Friday, November 28, 2014

28 Weeks

Another week has flown by and now we are into our 28th week of pregnancy.  Wow.  We are officially in the third trimester and nesting mode has fully kicked in.  Bring on the holidays (the last ones without the twins being here other than in mommy's belly), food and family time!
Two little turkeys in my belly on Thanksgiving

So where are these babies at?

How far along: 28 weeks, 2 days

Babies are the size of a: Eggplant

Babies are: Getting fatter and fatter.  I am sure they are measuring around 2 1/2 to 3 pounds by now (we don't have another growth scan for 2 weeks) and are around 14 to 15 inches long.
The girls can blink their eyes and are sporting some eyelashes (hopefully like their daddy because he has super long lashes).  Their eyesight is increasing all the time which means they may be able to see the light that filters through my belly.  They are still developing their brains at a rapid rate (and showing brain activity with dreaming) and adding on the fat (big time) to get nice and plump for the outside world.

Maternity Clothes: Yes and some non-maternity stuff.  I just buy a size up (usually up to medium) and rock those sweaters.  I did a bit of shopping at Old Navy this weekend and scored some active leggings (which I intend to use as normal leggings for work) and two sweaters for $35.  The sweaters were only $10 each.  Killer deal and didn't break the bank.

Stretch Marks: I have one, but it isn't as noticeable right now.  I freaked out because my sweater left a huge mark on my belly and I thought I got a big stretch mark there, but nope, it was just an indention.  But I do have that dark line that runs from the belly button down now.

Sleep: Ehh.  I have been having some carpal tunnel issues in my left hand so sleep has been a big issue this week.  So much that I cried in the shower yesterday morning because I am so tired and my hand won't stop tingling.  But I caved and bought a wrist guard yesterday.  Good news is, I woke up twice last night and slept a ton.  Not enough to catch up on my sleep, but we are working on it.
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen feet, tired, nasal congestion lack of sleep.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing the babies on the ultrasound as always.  Plus we have so much family time this week that my heart is bursting at the seams.

Movement: Oh these babies are moving ALL.THE.TIME.  I feel kicks on my bladder and into my ribs so many times per hour.  They are really dancing in there.

Cravings: Pasta, pizza, sushi and sweets.  Same as usual.

Gender: Two precious baby girls.

Belly Button In or Out: Out.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On, but they have been moved to my right hand as my left hand is experiencing carpal tunnel so it is often too swollen to take the rings off my left hand.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nothing right now.

What I Miss: Working out and being able to move easily.  I feel like I need to roll off the couch, have help out of the car and struggle to get out of bed due to my belly getting bigger and bigger.

What I am Looking Forward to: Everything this week has to offer.  Baby appointments, family time, Thanksgiving, food, Christmas tree cutting, hospital tour, working on the nursery and meeting these girls in a few short months!

Labor:  Thankfully nothing yet and hopefully nothing until around 36 weeks (my personal goal) or later.

Nursery: It looks like a total mess, but I am sorting through things today, putting stuff up, doing laundry and in full on nesting mode.  I can't wait to share the nursery with you all.

Emotions: Feeling pretty good.  My heart is bursting at the seams with all the love and family time this week!

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to drop in to say Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.

I am keeping it short and sweet today as we have lots of family time and food to consume.  Bring on the pie!
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hospital Tour and an Update

Last night we took our hospital tour.  Sure I have been in this hospital a few times, but mostly for death stuff.  But we finally got to see the good stuff.  The nursery full of the cutest babies, pre-registering, seeing where we would have our little girls pretty soon and scoping out food options.

The entire time I felt like a deer in the headlights.  Wide eyed at everything that was explained to us.  I can't believe this is really happening in a few short months.  From the assessment to the labor and delivery to the postpartum.  Plus we have some extra decisions to make....who we are allowing in the labor and delivery area (max three others than myself), pain intervention, etc.  I am so happy we have started our birth plan (I know they don't always go as planned) and can make some additional contributions to it.  Plus we were told to pack our hospital bags now because you never know when it is going to happen.  It was all so surreal and exciting all at once. 

