Sunday, January 26, 2014

Obligatory Pro Bowl Post

It is Sunday and today is the Pro Bowl.  Why am I not more excited?  Because my Niners are playing in this game.  They should be practicing for the Big Game, but the Seahawks suck and they beat us (not fairly in my opinion).  I am not bitter. Ok maybe just a bit. 
The only saving grace is I get to see Jerry Rice on tv, see some Niners and watch football because hey, football is football. 
  Did I mention that football is almost over and I am really upset about that?  What am I going to do with myself until August?   Oh that's the San Francisco Giants.  That makes me a bit more happy, but I would rather watch any and all football. Here is to an amazing Giants season. Another World Series in our future? 
Who do you think will win the Pro Bowl? NFC or AFC? I am betting (if I could) on the NFC! 
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