Friday, November 1, 2019

Friday Favorites

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I hope you all had a good Halloween last night. I know we did. The girls trick or treated, we drank some wine while walking around with the girls and saw all the sweetest kids costumes. That is what I loved about handing out candy...all the cute costumes.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. Have any of you tried Myro Deodorant? It is antiperspirant free and gets pretty good reviews. I am planning on buying it from Target this weekend to try. I have the Schmidt's Lime and Bergamot that I use after the gym, but I don't like the way it goes on or how it feels after it is on. The smell is good though.

I am constantly seeking out a better for me deodorant. I currently use one swipe of my antiperspirant stuff and then the Schmidt's stuff. That is the only way it is tolerable for me. I just can't get used to JUST deodorant.
Schmidt's Lime and Bergamot

TWO. I mentioned that I bought a few items at Evereve in Texas, but I couldn't find one online. I wore it yesterday and was able to look it up. This sweater is the softest. The flatter black is so soft and then the more knitted black just as soft but a different texture. This was on the hot rack at Evereve and sold out very quickly.

THREE. Yesterday was Halloween and the girls have been looking forward to it for weeks. This year they were Elsa and Anna, from Frozen. But I also wanted to show years past Halloweens.

Elsa and Anna

The cutest Rapunzel's I ever did see!


They were the cutest donuts. I wanted to eat them up!

Thing 1 and Thing 2. Look at how tiny my babies were!

FOUR. Funnies for the week.
This is totally something I would say.

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Have a great weekend!


  1. I remember all those Halloween cuties and I loved that sweater!!! I have one on hold for me.

    1. Oh you should get it. It was the last one when I was there, but I am sure they got more! And I love the Halloween throwbacks!!!

  2. Hoping to make it to the gym today. Having a hard time getting motivated lately. Your girls are cuties!

    1. Oh I know how that goes. I totally have trouble all the time, but I feel so much better after! And thank you soo much!

  3. Glad you all had a great time last night! It was so cute to see all of the fun costumes. I love seeing all of the throwback pics of them! Adorable! I felt the same way when I tried schmidt's and it left horrible marks on my clothes. Dove has a new aluminum free deodorant that came out that has been working well for me.

  4. The girls look so cute!!! Love the look back at all their costumes, too.

  5. I haven't heard of Myro deodorant. Let us know if you end up liking it! I ended up getting off the natural deodorant train because I just couldn't find one that I loved.

  6. I love the clothes. Cute costumes too.

  7. Oh my word - Anna & Elsa... that is the cutest of them all I think... nope... oh geez - how can you choose? They are ALL adorable - through the years!!!

  8. Your girls looked so adorable as Anna & Elsa! Love that black sweater - looks so comfy!