But again, I still can't believe how real this is all getting.  Ok, I knew it was getting real when my bump and boobs got really big really fast, but now that we are taking tours and taking classes (December 6th), and the girls will be here before we know it.  I can't wait to see their precious faces, hold them and shower them with kisses.  Plus the idea of seeing my husband hold these babies melts my heart.  Oh pitter patter.

So now my hunt starts for packing a hospital bag for myself, the babies and my husband.  Please send me your links on what to include, what not to include and any advice you all have.

In the meantime, I have my last fluid check appointment with my Perinatal doctor in a couple of hours.  So say some prayers that baby girls are good to go and we only have to see the perinatal doc monthly for growth checks.  But at least I get to see their cute little faces on the ultrasound today.  They have been moving a ton today in preps for their shots on camera/ultrasound.

Until tomorrow for my weekly bump date.   
Monday, November 24, 2014

A Wolf Pack Loss, but We Still Got Our Cake (Popcorn)

I am really sad that the weekend is over, but really excited that today is my Thursday since we took Wednesday off.  Oh I love holiday weeks.  I am super excited about this weeks events, but I thought I would recap this weekend first.

Friday after work I ran errands and wore myself out.  Boo to thinking I could handle the errands only to barely be able to get out of my car once I got home.  Luckily my husband gave me a foot rub and took care of the chores around the house.

But one one of my errands, I went to a local store called Sippies and about died when I saw their tutu bar and the bathing suits.  I needed these two bathing suits for the girls, but I don't know how big they will be come swim suit season, so I refrained.  FOR NOW!  But check these out, aren't they the cutest?

And this tutu bar...Oh the girls will have some tutus very soon.

Friday night was a mini date night where we had some yummy Taiwanese food and went to the IMAX theater (for the first time) and watched Dumb and Dumber Too.  We thought it was good, but not great.  If you liked the first movie, then you will like the second movie.  Go in with expectations that it will be like the first movie in the sense of comedy, lines and stories.  We enjoyed it and we really enjoyed our lazy boy style seats.  Makes it so much easier for this pregnant girl to relax.

Saturday morning was a lazy morning.  My husband ran to the local bakery while I made lattes at home.  We had a fire burning and it was raining outside.  Perfect little Saturday morning. 

But in the middle of it all, I made some yummy popcorn for the tailgate.  This was a new recipe for me, but it sounded great and would end our chili cook-off just right.  Plus we may have snacked on some while making it.

Then I had a surprise visitor.  My dear friend Nathalie came over to give the girls and myself her shower gift.  The girls received some cute socks, the cutest 6 month old outfits and two heart receiving blankets.  She sure did spoil them.  And she also brought this momma a gift.  What was it?
This was after opening.  I can't share the contents yet just in case other bridesmaids haven't gotten their boxes yet.  But let me just say, I am super honored to be a bridesmaid after Nathalie was my Maid of Honor.  I can't wait to celebrate Nick and Nathalie's wedding come August 2015!

That evening we went to the tailgate for a chili cook-off and the last tailgate/game of the season.  Spoiler alert....Nevada Wolf Pack lost in a really horrible game.  It was ugly, my husband was pissed off and it was really cold.
Prior to the game and a 27 1/2 week bump picture
At the tailgate.  Also used for our Fans of the Game photo (too bad we lost that game)

Sunday was spent recovering from the game.  Me not my husband.  I felt like a train hit me and I sat most of the tailgate and game, but it really took it out of me.  I watched football while my husband helped his parents move furniture, took a nap during the Niners half time game and had a hard time staying up last night.  But the good news is, we got some more registry items from Babies R Us due to a mini black Friday deal going on and we are saving the rest (which isn't that much) for Cyber Monday.  Please oh please have some deals on carseats and bases.  

And that ends our weekend.  I am looking forward to our hospital tour this evening, our last fluid Perinatal check tomorrow (then only once a month after that), working on the nursery Wednesday, Thanksgiving, then Christmas tree cutting Friday and the last Wolf Pack game (vs. UNLV) Saturday along with a family dinner that night.  Lots of good things to come this week.

What do you have in store for this week?
Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh Hey Friday Link Up and Christmas Wish List

It is finally Friday.  Thank heavens.  This has been the longest week EVER.  With coming in early every morning, due to not being able to travel with my team to New York City (boo), but living their schedule this week, I am drained.

