Monday, August 10, 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

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I know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is controversial in that bloggers tend to over hype and over sale this sale. In year's past, I have shopped this sale. BUT I do so with regards to my own budget. Don't get me wrong, I saw many pieces in this year's preview that I would love to add to my wardrobe, but I am not paying $500 for one item. Nope. Stick within your budget and don't buy into everything every blogger says YOU.JUST.HAVE.TO.HAVE.

But I did put together my wish list. I know I won't order everything I have on here, but I know I will order some of it and I am sure I will return some of it as well. That is exactly what happened last year.

I plan to do one post (this post) where I show you what I want and then another that shows what I purchased, what it looks like on me and if I am keeping or returning. That is it for me and this sale.

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List
Kork-Ease Kit Chelsea Booties I need some new brown booties since the heel of mine is loopsided now. I have my eye on these even though they are pricey. But I am willing to pay good money for shoes that will last for a long time.

Dreamers by Debut High/Low Sweater Doesn't this sweater look so cozy? I love how it has a high/low fit to it.

Kate Spade New York Glitter Studs These have been on my wish list for years and I never bought them. But this year is the year. You can't beat the price tag of $15.90.

J Crew Sweater Bomber Jacket Isn't this jacket pretty? I have a thing for bomber jackets. And this one being a sweater material is calling my name. J Crew makes amazing jackets, so I will definitely be buying this and hoping it works for me.

Commando Butter T-Shirt I love the idea of a butter tee, but I am not sure $38 is worth it. Has anyone tried these tees?

Madewell Polka Dot Daylight Top This top is cute and would be perfect for work. But are we ever going back into the office setting?

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List
Blondo Sydney Waterproof Bootie I also want another pair of black booties. And I love that they are waterproof.

Tory Burch Circle Logo Earrings I love most things Tory Burch and these earrings are calling my name.

CeCe Puff Sleeve Crepe Top This is another top that I want for work, but it also works for date nights and girls nights. I like that the sleeves aren't overly puffed and subtle.

Caslon Dolman Thermal I love thermals and this would be perfect for the Fall and Winter.

Honeydew All American Shortie PJs I added these to my birthday list and if I don't get them for my birthday, I am grabbing myself a pair of these.

Caslon Sweater Hoodie This has comfort written all over it. I love the combo of it being a sweater and a hoodie. 
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List
Leith Cozy Long Cardigan I have this cardigan and I LOVE it. I wear it all Fall/Winter/Spring and I will be getting myself this Olive color next.

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings I have heard so much about these leggings, but I have never tried a pair. I might buy one to see if they live up to the hype and are better than my 90 degrees leggings or my Lululemon Align leggings.

Zella Live In Jogger Joggers are my go to travel pant, the best lounge wear and sometimes even pajama pants. I can see myself wearing these a lot.

Tory Burch Carson Crossbody Bag How pretty is this bag? I love my current Tory Burch bag, and would love to add this one to my collection.

What is on your Nordstrom wish list?
Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday all! It has been a busy week. I have been trying to finish up a project/report for work, we celebrated my birthday, my dads birthday was yesterday and today we are celebrating my dads and my birthday at my sisters house tonight. They are grilling ribs on their Trager. I still want a Trager soooo bad!

We are still trying to make a decision on schooling for the girls. We had some trouble with our Mexico flights this week and we had some health stuff going on this week. It has just been a lot. But we survived.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. This week a fellow blogger posted something about trying new perfumes and if you have used the same perfume for 20 years. Well, I used to wear perfume every single day. My favorite perfume is the original Versace, but I can't find it anywhere but overseas. I miss that scent so much. I have worn a few others over the years, but I haven't really worn any in the last year. 

Anyways, I have been wanting to try new perfumes, but the stores have them locked away due to the coronavirus. She mentioned that you can fill out a quiz about the scents you like and other things about your daily life, and then it gives you ideal scents. You can pick a subscription for one bottle and up each month. But the bottles are small and are about 180 squirts (or a 30 day supply). This gives you the chance to try out a new scent each month or more scents per month and find a new perfume. 

