Monday, March 13, 2023

What We Have Been Up To

Not a whole lot has happened in the last month, but we did do a few things. I had surgery, went to a baby shower, went to a birthday party, a basketball game, two days of distance learning (due to snow days), a few dinners out, a magic show and a overnight trip to Las Vegas. But I mostly have been healing and recovering from an infection.

I thought I would give a little photo dump of what we have been up to. I do have a post planned showing my healing progress over the last few weeks. That should be coming in a week or so.


Post op

Baby Shower:

The baby shower was catered and it was so good. I was about 9 days post op (in the thick of my infection) so I took it easy and enjoyed the food and sitting. By the end I was so worn out and tired.

We had two days of distance learning which was awful when one person is recovering and working from home. I had to resign the girls in every 40 minutes, help with school work and rest. It was chaos, but we made it through.

A fire truck themed birthday party! With a real fire truck and demo.

The magic show. This show is a magic show combined with a dance show. We really want to take the girls to this. Some of the costumes are a bit risky, but nothing that they wouldn't see at a beach. 

And that is what we have been up to. I can't wait to catch up with you all more.

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