In honor of Oh Hey, Friday link-up, I thought I would do a Christmas wish list or even a push present gift list.

One.  I am obsessed with Kendra Scott jewelry right now.  I want it ALL.  I have my eye on two special pieces right now.

Meet the Rayne Necklace
and the Elle Earrings
Two.  I really want a warm cozy down jacket and these two caught my eye.

Three.  A Digital SLR camera.  I have my eye on a few different ones, but haven't decided.  I just want to be able to take better photos for my blog and of my cute little babies once they are born.  Iphone pictures just won't due.

Four.  Black booties.  These are just two of the pairs I want.  I am eyeing a few more too.

Five.  Hunter Rain Boots.  It doesn't rain that much in the Reno/Tahoe area, but I have been wanting a pair of these for a long time.  I just need to bite the bullet and get a pair.  Aren't they so cute?

Six.  Michael Kors watch.  I have been eyeing one of these for a few years now, but always miss out on sales and decide I need something else.  But this beauty has caught my eye.

Seven.  Jo Malone London perfume.  I love a lot of their scents, but I need to narrow it down to one or two.  Which is your favorite?

I could go on and on, but I will post another Christmas Wish List later with more items for the lady in your life or to pass onto my husband for me.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

27 Weeks (the last week of my second trimester)

It is Wednesday again which means it is bump/pregnancy update.   I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for my update.  So without further ado...onto the babies.
  27 Weeks and counting

How far along: 27 weeks, 1 day (last week of the second trimester)
Babies are the size of a: Head of cauliflower/rutabaga

Babies are: Growing and doing so well.  I can't believe how much they have grown in the last month.  On Friday (at 26 weeks, 2 days) I was measuring 31 weeks.  Yikes.  How big is my belly going to get?
Babies are getting on a better sleep/wake cycle and finally opening and closing their eyes.  Their brains are very active now, but still developing.  That is why momma needs to up her protein intake.  The lungs are still maturing, but babies could survive outside the womb if they came at this point.  Which they better stay inside and bake as long as possible.

Maternity Clothes: Yep still rocking them.  But my maternity work pants suck because they itch and stretch out that I have opted for leggings at work now.  No one seems to notice or care, so leggings it is.  Plus I need to up my game on some sweaters for this bitter cold weather.  Suggestions on places to get cute sweaters maternity and non-maternity at a great price.

Stretch Marks: I have one, but it isn't as noticeable right now.  I freaked out because my sweater left a huge mark on my belly and I thought I got a big stretch mark there, but nope, it was just an indention.  But I do have that dark line that runs from the belly button down now.

Sleep: Ehh.  I have been having some carpal tunnel issues in my left hand so sleep has been a big issue this week.  So much that I cried in the shower yesterday morning because I am so tired and my hand won't stop tingling.  But I caved and bought a wrist guard yesterday.  Good news is, I woke up twice last night and slept a ton.  Not enough to catch up on my sleep, but we are working on it.
Symptoms: Carpal tunnel, backaches, swollen feet, tired and nasal congestion.

Best Moment of the Week: Having the twins baby shower.  We are beyond blessed and received so much.  We don't have much left to get (the car seat purchases will hurt though), but so much to set up and lots of laundry to do.

Movement: Lots of baby kicks and movement.  Still no hiccups, but these babies love to move, press on my lungs and bladder and have some kick boxing workouts inside.

Cravings: Pasta, pizza, sushi and sweets.

Gender: Two precious baby girls.

Belly Button In or Out: Out.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On, but they have been moved to my right hand as my left hand is experiencing the carpal tunnel so it is often too swollen to take the rings off my left hand.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nothing right now.

What I Miss: Working out, not being in so much discomfort,
holiday drinks (eggnog and brandy, hot chocolate and peppermint schnaps, etc.), moving with ease, and basically anything that involves being active.

What I am Looking Forward to: The last home game for the Nevada Wolf Pack football team.  Tailgate theme is chili cook-off.  Since I can't cook for more than 30 mins (max), we will be bringing a dessert, but you bet your tush that I will be enjoying lots of yummy food.  Plus we are going through our baby shower stuff, setting some of it up, seeing what we still need and going into full nesting mode.  I love it.

