Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl Fan Friday Edition

Guess what day it is?  Friday!  That means Fan Friday Link-up, and this week is one of my favorites.  Super Bowl edition. 
It is very known how much I love football. I live, eat and breathe football.  I get pumped when Spring practice starts.   I stalk the Niner Nation blog.  I play Fantasy Football, and I secretly wish I was an NFL star.  Plus I may know more about NFL football than my husband and many guy friends do.  But my husband definitely knows more about college football then myself.
Sometimes I get upset that I can't play football.  Like the real deal football, not touch or flag football.  I think it would amazing to play quarterback or almost any offensive position.  To be able to strong arm the defender as I run the touchdown in and win the game.  Aww the life.  Then I can make up some awesome touchdown dance which will be featured all over ESPN.  Hello Colin Kaepernick.  I definitely heart you and my husband knows this.
But since I can't play the real deal and be a big NFL superstar, I will settle for being Erin Andrews Part 2.  She has my dream job.  Oh what I would give to have her job.  Maybe I should have went to school for Journalism.  So failed on that one.
But when it comes down to it all, I can't wait for this weekend, but I also don't want it to be here.  Super Bowl means the end of football for what seems like forever, or until August.  It means no more lazy Sundays in my Niners sweats cheering my team on.  No more anxiety induced panic attacks during nail bitter games (hello Niners vs. Seahawks, Packers, Panthers).  No more Monday Night Football outings with my friends.  And no more games to attend at Candlestick Park.  
So I bid adieu to football after this glorious weekend until August.  May the best team win.  That means the Broncos and Peyton Manning...who will get the MVP this year!  Count on it.
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Venus Trapped in Mars
Thursday, January 30, 2014

How I'd Survive a Prison Sentence

I was reading Kate's blog, Another Clean Slate, today, and she posted about "How I'd Survive a Zombie Apocalypse".  This is not only something I think about all the time a lot, but it is something I love to ask people.  She also mentioned how she would survive in prison which leads me to this post. 
I knew I wanted to also blog about surviving in prison because my husband and I actually had this conversation last weekend.  I know I wouldn't survive in prison.
This topic came up last weekend because I was pretty excited about Season 2 of Orange is the New Black.  Last Fall, I started watching the show, and I really liked it.  Sure some episodes are slower than others, but overall it was really good.  Plus the ending to Season 1 was pretty awesome.  I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it.

Anyways, I can name so many reasons why I would not survive in prison, but I will break it down into just a few that stand out right away with me.  First, I am not strong enough or boisterous enough to NOT become someone's bitch the day I walked in there.  My husband knows it and I know it.  Enough said.

Second, it is very well known that I love fashion, make-up and the finer things in life.  When you are in prison, you don't get those things or much of those things.  I am sure I could last a few days, but to look like a slob each and everyday, to not straighten/curl my hair everyday, to not wear much make-up if any and to have to wear an ugly orange, black, grey or whatever color uniform/prison garb would be a nightmare.  Plus you have to wear some ugly Keds or black boots, and that is just not my thing.  I am sure I would get used to it because I would have no other choice, but doesn't mean I would do it willingly.

Next, I love food.  I can also be pretty picky when it comes to food.  So eating crap, moldy sandwiches or something that resembles meat would make me starve myself.  I would basically melt away into nothing.  I doubt they serve sushi in prison.  *Insert typical tuna dirty joke here*

I think the only things I could actually handle about prison would be the workout time, copious amounts of TV and reading.  I enjoy working out, so I would become super buff and maybe make someone my bitch after that (haha, ok maybe not).  
You can watch all the TV (I am assuming here) your heart desires.  Now it might not be the tv shows you want to watch, but you can still watch as much as you want.  And you can read everything under the sun.  Want to learn a different language?  I am sure they have books you can read.  Romance novels your thang?  I am sure they have those too.

But when it comes down to it, I don't think I could survive prison.  I would have to figure out a way to break out of the show Prison Break.  I loved that show for the first two seasons and then it wasn't as good, but I still watched it through the end.  I loved Wentworth Miller.  He made it seem so easy to break out of prison and take everyone and their moms with them (ok maybe it was people).