I have Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca coming as my first pick and then Gucci Guilty coming in September. Right now, they have 25% off your first month. And no this isn't sponsored. I just wanted to try new perfumes out. You can use my referral link and then we both can get a free month. And you can cancel at anytime. It is super easy and not a hassle at all.
Oscar de la Renta Bella Blanca

TWO. As I said above, we had some health stuff to take care of this week. Last week, we took the girls to the dentist since they missed their appointment in April or May due to the office being closed. They had x-rays and we found out they had several cavities. We had no idea how or why since the girls brush their teeth twice a day and we are pretty good about sweets.

Well it turns out that flouride isn't really in our water anymore due to health reasons and the diet of kids really affects their teeth now. Things like bananas and oranges are horrible for kids soft and unprotected teeth. My girls live off both of those. And to think that something that is good for your health is bad for your teeth. Plus we haven't been as good at flossing their teeth as we should have been. Ugh. Such a struggle. 

Anyways, Sutton had two cavities filled this week. One was bad enough that we opted for a silver cap. This way, the filling doesn't fall out and we don't have to do anything to it again. Her cavities were in her molars, so they had to be addressed now. But guess what...she rocked her appointment. She had no idea that she even got a shot in her mouth. 

Avery goes in October because that was the first they could get her in. But I know Avery will do just as great as Sutton did.
We couldn't be in the room with her, but I was able to sit outside of it near the payment area and watch.

THREE. So since things are still crazy and up in the air, we have decided to hold off putting the girls back in dance class for now. I hope they can go back in October or so, but we were still doing dance class once they opened up and many of the classes were cancelled or put on Zoom. It just was too hard. Then they changed the time from 4 pm to 1 pm and that didn't work with their school schedule and my work schedule.

The new year registration is this weekend, but we just don't know what is happening with their kindergarten and so we want to wait until things slow down and we figure it out. Then we might put them back in. Ok, we will put them back in, but it is just not knowing when.

BUT in the meantime, I signed them up for golf lessons. They will go every Sunday for an hour for 9 weeks. They really enjoy going to the driving range, so why not get them in lessons now. Plus we can hit some balls and practice while they are in class.

FOUR. Remember on my birthday wish list that I asked for the Madewell Medium Transport Tote? Well I got it and now I want to buy one of the cute straps for it. Which one do you like best?

Here is the bag:

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

This first one is for my state but I am sure you can put your governor in it as well. Our governor has been having a lot of press conferences and a lot of people haven't liked what he has said.

I felt the way that the "face" did when I read that. Ugh.
Yes I can!
This is exactly how I feel right now.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Birthday Weekend

My weekend started off pretty crazy. Friday after work, I ran errands, watched a little more Outer Banks and then as we were getting ready to pick up the girls, we noticed smoke in our neighborhood. We went around the block and down a bit to see a massive fire in the garage of a house. The family was trying to put it out, but were not getting anywhere. 

We left, picked up the girls and headed back to see what was going on. By that time, firefighters, police, ambulances, etc. had arrived. We parked by our house and walked down the street. The house fire was just awful. When all was said and done, they pretty much lost their house (the outside structure is ok in parts, but the inside is pretty much gone), three pets passed away (2 dogs and 1 bird) and two firefighters were injured. It was absolutely horrific and devastating to see that happen. I am still so somber over this. And I can't get over the animals passing away. We witnessed that and I am heartbroken.

Here are some photos from when it happened and the following day when I went to see the damage.

These photos don't even show how bad it really is.

After the fire debacle, I finished getting ready and then met some of my friends for a birthday dinner. We have strict rules about how many people can get together, so it was four of us eating outside on a patio. The views were beautiful, the conversation was amazing and the food/wine were all sooo good. It was definitely a great night!
And I wore that brand new Amazon skirt.