Labor Signs: We have some Braxton Hicks contractions going on, but no signs of labor.  Thank the heavens for that.

Nursery: We put up the gold polka dots last week and now we got a bunch of things from the shower to start setting up.  Our girls are going to be so spoiled and I can't wait to reveal our nursery to all.

Emotions: Good, but more emotional this week over my exhaustion.

Stay tuned for a baby shower post soon.  I hope to get the camera today or tomorrow to start my post.  I can't wait to show you all how amazing it was.
The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup
Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why You Should Join Influenster

So I know it is Tuesday and I never did a weekend update.  But that is because I am saving it for my Baby Shower post.  I am waiting on some photos that were taken with my moms camera in order to finish the post.  Let me just say the girls and I were spoiled.  Everything from the amazing food, decor, cake to the presents galore.  You name it, we were treated the very best.  I can't wait to share that with you all.

In the meantime, I am going to tell you more about one of my programs I participate in.  I will keep this short and sweet.  I am an #Influenster.  I have talked about my Vox Boxes a few times (here and on twitter mostly), but my favorite box was the Something Blue - I Do Vox Box which had some of the best essentials to prepare for your wedding.  From teeth whitening toothpaste to fake eyelashes to Dr. Scholls foot cushions, this box had it all.  I used it all and still use my KissLashes because they are so much easier to put on than the ones I have bought at Mac and other stores.

I have received quite a few boxes since becoming a member in May 2012.  It is super easy, fun and you get to try out some of the latest and greatest new beauty, electronic and practical every day items.  You can sign up at Influenster or download their new app in your app store.  Just search #InfluensterApp.  It makes taking pictures, uploading pictures and reviews so much easier.  Plus you can take pictures using the products and put them into your reviews, questions and answers.

Did I also mention that you can get perks for becoming an Influenster?  They have deals on clothes, pet insurance, gaming memberships, wine, etc.  It is a great way to connect with other bloggers, test products and get your name out there.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Holidays Are Upon Us

I can't believe November is almost half way over.  Where has the time gone?  I still have so many holiday things to get in order before December 1st and I haven't started one of them.  Until today.  I really need to get my butt in gear now as I am sure I won't have as much motivation in the weeks to come.  

First...Christmas cards.  I am slacking here and usually have mine ordered and already being sent to me.  I need to get these created ASAP, so I can get them sent out early.

Second....Christmas shopping.  I know what you are all thinking.  It is only mid-November.  But I am a procrastinator and have the hardest time  choosing gifts for people.  I will sit in a store staring at the same item for 30 minutes contemplating if said receiver will love it or not.  I usually talk myself out of it, get frustrated and end up buying it later.  I do this in front of the computer too.  I put it in my shopping cart, let it sit there and if I forget about it, it wasn't meant to be, and if I remember it, I assume it's the perfect gift.  I do a lot of my shopping on Cyber Monday though.  So I do have some time to prep, but I would rather go in with ideas.

Third....Decorations.  With the babies coming, I want to start buying way more holiday decor.  This means decor for Halloween (missed that mark), Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I have been trying to get my husband to go to Hobby Lobby with me for some crafting stuff and Christmas decorations.  Hopefully I can wear him down tomorrow after our doctor's appointment.  If all else fails, tears should do the trick.

Fourth....Maternity photos.  I was told that taking photos around the 7th month mark would be a good idea for myself as we are pregnant with twins.  They say I should still be able to bend down, sit in positions for awhile and get some cute photos.  Well I am at 6 1/2 months and I still haven't scheduled anything.  Heck I feel huge now and not sure how this belly and pregnancy will translate into something magical and cute that I want to keep forever and hang up around the house.  Plus they are expensive and with the holidays and massive amounts of baby things we need, I am at a loss here.  Do I skip them or buck up and get them?  Opinions?

Fifth...Annual Wish List.  I always do a wish list for this blog and my family.  I haven't even thought of anything I want for the holidays.  My mind is fully on the twins and I am not sure how to "spoil" myself.  Clothes are pretty much out of question, so that leaves me jewelry, perfume and shoes.  And the more I "shop" around for these, the more likely I will just buy them for myself.  Any holiday wish list suggestions?

Are you prepared for the upcoming holidays?