Do you think you could survive prison or the zombie apocalypse?
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Girls Night

Last night I got to hang out with two of my best friends, and it was amazing.  It seems as I get older and older, I don't hang out with my girlfriends as much as I used to.  Five plus years ago, I would take any and all opportunities to go out with my girlfriends.  Even if it was a random Tuesday night for late night dinner and drinks or a Thursday night staying out way too late dancing our butts off, I was all about it.  But since then, I have aged (meaning I can't drink, stay up late and function the next day) and gotten myself a husband.
I am forever grateful for my friends because even if we don't see each other several times a week, we can pick up right where we left off like nothing has changed.  Something as simple as having wine and appetizers while seeing my friend's new place is always in order.
My husband and I are carpooling, you know to save gas and wear and tear on our cars.  This means we try to stick to certain going to the gym right after work and then coming home to make dinner EVERY NIGHT (Which has been a struggle in itself.  Ain't nobody got time for that.).  This was our plan for last night since I clearly forgot about my plans to hang out with the girls.  So sorry for that ladies.  But being the amazing husband that he is, he told me to skip the gym, take him home, change and go spend some time with my girls because it was needed.  Plus I think secretly he loved the fact that I can talk all about wanting and having babies with them instead of him.

So please whatever you do, however much you get caught up in your daily routine, take time to hang out with your friends.  Time passes by way too quickly, things change in people's lives and you don't want to be left behind or a flake.

Thank you Nathalie and Stacey for an amazing girls night.  From talks about new cars to babies to the Bachelor, I can't get enough of our girls nights.  Until the next one!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Mondays Suck

It is Monday and Mondays sucks. Not only do I have the worst headache in history, but I barely slept due to said headache. Ugh. 
In other news, I was rather impressed by the Pro Bowl yesterday. I loved the new set-up where Jerry Rice (best wide receiver ever) and Deion Sanders draft players for their teams. Then those teams face off, and make the game so much more interesting. Most Pro Bowls suck because the players barely make plays, don't want to be there and don't want to get hurt. This year, some of that applied, but mostly, there was a lot more action and fun. 
Of course I was on team Rice because I am a diehard Niners fan. And team Rice squeaked by with a win at 22-21. Congrats to Nick Foles for his offensive Pro Bowl MVP. 
Speaking of MVPs, who do you think will win this year's MVP? My vote is for Peyton Manning. I sure do love Peyton Manning. No I am not a band wagon jumper. I have liked him since he played in college. I follow what he does, not his teams. Of course I am rooting for the Broncos in the Super Bowl because I hate the Seahawks (division rivals and they took down my Niners), and I don't want to see Pete Carroll with a Super Bowl ring. 
What did you think of the Pro Bowl uniforms?  I liked them better than the NFC vs. AFC ones. 
 How was your weekend? Sorry this post is short and not exciting. I am going to get back to work while nursing this headache. I don't think there is an aspirin big enough for my headache today.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Obligatory Pro Bowl Post

It is Sunday and today is the Pro Bowl.  Why am I not more excited?  Because my Niners are playing in this game.  They should be practicing for the Big Game, but the Seahawks suck and they beat us (not fairly in my opinion).  I am not bitter. Ok maybe just a bit. 
The only saving grace is I get to see Jerry Rice on tv, see some Niners and watch football because hey, football is football. 
  Did I mention that football is almost over and I am really upset about that?  What am I going to do with myself until August?   Oh that's the San Francisco Giants.  That makes me a bit more happy, but I would rather watch any and all football. Here is to an amazing Giants season. Another World Series in our future? 
Who do you think will win the Pro Bowl? NFC or AFC? I am betting (if I could) on the NFC! 
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brew HaHa

Yesterday** I did my civic duty and donated blood. I have been eligible for a couple of weeks now, but with the chance that I could be pregnant (spoiler: I am not), I wasn't allowed to quite yet. I don't know why, but I love donating blood. It is an easy way to give back to those in need and I get to be pampered while doing it. Are you cold? Here is a soft blanket to keep you warm. Are you bored? You can have control of the TVs or we can provide you with a laptop full of movies. Are you thirsty? Here is a bottle of water. 
The thing I hate about donating blood. The needle. That thing seems so big (that's what she said). I always ask them to put a gauze over it. Other than that, I love it for some reason. Maybe it is due to the fact my Dad can't donate anymore, and he was an avid donator. 
I donated blood right after work because last night we went to Brew Haha. I needed four plus hours to prep my body back before I indulged on beer. Brew Haha is a charity event for the Sierra Arts foundation. There are about 36 vendors with all kinds of beers. From IPAs to Pale Ales to a beer that tastes like sagebrush (I hated it, hubby loved it), it is a LOT of fun. 
But in order to get the most drunk beer for your buck (our tickets were free, but $55 for most others), you should eat a rather hearty meal before. As in a few hours before. I have made the mistake of eating a HUGE steak dinner right before the event, and then I spent the first hour and half sipping beers and being miserable. I didn't make that mistake this year! 
Brew Haha'ing it up!
Vokab Kompany, so good!
Do you have any charity events that are as fun as beer tasting? Now don't jump down my throat saying all charity events are fun, (I know most are, even without alcohol) and I should be ashamed of myself. 
** I wrote this Friday afternoon because I wasn't sure if I would be hungover or not. I hate being hungover, but in my old age (30 feels so old now, but I know it is not), it happens way easier than before.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Forbidden Office Romance