Saturday, we ran some errands around town and hung out at home. I made this Vegetarian Greek Lemon Soup and it was amazing. You need to make this!

Sunday morning, we got up and I went and had a golf lesson as part of my birthday present. Rory and the girls hit golf balls while I had my hour lesson. Then I came over with them and hit balls for another hour. It was a great workout and I learned so much more. We perfected my stance and how I hit my irons. I can't wait for the next lesson.

After my lesson, we came home and I got my free Starbucks drink and this tartine as my lunch. Rory had a brie and fig bagette with proscuitto. The girls had a peanut butter sandwich at home.
A special bread with ricotta, apricots, honey, pistachios and a bit of sea salt.

I relaxed that afternoon and watched more of my show and did some gardening. Rory and the girls also gave me some pjs from Honeydew Intimates that were on my birthday wish-list. Then we got ready and Rory took me out to dinner while his parents watched the girls. We went to a steakhouse and had the best meal. Totally gorged ourselves out.
A vodka martini at the bar across from the restaurant.

Calamari with a sweet chili sauce.

Caesar salad.

A 6 oz. filet with a crab cake, bernaise sauce and asparagus.

Roasted garlic mashed potatoes to share.

And a vanilla bean cheesecake (even though I was sooo full).

After dinner, we walked around for awhile and then headed home. My in-laws gave me their gift (the Madewell Medium Transport Tote and another is on its way, but backordered) and hung out catching up about schooling and what is going on in our lives. It was the perfect quarantine birthday.

How was your weekend? It has been awhile since I did a weekend update.
Monday, August 3, 2020

Amazon Prime Purchases in July

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So after a light purchase month last month, I bought a lot more this month. I got my nephew a gift, some items for myself and a few stock up items as well. What did you buy in July?
Prime Purchases
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Tribe Workout Phone Armband I used to have an armband a long time ago, but then I stopped running and I didn't need it. And with buying new phones every few years, the sizes change and you would need to change the armband. Luckily, this armband is $14.98 and is awesome. It soaks up the sweat since it is made from Neoprene, is adjustable for smaller and larger arms, you can still change stations, answer calls and use your phone if need be. It also has an area for a key, money and a spot for your headphones should they still connect to your phone. Totally worth the $15.
Tribe Workout Phone Armband

Carlyle Melatonin Tablets I was going to buy my normal Natrol Melatonin gummies, but the ship date was way out, so I decided to try another brand. This was has worked very well. I prefer the gummies, but this one isn't bad compared to the Natrol tablets (always get the gummies).
Carlyle Melatonin Tablets

Shea Moisture Kids Detangler I bought more Shea Moisture Detangler. This stuff is the best for my girls hair each morning.
Shea Moisture Kids Extra Moisture Detangler

Silicone Make-up Brush Cleaning Pad I have been using a cleaner that I talked about many times on this blog to clean my make-up brushes. But I feel like adding in a cleaning pad would really help get my brushes cleaner and save my hands. I used it the day I got it and it cleaned them soooo much quicker. This pad is small, but it cleaned all of my brushes very quickly. Even my blush/bronzer brush that hasn't been cleaned in years. Yep, I said it. But it is clean now. And did I mention this pad is $5.48?
Silicone Make-up Brush Cleaning Pad

LED Night Light Laser Projector I was searching for a birthday gift for my nephew and he has a lot of things. Lots of toys, so I wanted something different. The girls love their projector, so I went searching for one. I found this one which is even better than the one we got for the girls and now I want this one for them. My SIL sent me a photo of it light up in my nephew's room and it is so cool.
LED Night Light Laser Projector

B.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's Bra I bought this bra in a nude color and I love it. But I bought it from Dillards and paid full price. Ugh. Then I wanted a black one, so I searched the internet and found one way cheaper on Amazon. I got mine for $17, but it is on sale for $22.45 right now. I paid $44 for the nude one. This bra is a t-shirt style bra and it is comfortable and worth every penny.
B.tempt'd by Wacoal Women's Bra

