dress up every day. They love to play dress up. All of their old costumes go into a bag and then they can change into them after school or on the weekend and play dress-up or just be princesses for the day.

Girls High Heels

My girls love high heels. They have been wearing them to school lately because a couple of their friends do. They begged me to get them a pair for a long time. We used to have the slip on ones that come with princess dresses, but they out grew those and asked for a new pair. I bought them Elsa and Princess ones at Target, but they have become beat up with daily wear. I am getting these for them and I know they will love them!

Pottery Barn Hooded Towels

These are the cutest towels. My girls have some from here, but they are old and needed to be replaced. These are so cute and definitely will be gifted to the girls.

I have several other items on their list that I didn't include here, but will do a separate post on. I also have stocking stuffers for kids coming up as well!


  1. These are such fun ideas and you just gave me some inspiration to get the shopping started!

  2. Fun gift guide!! My girls have the mermaid blankets... not gonna lie, I have one too, lol... and we love them! :)

  3. Speaking of Big Kids... I want the Connect 4 game & also, can I'd totally wear that Disney Princess fitness tracker band :) LOL #NOSHAME

    1. I know you would and it would be perfect for you! I want the connect 4 game too. I have no shame either!!!!

  4. Ooooh Connect Four Shots looks SO FUN! How have I not seen this?! I may have to get that for the kids this year.

    1. I want it for my girls. They love the original game and this one would be even more fun!!!

  5. I love the scratch off map and I think Simon is going to get the FitBit Jr version!

  6. So many fun ideas - that ice cream truck is amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. That scratch-off map is genius! My kids would love that as we add more trips and check more states off our bucket list (two to go!)

    1. That is why I wanted it as well. Plus it helps them learn about the world and US!!!

  8. Great guide -- we own a few of these things and LOVE them! The splash pad is the BIGGEST hit!