I am going to talk about something that I have a great deal of experience romance. Ok I only have experience with one case of it, but I think my case turned out pretty well. How? I met my husband at work.
I never thought I would be one of "those" people. I always thought it was "forbidden" or at least not a good idea to date someone you work with. I had a college friend/roommate who ALWAYS told me that it was never a good idea to date your co-worker. 
Sure you spend 40 plus hours a week with that person, probably more than your friends and family, but to "dip your pen in the company ink" (he always used that phrase) was not a good idea. 
Since you spend so much time with your co-workers, they begin to look suitable for dating. You have your office flirting or your office husband/wife. Then it turns into drinks after work. Then you are dating your co-worker and you're involved in an office romance.  It is so simple and easy to fall into.
Let me tell you my story (short fast version, I hope). I started my job almost 7 1/2 years ago, and my husband was in a relationship. I barely knew him and was already giving him grief about when he was going to marry his long time girlfriend. A few months later, they called it quits (which worked out for me!), and we went on a few dates. My roommate warned me, but I didn't care. We literally dated for a week or two before I bailed. Yes, I got scared that he wasn't over his ex and I didn't want to take on his baggage. So I did what any other normal girl did. I ignored him. 
My situation was exactly what my roommate said would happen. You go out with your co-worker, break-up, or in my case, stop talking to him, and make it awkward. My husband even tells me it was like the Jay-Z song, Holy Grail, "One day you screaming you love me loud, The next day you're so cold". 
But this story does have a happy ending, I promise. He eventually forgave me for being a bitch and not talking to him. We became really good friends. Such good friends that I would try to set him up on dates with my friends. So glad that didn't happen or work out. We started dating (for real) about 4 years ago. My friends did not know about the first time around that we went on dates (only my roommates). They kept urging me to date him, but I kept thinking it was still a bad idea. I did have a big crush on him though, so I finally gave in. 
But when I gave in, we kept it a secret for quite awhile. I recommend this unless your work requires you to disclose it. Ours did not at the time. We actually kept it a secret for 10 months because we didn't want drama if it was to end. Our friends found out about 2 months in (though they had their suspicions), but it was our friends who accidentally told our co-workers about it inadvertently. 
Several months later, my husband was promoted at work, and that meant that we had to change teams. It was for the best and makes the work environment so much easier.  Fast forward to dating for three years and we got engaged.  We had a six month engagement before getting married in August 2013.  It can work out.  It did for me.
Oh I forgot to mention that the same roommate who told me not to date a co-worker moved to California and started dating a co-worker. Their story doesn't have as happy of an ending as mine did, as they broke up. But they dated for 4 years and changed jobs during their relationship. I called kettle him. 
Now for some rules on dating your co-worker from my experience:
  • Try not to interact so much at work. This means go to lunch and hang out with others.
  • Have your own space. Work at opposite sides of the office if you can.
  • No fighting at work. Don't bring your home problems to work and don't discuss your home life at work.
  • Keep it a secret until the relationship is more mature.
  • Tell your boss once it is more serious. Unless it is required to tell them up front.
  • Avoid PDA at work.
Office Romance can be lasting if you really want it and really work at it. Do you have any experience with office romance? Did it last?
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

In honor of throwback Thursday, I decided to show you two pictures of myself and one of my husband. 
I love this photo of my husband. I love it so much that we used it on our photo table at our wedding. Now it promptly sits in our bedroom on my night stand along with my childhood photo we used and a photo from our wedding. Isn't he the cutest? 
Sorry for the damaged quality of my photos, but I kept these two pictures while going through old photos for our wedding.  I just love them so much.  The one on the right, I am about 3 years old and the one on the left, I am about 4 years old.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say my husband and I will make beautiful babies.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Did I ever mention the fact that I am going to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 46 days?  No?  Well I am and I definitely just put a countdown on my work calendar.  Shame, heck no.

