Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weekend Update

Welcome to another Monday.  It seems like my weekend never existed, but I have some pictures to prove it did.
Pretty uneventful after work.  A few errands, lunch and amazing sushi for dinner.  I have been craving sushi for weeks and my husband was finally in the mood for sushi too.  Upon arriving home, we opened this bottle of wine.  I recommend it even if you don't love white wines.  We don't drink white wines too often, but this one is really good.
It was supposed to be nice weather (forecasted earlier in the week), but it ended up in the low 50s with lots of wind.  It also meant that we chickened out of going downtown to the Riverfest.  Boo.  But we did manage to go shopping for some work clothes at the outlet mall.  I did not get a single piece of work clothing (my husband did), but I did get a new pair of Spring-y converse shoes and two Coach bags.  Coach just opened their outlet store the day before, so they had killer deals.  I got a mini wristlet for football season $28 and a pink and white bag perfect for summer $113.  So long to the spending freeze.

It was cold enough that my husband built a fire while I was grocery shopping.  The rest of the day was spent cuddling by the fire and watching movies.  I recommend About Time, but would NOT recommend The Counselor (great cast, bad movie).

After some house cleaning, I headed down to my parents house for some hangout time and a movie with my mom and sister.  We saw The Other Woman and liked it.  Classic romantic comedy, but definitely worth seeing.  Plus the movie theater we went to had beer, margs and alcohol ice cream.  Amazing.

Then I had ventured back to my in-laws house where my husband cooked ribs for hours and hours.  They were AMAZING!
 Stage 1 - Dry Rub at 250 degrees for 2 hours 15 minutes

Stage 2 - Final Dry Rub (cooked for an additional hour)

Final - After 10 minute barbeque glaze

Is your mouth watering yet?  We have a lot leftover, so we will be reheating these babies later in the week.  Meat overload!

Walter came along to his grandparents house and I asked if he was a good boy while I was gone.  Their response was...he was a dog.  Then went on to say that while playing in the backyard, he found a bunny nest.  And you can guess what happened after that.  My husband was chasing Walter around the yard while he was eating a baby bunny.  My little chiweenie ate a baby bunny on Mother's Day.  Not a proud mom moment there.  He then went back to the nest and tried to get another, but my husband saved that one.  He wasn't allowed in the backyard the rest of the evening.  Poor little baby bunny.
Baby bunny that my husband saved.

I am happy to report that the mother bunny came back to the nest, built it up more this morning and the remaining babies are doing well.  Now if Walter would only pass the bunny or give us some indication he is ok.  Anyone experience this?  Would you recommend anything?
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  1. I'm impressed by the ribs but its the sushi that has my mouth watering!

  2. Ok, so the sentence about the baby bunny and mom moment made me giggle. BUT I do feel terrible for the babies! :( Tiegan has gotten to a few too...

    1. I felt so bad yesterday because I was so upset with him that I didn't want to play with him. He murdered a baby bunny. Then I came back to reality and realized he is just a pup and it was natural and I cuddled him up. He was just doing a dog thing. I keep telling myself that, hahaha.