The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

26 Weeks

We have made it to week 26.   This week is full of lots of fun regarding our babies.  Not only do we have our baby shower this weekend, but we saw our precious little girls on the ultrasound yesterday and they were so cute.  One was yawning and had the perfect little profile ever.  Pouty lip and just gorgeous.  The other was being silly and had her legs folded up to her face.  She was in the breach position, but still cute as ever.

Babies are moving around and prepping for birth (but not for another couple months please)! Baby A was head down by my bladder and I suspect she is the one kicking/punching/headbutting my bladder and making me feel like I am going to pee my pants at any moment.  Baby B is right up in the rib cage area and she was in the breach position.  Both are movers and shakers and perfect in every way.  Please stay that way sweet babies.

Onto the weekly update.
Don't worry there will be lots of bump photos this weekend from my shower!

How far along: 26 weeks
Babies are the size of a: Butternut Squash/Head of Lettuce
Babies are: Well we have more official updates on the babies sizes.  They are currently measuring 2 pounds and 2 pounds 2 ounces.  I am not sure how long they are at the moment, but websites suggest they are around 15 inches each.  They are ahead of schedule, so that is a bit more comforting since twins usually come early.

This week our babies eyes are forming and they will soon be able to open them up.  Their eyelashes are growing too which hopefully they get their daddy's long lashes.  Babies are building their immune systems and taking breaths too.  We even saw them breathing on the ultrasound yesterday.  So amazing.
Maternity Clothes: Still the same clothes.  I did manage to buy two pairs of sweats (I live in them when I am not at work or having guests over), a cardigan and another shirt.  I need some more sales and cute stuff to spice up this wardrobe.
Stretch Marks: I am really sad to say I found my first stretch mark on the underside of my belly on the right side.  I kinda felt it, and then saw it in the mirror.  There may have been a tear or two.  I love these babies more than anything, but my body is taking its toll here.
Sleep: Just ok.  Between the stuffy noses, the nightly trips to the bathroom and the lack of room for the babies in my belly, sleep is getting harder.  Though last night I passed out fast and only woke up twice.  I call that a major win! 
Symptoms: Backaches, skin stretching and overall exhausted.
Best Moment of the Week:  Seeing our little girls on the ultrasound screen and how beautifully they are doing.  I just love them more and more every moment and can't wait to meet them.  I can't wait to see their faces, smell them (nothing like "the" baby smell) and hold them.  I am one proud momma here.
Movement: Lots of baby kicks and movement.  I love watching my stomach move and feeling the babies kick at me.  I often talk to them after their kicks and this is definitely one thing I will miss once they are born.
Cravings: Fruit (big time apple kick), ice cream and pizza.  Same as always.
Gender: Two precious baby girls.
Belly Button In or Out: Mostly out.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On, but tight.  Might have to move them onto my right side and figure something out soon.  So sad.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nothing right now.
What I Miss: Working out.  I see all these mommies to be who are still working out (anywhere from 16 weeks to 25 weeks) and I feel a pang of jealousy.  I want to go on a run, take a workout class, walk my dog, or something.  I did manage two shorter walks with my hubby and pup this weekend and it felt great.  I am stretching at home, but that is about it for this momma.

What I am Looking Forward to: My baby shower this weekend thrown by my mom, sister and mother in law.  I can't wait to spoil these girls!
Labor Signs: We have some Braxton Hicks contractions going on, but no signs of labor.  Thank the heavens for that.
Nursery: It is coming along even more.  We have both cribs up, the recliner in, some of the decor done (polka dots on the wall and mobiles) and things are moving along in there.  I absolutely love their room right now and can't wait to have it complete.
Emotions: Way better this week than last week.  Things are more calm at work, things are great at home and just a overall sense of happiness this week.  Let's keep it that way please.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Update and a Gender Reveal

It is Monday again, but also a mini Friday since we have tomorrow off of work.  Then another two days of work and bam three day weekend for me.  So I take this week as a win regardless if I have two doctor appointments this week that could upset me once again.

This weekend was full of fun, relaxation and baby stuff.  Great weekend if you ask me.

Friday evening started off with date night with the best husband at Campo.
 Isn't he such a goofball?

He drank yummy (or I am assuming it was yummy since it was wine) wine and I had a strawberry Italian soda.  Oh have times have changed.

