Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another Monday is here and it is a really cold one here in Nevada.  The weather literally changed over the course of a week and I am starting to love the real Fall weather.  What I don't love, having no coats that fit this huge pregnant belly.  Time to raid my husbands closet.

This weekend was pretty quiet and chill after a very eventful full last weekend.  Friday was Nevada Day so we all got the day off.  I tried to get my horrible glucose test done, but what do you know, all labs were closed, but everything else was open.  So we opted for breakfast and started shopping around for a rocker/glider/recliner for the babies room.

I have been browsing online for quite awhile trying to figure out which kind of rocker to get.  These are very popular:
Image via Amazon

But with twins, we were wondering if we would have enough room for the two of them to sit at once, how comfortable they would actually be and how durable they are.  We sat in some of these styles in various furniture and baby stores and weren't blown away.  Some friends suggested actual recliners with the gliding ability.  So we shopped Ethan Allen, La-Z-Boy and Bassett Furniture.  We found two contenders at La-Z-Boy, but wanted to look around at a few others before pulling the trigger.  This weekend had major sales going on for Nevada Day that were too good to pass up.

I had stew cooking all day in prep for a cold Halloween.  We had quite a few trick or treaters and watched some scary movies while handing out candy.  Easy and chilly night.

Saturday I got the glucose test done.  Fingers crossed I passed.  I don't want to do the three hour test.  Then we had some breakfast and ventured out to shop more for the recliners.  We ended up buying one that day at a great deal.  It is pretty big, but we figured after our babies are a year or so old, we can move it to the living room for the use of an actual recliner.  Plus this baby is so cozy and big.  We will have enough room for the babies, it is durable and came with a cleaning package.  I can't wait to show it off to you when we get more of the girls room done.

Saturday evening we hit the Nevada Wolf Pack tailgate where it was spitting rain/snow, but only a little bit.  It was an easy evening for me since I just sat at the tables or chairs catching up with people.  Being good about taking it easy on my babies.
 My husband and I in front of the #BattleWagon.  You can't even see the bump here because I was so bundled up for the freezing cold temps.

The Pack pulled off an amazing win and I stayed warm and cozy under my big blanket.

Sunday was a lazier day as it should be.  We hit up breakfast, REI and a few stores in the outlet mall.  I needed to use a Banana Republic gift card and I was hoping to find some sweaters that could accommodate this bump and after.  And I was fortunate enough to find some.  Plus a pair of super comfortable slippers in the process.  Then it was time for Niners football which was an awful game.  The Niners need to do something about their offense play calling.  I am talking to you Greg Roman.  What you are putting out there isn't working.  Fix it or please leave.

Sunday night was spent resting and kicking the feet up.  Plus we had our first fire of the year and it felt so good to be cozy.

How was your weekend? 

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