SweatyRocks Women's Sleeveless Button Up Tank I bought this tank as another blogger recommended it and it gets great reviews. I hope to wear it with the skirt paired below, but I haven't worn it yet.
SweatyRocks Women's Sleeveless Button Up Tank

ChainJoy Women's Polka Dot Skirt I have this skirt in two colors (beige and green/white) and I LOVE it. It is flowy, comfy, the perfect length and not see through at all. So I bought another one. This time I got the black and white polka dot one.
ChainJoy Women's Polka Dot Skirt

And that's it for my July Prime Purchases.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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I can't believe we are at the last day of July. And the fact that we have been quarantined for 20 weeks now. How is that even possible? I feel like our world has completely changed and I am not sure how it will ever go back, but I really do we start to go that way soon. Slowly bring things back to a new normal.

This Sunday is my birthday and I never thought I would say that I would be celebrating it during the quarantine. Rory's birthday was during the beginning of the pandemic and I thought that it sucked that he had to celebrate it the way he did. And I thought that this would be long over before my birthday. But here we are and now I am celebrating my birthday during the pandemic. Crazy times.

Onto Friday Favorites and Happenings.

ONE. Last weekend I went to the outdoor mall to get some new candles from Bath and Body Works since they were having a huge candle sale. But then I went two stores down and went into Loft. They were having a mega sale on everything. Shirts and shorts were $12.99 each. I grabbed these shorts and this tank. But in different colors. They are sold out of the colors I got online.
Loft Square Neck Peplum Shell
TWO. I went into American Eagle on this same shopping trip and they had so many Summer items on clearance and a few items that had been returned. I had seen this long sleeve henley online and wanted to buy one, but never did. I always wait for free shipping. But someone had returned one in stores, so I tried it on and it was amazing. It has thumb holes, covers your booty, is super soft and oversized. I got an xs and now I want more colors. This shirt will be worn on repeat this Fall and Winter.
AE Offline Ribbed Henley Tee

THREE. This is sort of random, but for Christmas Rory gave me athletic socks. I wore the same socks to the gym for years. I would only throw them away when they got holes. I mentioned a few times how I needed new ones, but never bought any. It isn't something fun to buy, so I never bought them. 

Anyways, he got me Under Armour no show socks and these are amazing. They are comfy, not bulky, they don't bunch up in my shoes and are perfect for working out. I LOVE them. He bought me a six back and I recently bought more. That is how great they are. If you need new running/working out socks, get these. 
Under Armour No Show Women's Socks

FOUR. At my last hair color/cut, my stylist used a new product on me and then gave me a sample. I LOVED it so much that I bought a full bottle of it. It is designed for fine to medium hair. It adds shine, smooths your hair (no frizz) and it moisturizes your hair. Since using it, I get a lot of compliments on my hair and how healthy and bright it looks. It isn't cheap, but this bottle will last you forever.
Oribe Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream
You can buy here and here.

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

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And just like that, Saturday brings August. I always love August because it is my birthday month and my anniversary. Plus that first week always brings meteor showers and it is so beautiful to see. We usually have so many events in August and I am very sad that a lot of them have been cancelled this year. I understand why, but it still makes me sad.

Anyways, onto this month's What's Up Wednesday...What's Up Wednesday
Sunday: Take out since we spent the day at the beach.
Enchiladas with Mexican rice.
Tuesday: Roasted Veggie Pitas with Avocado Crema.

Wednesday: Thai take out.
Thursday: Coconut Lime Shrimp
Friday: Unsure
Saturday: Unsure

WHAT I'M REMINISCING ABOUT... Vacations past. I am counting down the days until we get to go to Mexico. 

WHAT I'M LOVING... The beach. We have been going a lot more lately and it makes my heart so happy. If we have to social distance, we might as well do it at the beach. And YES, they only let 50% of the capacity at the beach and you have to be spread apart. 
Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe

The girls met identical twin boys who were sitting next to us. They were born 9 days apart and live in the same city as us. It is definitely a small world.