But don't worry because I indulged on so much food that night.  I pretty had a food baby and two actual babies in my belly.  Check out my husbands squid ink pasta filled with crab and other yummy goodness.

And we can't forget my amazing beef sugo rigatoni pasta.  Pure heaven.  I could have licked my plate clean.

The beef was so tender with veggies mixed in, lots of cheese, pasta and the best sauce (from the beef sugo).  I wish I was having this for lunch and dinner tonight.

But then we got dessert because this pregnant gal loves dessert even if she is full.  I will make room and wait until I can have dessert.  We got the last homemade ice cream sandwiches with peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
Yes we each got one of these.  There was no way I was sharing this piece of heaven.

Then we went home full of food and my husband proceeded to crash within an hour of getting home.  Food coma.

Saturday was full of baby stuff.  We put together the second crib, the recliner, the dresser pulls and then my husband and pup went on a hike.  I finished baby #2s mobile and relaxed until it was time to get ready for Jess' gender reveal party.  Is it a boy or girl?
Isn't this the cutest cake for a gender reveal?

It's a girl!!  Little Miss Piper McKenzie Morning will be gracing us with her arrival in May.  So excited that our baby girls will have another girl to have play dates with.
Some of the ladies from the party

There are 14 girls in this picture.  Because four of us ladies are having baby girls (I am having two!).  Such a great evening.  Plus I had the biggest slice of that gender reveal cake...almond cake.  Yum.  And the pretty lady who made the cake is making my baby shower cake for this weekend.  So excited.

Sunday was a day of relaxation because I needed it.  My husband golfed, I watched football and grocery shopped.  That was literally it for me.  I ate food, kicked my feet up and enjoyed Sunday football and cuddles with my handsome pup.

Now I can't wait for this upcoming weekend.  My baby shower is finally here, friends are coming into town for it and I can't wait to celebrate the Butler babies.  Oh and did I mention these little girls have names all set?  That post is to come this week.

Hope you all had a good weekend.
Friday, November 7, 2014

Oh Hey, Friday!

Oh Hey Friday.  I am actually around, functional and have something to say for this Friday link up.  So let's just get right into it.

One.  My bikini Brazilian wax wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be.  So let's break it down here for a second.  I came in with every intention on getting an extended bikini wax, but after talking to the sweet Alana, she convinced me Brazilian would hurt about the same, but I would be happier with the results in the long run due to pregnancy.

So there I was, laying spread eagle on the table with my huge belly showing.  Alana puts some green hard wax on.  Basically it is a warm wax that hardens and you don't need fabric strips to rip it off.  She let's it harden while talking to you and making you relax a bit more.  Then she pulls a test area/area to grip, counts to three and rips.  And you should breathe out at 3 and then she puts her hand on that area for the pain.  Wow that was shocking and painful, but not that bad.  Then she uses the wax with the strips for the bikini area around the belly because the hard wax can leave a hickey like bruise if you use the hard wax.  Then it was onto the other side, then the back side and some clean up.

I made it through and she used this heavenly coconut oil after that was amazing.  It is also great for stretch mark prevention and doesn't leave your skin oily or stain.  So I definitely will be picking some of that up today.

Overall, it was a successful appointment and I even made another appointment 4 weeks from now and plan to keep going throughout and after this pregnancy.  You can say Alana won me over.  Pro wax now!

Two.  My sweet friend has her gender reveal this weekend.  I can't wait to see what the Morning's have in store for them.  I am guessing BOY, but also hoping for a girl, so my little ladies have more playmates.

This was yesterday at the ultrasound.  Will Baby Morning be Baby Piper or Baby Griffin?  Plus the girl on the left...ya she makes the best cakes and she is making the gender reveal cake plus my baby shower cake and I can't wait to eat so much yummy cake.

Three.  Nordstrom is having their 40% off sale right now and I am coveting these booties.

Not necessarily in these colors, but I need these!  Actually several colors of each would do.  Should I pull the trigger?

Four.  I still haven't received my glucose test results and I am worried that I didn't pass.  You know with twins, my massive amounts of sugar consumption (except the week of the test) and my plain luck, I am not so sure I passed.  If I leave the nurse a message asking for an update, please call me back so I don't keep eating sugary things everyday.  I do have cake on the menu tomorrow evening and next week.  I want to be able to eat piece after piece.  Thank you.