Going to Mexico has been in the back of my head for quite some time, but I just realized how close it was.  One of our wedding gifts from Rory's great aunt was a trip to Puerto Vallarta.  She lives there off the Malecon and has offered us her second condo for a week.

We vacationed there about two years ago and it was amazing.  Before that, I had only been to Tijuana which was basically a drunken one day trip.  This is my second trip to Puerto Vallarta and I can't wait to go back to Yelapa.  You take a boat to this little remote area where you can relax on the beach, drink yummy drinks, have pie from the local ladies and even climb to a waterfall.  Last time, we didn't get to to go the waterfall, so it is definitely on our list this time.  Never been?  Check out paradise.
Yelapa Boats

This was taken on my last night back in March 2012 (Puerto Vallarta)

March 9th can't come fast enough.
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All We Do Is Win and then Lose

Wow, life has been pretty busy the last week and a half that I haven't even thought about writing a post.  I have been watching football (ugh, Niners lost the NFC Championship), traveling to Maryland and Washington, DC, and embracing a new outlook on cooking.

Let me start by saying, I had an amazing breakfast for the NFC Divisional playoffs at my in-laws house.  My mother-in-law made a crab souffle, bbq'd bacon, fruit salad and bloody mary's.  It was a great way to watch the Niners beat the Panthers.
 Walter didn't get the memo to wear his Niners gear
Amazing Bloody Mary's

The next morning, I was off to Maryland for work.  I will save my sights and food for another post.  The week consisted of a lot of work, amazing food and some cold evenings.  We did get to spend each evening in Washington, DC though, which was an awesome, but expensive city.

Fast forward to Friday where I made the long 10 hour trek home.  Followed by a birthday party at the Wet for my lovely maid of honor, Nathalie.  Miss Nathalie turned 28 this year, and had a celebration Friday evening.  I was super tired, but really wanted to see my friends, so we got dolled up and headed out.
Beautiful ladies (minus the birthday girl)

Saturday was spent being lazy after a few errands.  We did see American Hustle, and I loved it.  I loved the story, the twist, the clothes, Christian Bale (he nailed it on his character) and Bradley Cooper's perm.  I would see definitely see it again.

Sunday was awful, ok, it wasn't too bad, except the Niners LOST the NFC Championship.  Worst outcome ever.  Not only did Bowman tear his ACL and MCL, Kap threw two picks (one that ended the game), Sherman went on a crazy, classless rant and Gore broke his hand.  Now I am rooting for the Broncos.  I love Peyton Manning (just him as a player and person), and I can't wait to see them roll over the Seahawks defense (#1 offense vs. #1 defense).  My dad is a Seahawks fan, so there was lots of smack talk between us this weekend.  I also told him pre-game, should the Seahawks win, don't expect to hear from me for a week.  Guess who is still going strong?  Haha.

Monday we made our famous (well I think it is famous) spaghetti sauce.  That baby simmered all day and it was beyond amazing.  We watched mindless tv, cooked and hit the gym.  So proud of us for trekking it out to the South side of town to go to the gym on a day off.

Speaking of gym, I was lazy during the holidays.  I ate way too much (it was worth it) and didn't work out enough.  I am talking a went a week or two without any gym, and when I did go, it was once a week.  Shame, shame.  But last week I went full force while in Maryland/DC, even working out twice a day on two different days.  Here's to getting my workout back on.

Speaking again, on being healthy, we are trying to go to the grocery store weekly, buy enough meals for breakfast and lunch daily, plus dinners for 5 to 6 days a week  Sometimes we are good and eat in 4 days a week, but lately, it is once or twice a week.  Mainly, due to work travel and the holidays, but we are in full force budget and health mode.  Here's to hoping it sticks.
That catches you all up on my life the last few weeks.  I hope to get a post up on my DC fun.  But it isn't that long because I didn't get to do much other than eat dinner and walk around at 9 pm one night to see some sights, but it was still worth it.
Thursday, January 9, 2014

San Fran and Football Fun

I had a pretty good weekend (I know this post is way late) because I got to see family from out of state and the Niners won their playoff game against the Packers!  I probably did lose a few days to months off my life from the stress of the game (see Aww the Playoffs), but they came out with a W and that is the best possible outcome.

I did find out that it was more than ok to wear Niners gear to the engagement party, so we definitely wore our team favorites.  The engagement party could have been a let down if the Niners lost, but thankfully none of us had to go through that.