Dare I say that I am loving running? Well loving and hating it. I used to love running, and now I have been running two to three times a week now and I am getting used to it again. I was never an outdoors runner, but now I am and it is so much better. 

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO...I am still working from home, so I have been getting a lot done around the house. I have been going on walks, runs, tending to our garden and just trying to be outdoors more.

In July, we went to Graeagle again for the 4th of July. Rory and I just spent one night there, but the girls spent 4 nights. We have been going to the beach, we have been seeing family, we celebrated my nephews 4th birthday and we have just been enjoying Summer.

Here are some highlights from the month.
star cookies
Cookies that I ordered for the 4th

This was a fruit tart for the 4th and it was soooo good!

The girls learned to ride their bikes without training wheels in Graeagle.

Avery lost her first tooth on July 17, 2020

WHAT I'M DREADING... Nothing really. Ok, maybe the thought of not traveling for work for a very long time. I miss traveling.

WHAT I'M WORKING ON... As always, I am trying to get ahead on my blogging, but it hasn't been going to so well. I have been pretty busy with work lately.

I am still trying to sand and stain some old lounge chairs in our backyard.

WHAT I'M EXCITED ABOUT... My anniversary, maybe a date night or two, more beach time and the girls starting Kindergarten (however that looks this year).

WHAT I'M WATCHING/READING... This last month I read three books and you can read my reviews here. I am currently reading Home Before Dark which I am almost finished with.

We finished Schitt's Creek and I am so sad that it is over. I am going to miss that show. I watched the last season of 13 Reasons Why and I was not impressed. It was a weird season. I just finished Sweet Magnolias and I am sooooo sad that it is over. Can season 2 come out ASAP? I just started Outer Banks after everyone told me to watch it. Otherwise, we have been watching Million Dollar Listing LA.

WHAT I'M LISTENING TO... just the dryer running.

WHAT I'M WEARING... I haven't bought much in the last month. I am wearing the same shorts, dresses and skirts that I have been wearing all Summer. I did buy myself a pair of Olukai Pehuea Li Hulu Sneakers at a local store because they were on clearance and that NEVER happens. These are amazing shoes. They are so comfy. Definitely recommend getting a pair.

WHAT I'M DOING THIS WEEKEND... Saturday we are going to the beach again and Sunday is my birthday, so I am not sure what the plan is. I know we are going out to dinner, but the rest of it is a surprise. This is the dress I am wearing out to dinner.
Billabong Nessi Dress

WHAT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH... August brings my birthday, my wedding anniversary and another Graeagle trip! Plus it is the start of Kindergarten for my girls.

WHAT ELSE IS NEW...Today (I wrote this yesterday) the school board is deciding if the kids will be going back to in classroom school or if it will be virtual for 9 weeks or longer. Initially, they stated that Elementary would go back full time and Middle/HS would go back on a rotating schedule. 

There has been lots of going back and forth on if that is ok, how everyone feels about it, etc. Today they decide once and for all what they plan to do. I have mixed feelings on this as I am sure everyone does. I feel that kids need to be back in school for so many with disabilities need that structured learning. Kids rely on the nutrition factor. Kids listen to their teachers better. It is hard for elementary students to sit on a computer for 6 hours a day. I could go on and on. And believe me, I have worries about them going back in the classroom, but I know that the school district will keep them safe and put in measures to protect them and the teachers and staff.

So, for now, we have a back-up plan as it will be really hard for me to work full time from home and teach my children plus allow them to each use the computer for 6 hours a day. And no, I can't quit my job. I am the one who is bringing in a consistent income right now and that isn't an option. 

If the school decides to do distance learning for the school year, we will have our kids go to a private type of school. Their current pre-school has hired a teacher from the school district and they will teach Kindergarten to 15 students. They will be provided meals and everything that the normal school district provides. I do have to pay for it and it is just like attending private school for this year.

So we shall see what happens today.