Five.  Date Night.  I can't wait to have date night tonight with this fella.

Yummy Italian food, my handsome husband and a movie.  My heart gets so excited for these nights.  We have to soak it in now because date nights will come less and less once our girls are here.  I just wish Horrible Bosses 2 and Hunger Games: Catching Fire were out this weekend.

What are your weekend plans?  Wanna join in on the link up fun?
Wednesday, November 5, 2014

25 Weeks

I have had a rough week (work wise) and I can't wait for the week to be over and onto the weekend where I can relax, kick my feet up and watch movies all weekend.

But in the meantime, here is your 25 weeks update.
 Pregnant at 25 weeks.  My belly is pretty covered up, but I will get a better picture this evening or tomorrow when my husband can take one of me.

How far along: 25 weeks
Babies are the size of a: Cauliflower/Rutabaga
Babies are: The babies are most likely measuring 13 1/2 to 14.8 inches in length and weigh about 1 1/2 to 2 1/5 pounds.  We will find out their actual measurements Tuesday at our growth scan.  The babies are starting to get their balance down which means they know if they are upright or down.  They are also growing more fat and hair as we speak.  We may even be able to see it on the ultrasound Tuesday.  Will the Butler babies be blonde babies like their parents?  Only time will tell. 
Maternity Clothes: Pretty much I live in maternity clothes with a shirt here or there that is non-maternity.  I am already getting tired of the lack of variety.
Stretch Marks:So far so good.  I hope I don't get any.
Sleep: Ok.  I have been waking up every 2 hours or so to pee.  Thanks to the babies playing on my bladder.  I can't wait for my next chiropractor adjustment next week and my massage this weekend.  Hopefully they help.
Symptoms: Backaches, swollen feet and overall exhausted.
Best Moment of the Week:  Watching the Wolf Pack beat San Diego State at home and take first place in the Mountain West - West conference.  Otherwise, my week has been kinda crappy - work wise. 
Movement: Lots of baby kicks and I love it.  I love trying to see which one is kicking, which body part is sticking out and the overall feeling.  These babies can kick all they want because it is very comforting to feel them.
Cravings: Fruit (big time apple kick), ice cream and pizza.

Gender: Two precious baby girls.
Belly Button In or Out: Mostly out, but it is in at the start of the day and out by the end.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nothing right now.
What I Miss: Working out and going on walks with my pup.  It is really hard to get moving around without feeling exhausted.  Didn't realize how quickly it would happen, but I am embracing the sit down and relax routine.  I also miss sleeping on my stomach and back.  They seem more comfortable.
What I am Looking Forward to: Setting up the nursery more this weekend, watching movies all weekend and relaxing.

Labor Signs: We have some Braxton Hicks contractions going on, but no signs of labor.  Thank the heavens for that.
Nursery: It is coming along FINALLY!  We set one of the cribs up last night and it took quite awhile.  Those instruction sheets aren't very helpful, but now that one is done, the other should be easy this weekend.  Don't worry, I just supervise and hold up parts so my husband can put it together.  We also got our recliner yesterday (protected and beautiful) and moved it into the girls room.  Now we just have to figure out the way we want the furniture.
Emotions: I am happy when I am not at work (due to too much work stress right now), but work is sucking the life out of me this week.  I hope next week is better with a holiday and furlough.  Plus my first baby shower is next weekend and I CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rip That Hair Out

It is Tuesday and I am posting again.  Gasp.  I haven't been consistent in posting at all lately, but I am trying to up my game and get back on the posting wagon.  Today is a real treat because I need some advice on something.  Waxing.

Being pregnant has had its being shaving your nether regions.  Sure you can do a botched job and possibly cut yourself.  But I figured it was time to start waxing.  I have had a wax before down there, but it has been many years.  And the only thing I remember is tears, pain and some bleeding.  Plus I used to wax my eyebrows, but they aren't as high maintenance as they used to be.  I can get away with tweezing a few here and there and I am done.