We drove to the bay area early Sunday morning, but not without a stop in Truckee at Marty's Cafe.  I had the best breakfast sandwich with eggs, baconm guyere, greens, lemon aioli, french bread and house potatoes.  So good.

We were lucky enough to see my sister-in-law and her new fiance since they came in for the engagement party and to check out places to live.  Good news is, they are moving (hopefully) to the bay area sometime this year, and needed to scope places out.  So sad they will leave NYC, but so happy they will be closer to us all.

But back to the drive, we drove the 4 hours to Tiburon, California where the weather was absolute perfect.  Couldn't say that about Green Bay.  It was ridiculously cold there.  The Niners played very well and won.

Post game, we all went outside to enjoy the sun.  Can't you tell everyone was soooo excited?  And this family is a Niners family?!
Photo is a little blurry, but here is part of the family.
 So pumped after the Niners Win!
The newly engaged couple
 Breath taking views
After enjoying football, beer, wine, food, dessert and the beautiful sunset, we headed to Piedmont, California where we were staying with family.  We were told we must try Johnny Walker Blue Label scotch once we got to their house.  We did a taste test between Blue Label and Macallan 12.  We both love Macallan 12 already, so this was a treat.
Verdict?  We liked both, but Blue Label was a little smoky and Macallan was more like honey.  My choice was the Macallan, but I did like the Blue Label.
Do you like scotch?  What is your favorite?
Monday we had an amazing breakfast of eggs benedict and fruit prepared for us by my lovely aunt in law before driving back to Reno.  It was a goregous day, so we drove back leisurely, but make it home before the National Championship.  And I must say I was really happy Florida State won!
Now this weekend is the Niners vs. Panthers game in Carolina.  Break out the vodka for early morning blood mary's.  I will be need one or three of those over the course of the game.  Don't judge.  Go Niners!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding Album Part 2

Do you remember when I told you all that I finally purchased a wedding album, so I could show off my wedding photos to my family (only 4 months late)?  Well it finally came a few days before Christmas.  It was really late (due to the usps, not the shipper), so I spent one evening trying to fill it up.

First mistake, buying one that had those stupid magnetic clear pages.  My other album has pockets which made it way easier to display the pictures.  I had a hard time pressing the clear sheet over the photos and not getting wrinkles or bubbles.  Ugh, I hope they eventually go down since nothing worked.  Anyone got a tips for those kinds of photo albums?

I do love the way the album turned out (from the seller).  It looks beautiful and matches our wedding colors perfectly.

The books is really soft and in ivory with a navy ribbon, silver/gray bow and an ivory hydrangea.  It has 50 pages (100 sides) and fits about 2 4x6 photos per side.  I still a bit of room left for photos that I want to print from friends and family.

If you love my album, check out Etsy seller Couture Life.  You can personalize every album as much as you would like.  Plus she is super fast and does amazing work.
Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Nails

A holiday wouldn't be complete until I showed you all my New Year's nails.  I got them done on Monday, just in time for New Year's Eve.  I wanted something fun, sparkly, would last a few weeks and would make sense going into January.  I think they are perfect and full of sparkle (which I love).

New Year, New Beginnings

I saw this on a friends blog, and I thought I would steal/share it for all because it resonates with me.
Friday, January 3, 2014

Aww the Playoffs

In true Fan Friday fashion, I must talk about the SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS and how they are in the playoffs.  It's true, I am beyond excited that the Niners are in the playoffs for the third year in a row, but what am I not excited about?  The fact that they are the 5th seed with a better record than the Chiefs (11-5), Eagles (10-6), Chargers (9-7) and Packers (8-7-1).  It is BS that the Seahawks won our division (I am not angry or anything!) and the Niners have the third best record, but still get a Wild Card spot.  Yes I know how the playoffs work and why it happens, but it doesn't mean it is fair.

Did you know the Niners have to travel to crap hole (sorry if you live there in the freezing, yes ICE HOLE) and play in -5 or so at kickoff with a wind chill of -20 or so?  And when Justin Smith was interviewed this week, they asked him if he was going to wear long sleeves under his jersey.  His response...that's a game time decision.  Now that is a man.

But back to the topic at hand, the Niners vs. the Packers.  I am really scared for the Niners due to it being so cold, Gore trying to run in over 100 yards when it is that cold, Kap must ran his butt off in order to win this game and hoping that someone can hold onto the ball in the frozen tundra.  But there is the fact that Clay Matthews is out.  Now he can't get away with spearing Kap.  Rodgers and Cobb are back, but they are not 100% yet and we must take advantage of that.  Awww it is going to be a stressful Sunday.

