Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Update and a Gender Reveal

It is Monday again, but also a mini Friday since we have tomorrow off of work.  Then another two days of work and bam three day weekend for me.  So I take this week as a win regardless if I have two doctor appointments this week that could upset me once again.

This weekend was full of fun, relaxation and baby stuff.  Great weekend if you ask me.

Friday evening started off with date night with the best husband at Campo.
 Isn't he such a goofball?

He drank yummy (or I am assuming it was yummy since it was wine) wine and I had a strawberry Italian soda.  Oh have times have changed.

But don't worry because I indulged on so much food that night.  I pretty had a food baby and two actual babies in my belly.  Check out my husbands squid ink pasta filled with crab and other yummy goodness.

And we can't forget my amazing beef sugo rigatoni pasta.  Pure heaven.  I could have licked my plate clean.

The beef was so tender with veggies mixed in, lots of cheese, pasta and the best sauce (from the beef sugo).  I wish I was having this for lunch and dinner tonight.

But then we got dessert because this pregnant gal loves dessert even if she is full.  I will make room and wait until I can have dessert.  We got the last homemade ice cream sandwiches with peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
Yes we each got one of these.  There was no way I was sharing this piece of heaven.

Then we went home full of food and my husband proceeded to crash within an hour of getting home.  Food coma.

Saturday was full of baby stuff.  We put together the second crib, the recliner, the dresser pulls and then my husband and pup went on a hike.  I finished baby #2s mobile and relaxed until it was time to get ready for Jess' gender reveal party.  Is it a boy or girl?
Isn't this the cutest cake for a gender reveal?

It's a girl!!  Little Miss Piper McKenzie Morning will be gracing us with her arrival in May.  So excited that our baby girls will have another girl to have play dates with.
Some of the ladies from the party

There are 14 girls in this picture.  Because four of us ladies are having baby girls (I am having two!).  Such a great evening.  Plus I had the biggest slice of that gender reveal cake...almond cake.  Yum.  And the pretty lady who made the cake is making my baby shower cake for this weekend.  So excited.

Sunday was a day of relaxation because I needed it.  My husband golfed, I watched football and grocery shopped.  That was literally it for me.  I ate food, kicked my feet up and enjoyed Sunday football and cuddles with my handsome pup.

Now I can't wait for this upcoming weekend.  My baby shower is finally here, friends are coming into town for it and I can't wait to celebrate the Butler babies.  Oh and did I mention these little girls have names all set?  That post is to come this week.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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