So I decided that waxing would be a good thing on this pregnancy adventure.  I researched a bit and everywhere said it was fine to get a wax during pregnancy, but it may hurt more.  Cue the cringing.  Also, cue the uncomfortableness.  Since I haven't waxed in gods knows how long, growing this hair out is a pain.  It itches and is so ugly.  I am literally counting down the days until it is finally gone.

But I am still scared out of my mind that it is going to hurt, bleed and basically be a scene out of the 40 Year Old Virgin.

So I have a few questions to any of you ladies who have been pregnant and gotten a wax, who are waxing veterans or anyone who just wants to put their input in:

1.  Do I have to let my hair grow out this long every single time before a wax? (remember it has been years since I got a bikini wax)
2.  Is there anything I can do to brace myself before this awful wax with my big ass belly in the way?
3.  Pregnancy safe topical for the after care?
4.  What kind of waxes have you done?  Bikini, extended (French) bikini, Brazillian, etc.  
5.  Tips, tricks, advice?

I made an appointment for Thursday with the best (according to Yelp) waxer in the Reno area.  They say she is gentle and amazing.  I don't know how gentle one can be when they are ripping the hair out of your hoohaw.  Here is to hoping I can get this area cleaned up.  And no, I won't be partaking in the Brazilian wax.  I don't think this pregnant woman can handle that at this moment.  A more in depth or French Bikini is more up my alley.  Accompanied by screams like Steve Carell in 40 Year Old Virgin.

Did you wax during your pregnancy?  Was it worth it?  Any horror stories?  Success stories?  Words of advice? 
Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another Monday is here and it is a really cold one here in Nevada.  The weather literally changed over the course of a week and I am starting to love the real Fall weather.  What I don't love, having no coats that fit this huge pregnant belly.  Time to raid my husbands closet.

This weekend was pretty quiet and chill after a very eventful full last weekend.  Friday was Nevada Day so we all got the day off.  I tried to get my horrible glucose test done, but what do you know, all labs were closed, but everything else was open.  So we opted for breakfast and started shopping around for a rocker/glider/recliner for the babies room.

I have been browsing online for quite awhile trying to figure out which kind of rocker to get.  These are very popular:
Image via Amazon

But with twins, we were wondering if we would have enough room for the two of them to sit at once, how comfortable they would actually be and how durable they are.  We sat in some of these styles in various furniture and baby stores and weren't blown away.  Some friends suggested actual recliners with the gliding ability.  So we shopped Ethan Allen, La-Z-Boy and Bassett Furniture.  We found two contenders at La-Z-Boy, but wanted to look around at a few others before pulling the trigger.  This weekend had major sales going on for Nevada Day that were too good to pass up.

I had stew cooking all day in prep for a cold Halloween.  We had quite a few trick or treaters and watched some scary movies while handing out candy.  Easy and chilly night.

Saturday I got the glucose test done.  Fingers crossed I passed.  I don't want to do the three hour test.  Then we had some breakfast and ventured out to shop more for the recliners.  We ended up buying one that day at a great deal.  It is pretty big, but we figured after our babies are a year or so old, we can move it to the living room for the use of an actual recliner.  Plus this baby is so cozy and big.  We will have enough room for the babies, it is durable and came with a cleaning package.  I can't wait to show it off to you when we get more of the girls room done.

Saturday evening we hit the Nevada Wolf Pack tailgate where it was spitting rain/snow, but only a little bit.  It was an easy evening for me since I just sat at the tables or chairs catching up with people.  Being good about taking it easy on my babies.
 My husband and I in front of the #BattleWagon.  You can't even see the bump here because I was so bundled up for the freezing cold temps.

The Pack pulled off an amazing win and I stayed warm and cozy under my big blanket.

Sunday was a lazier day as it should be.  We hit up breakfast, REI and a few stores in the outlet mall.  I needed to use a Banana Republic gift card and I was hoping to find some sweaters that could accommodate this bump and after.  And I was fortunate enough to find some.  Plus a pair of super comfortable slippers in the process.  Then it was time for Niners football which was an awful game.  The Niners need to do something about their offense play calling.  I am talking to you Greg Roman.  What you are putting out there isn't working.  Fix it or please leave.

Sunday night was spent resting and kicking the feet up.  Plus we had our first fire of the year and it felt so good to be cozy.

How was your weekend?