Just like Sarah spoke of in her Fan Friday (#4 My life span has just been extended), my life will probably shorten just a bit after the playoffs and hopefully Superbowl are over.  The good news is, I will be in San Francisco at an engagement party (yes we all are Niner fans, so we will be watching the game) enjoying yummy cocktails and food.

Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?  Do you think it is acceptable to wear my Patrick Willis jersey to the engagement party?
Best Linebacker via sfgate blog

Venus Trapped in Mars
Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Etched Gifts

I have more etched glass gifts to show you.  I also wanted to show you the gift my dad and I made for my husband, but I haven't taken photos of it yet, so these will have to do for now.

We wanted to get my sister's boyfriend something beer related for Christmas since he brews his own beer and loves beer.  We went for beer glasses and mugs.  We didn't personalize the mugs, but we did personalize the glasses.  We bought pilsner glasses and then picked four different logos to have my dad etch for Kevin.

Since Kevin is a Niners and Wolf Pack fan (good man), we went with two logos for each team.  I think they turned out beautifully and Kevin loved them.  Don't mind the background box as I needed something black to really show the etching.
49ers logo
 SF logo
Pack logo
Nevada logo with the new wolf

Now to think of more ideas for gifts and items around my house.

Catching Up

Wow, I haven't posted since Christmas Eve.  But that is because I have been busy with parties, Christmas, family dinners and New Year's Eve.  I love the holidays, and I am really sad they are over.  They went by way too fast.  Be prepared for a long random post.

I just realized I never told you all how my night with Daniel Tosh went.  It was amazing.  I have never laughed so much in my life (ok maybe I have).  His opener was Eddie from his show Tosh.O.  He was really funny and a great opener.  Then came out the man himself, Daniel Tosh.  I have been dying to see his show FOREVER, but never pulled the trigger.  Now I want to go to more of his shows.  He is that funny.  I am going to LA in the near future for work, and I will be requesting tickets to his Tosh.O show well in advance.  Do yourself a favor and go see him.
This is my, I am so pumped to see Tosh face

Fast forward to Christmas Eve and we went to my family friend's house for their annual Christmas Eve party.  It was full of family, friends, good food, holiday drinks, presents and a baby.  I finally got to meet baby Evan.  My flower girls parents (they are our good friends) had a baby boy in November and I have been dying to meet him.  On Christmas Eve, I spent at least an hour holding him.  He was too precious.  I am still waiting on the photos that his grandma took of us.

We had an amazing Christmas Day.  We woke up, built a fire, made coffee, cooked the cinnamon rolls my mom made us (tradition for my family), opened way too many presents (we were spoiled this year) and then headed to Truckee for Christmas dinner at my new (in-laws) aunts house.
This is only half of our gifts

For Christmas dinner, we had a traditional style Thanksgiving dinner, but with a twist.  We had deep fried turkey, stuffing, potatoes, carrot souffle, a salad, rolls and maybe something else.  Plus lots of wine and champagne.  After dinner we played some family games and ate yummy desserts.  It was the perfect ending to our Christmas.
Christmas night

Don't worry, Walter had the best Christmas/Birthday.  Walter turned 2 on Christmas.  We are only guessing his birthday since he was adopted from the Truckee Humane Society.  They estimated his birthday in December towards the end of the month, so we picked Christmas Day.  He was overly spoiled with a new leather collar, two deer antlers, three toys, a bully stick and new treats.
 Tuckered out from his Christmas fun
Stylish puppy

The Saturday after Christmas, Rory and I hosted a late Christmas dinner for our families combined.  This is our third year doing this, and I would say it was a success.  We made drunken king crab legs (with all the fixings/dippings), homemade rolls, roasted butternut squash and salad.  My sister was kind enough to make mini eclairs.  Perfect ending to an amazing meal.

We were very boring on New Year's Eve.  We had every intention on going out, as we have the last 4 years being together, but this year we stayed in.  We did manage to make it out to sushi, only to go home in a sushi coma and relax.  I stayed up for the ball drop and fireworks, but the husband was out cold by 10:30.  
I am excited for what 2014 has to bring us as 2013 was pretty good to us.  We got engaged and married in 2013, so hopefully 2014 will bless us with a new baby.

How were your holidays?  What are your New Year's resolutions?