Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

Ladies and gents, we survived our week without my baby daddy/husband. Man it feels good to have him back at home. So in honor of him being home, we had to soak up all the daddy/husband time we could. Which means, I didn't get many photos this weekend or ones that I can show you (I will get to that reason in a bit.).

Do you remember how I said on Friday that things were going more smoothly since my husband was coming home? Ya, about 30 minutes after posting my post, I got a phone call from the girls doctor about their helmets. Good insurance is paying 100% of the cost of the helmets. Bad news...they needed a new scan because the scans they sent in were the same exact scan. My babies are identical, but their heads are not. And they didn't know which baby's head it was.

I tried to get them to make it for Monday (today), but the doctor is only in on Fridays since he works in Oakland except Fridays. I asked about this next Friday, but that was too long for my insurance approval time. Ugh. So I had to take the girls to their appointment, alone, again. I vowed to never to that again after last time, but there I was doing it again.

The girls were better behaved this time. Only one meltdown from Sutton while I was holding Avery getting her ready for her scan. So I call it a win. Plus this appointment was only an hour and the last one was two hours.
The girls wearing a "hat" so their hair doesn't mess the image up. They used the new Star Scanner.

So our babies will have their helmets this coming Friday. I am sad that they have to spend their summer in helmets, but happy to be fixing their flat spots now.

That evening, their daddy came home and we went to dinner and soaked up each other's company.

Saturday we went out to brunch and then this momma got a facial and massage. A much needed facial and massage. Then I went off to do my bridesmaid duties and go to Nathalie's dress appointment. I have lots of pictures from her appointment, but I can't share them just in case her husband reads my blog. Sorry ladies. Let me just say, she is gorgeous in her sexy dress. I can't wait to share her dress with you after the wedding in August.

That night, we made dinner at home after I picked up some groceries for us. We bbq'd since it was gorgeous outside.

Sunday we went out to brunch again because I had cooked all week and wasn't up for any cooking. It seems like it takes forever to cook breakfast and clean it up. But dinner, that is way faster, so I tend to go out to breakfast more.

Then we ran some errands for our trip, started packing and doing so many loads of laundry. Then we had dinner at my in-laws house to spend time with family that is in town. We got home entirely too late last night, but it was a great time.

And now I am stuck at my desk counting down the minutes til we leave work and head out on vacation. Graeagle here we come.

How was your weekend? Are you going to miss me? Don't worry, I have some posts scheduled. 

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