Saturday, January 25, 2014

Brew HaHa

Yesterday** I did my civic duty and donated blood. I have been eligible for a couple of weeks now, but with the chance that I could be pregnant (spoiler: I am not), I wasn't allowed to quite yet. I don't know why, but I love donating blood. It is an easy way to give back to those in need and I get to be pampered while doing it. Are you cold? Here is a soft blanket to keep you warm. Are you bored? You can have control of the TVs or we can provide you with a laptop full of movies. Are you thirsty? Here is a bottle of water. 
The thing I hate about donating blood. The needle. That thing seems so big (that's what she said). I always ask them to put a gauze over it. Other than that, I love it for some reason. Maybe it is due to the fact my Dad can't donate anymore, and he was an avid donator. 
I donated blood right after work because last night we went to Brew Haha. I needed four plus hours to prep my body back before I indulged on beer. Brew Haha is a charity event for the Sierra Arts foundation. There are about 36 vendors with all kinds of beers. From IPAs to Pale Ales to a beer that tastes like sagebrush (I hated it, hubby loved it), it is a LOT of fun. 
But in order to get the most drunk beer for your buck (our tickets were free, but $55 for most others), you should eat a rather hearty meal before. As in a few hours before. I have made the mistake of eating a HUGE steak dinner right before the event, and then I spent the first hour and half sipping beers and being miserable. I didn't make that mistake this year! 
Brew Haha'ing it up!
Vokab Kompany, so good!
Do you have any charity events that are as fun as beer tasting? Now don't jump down my throat saying all charity events are fun, (I know most are, even without alcohol) and I should be ashamed of myself. 
** I wrote this Friday afternoon because I wasn't sure if I would be hungover or not. I hate being hungover, but in my old age (30 feels so old now, but I know it is not), it happens way easier than before.
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