Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Best New of the Day!

Things have been a bit rough in the Butler household with my girls daddy being out of country. Though last night things went pretty well and ended in a big glass of red wine.

But today I got the best husband coming home early from his trip...nope. My bikini bottoms (I had to exchange my Triangl Milly bottoms for a different size. #postpregnancyproblems) will arrive today...nope again. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE will be at the Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament this year.

I am beyond excited for this. I have some friends in "high up places" who have talked about trying to get Timberlake to join the tournament every year. And it is finally happening. The tournament is July 14 - 19th. Bad news...I leave that weekend (July 18th) for Nathalie's bachelorette party. I mean it is good news that I am going, but bad that it is during the tournament. Buuutttt it is also military appreciation week. "As part of the tournament's special tribute to America's military, all active duty, reservists, National Guard and veterans can receive two complimentary tickets per day, including one for a guest at the 26th annual tournament." - Reno Gazette Journal

Boom, my dad is in the military and now I am obsessively trying to call him to make some plans to go during the week. I don't have much time off, but I will get a few hours the week before for a work trip. I see a weekday spent in Tahoe watching Mr. Timberlake golf. So excited.

I have the biggest crush on this fella. From his music to his golf skills to him being charitable. He has it all. DAY.MADE.
 Previous tournaments. Left: Hubby and I, Center: Jason Whitten and I Right: Kevin Nealon and I

And this year, I WILL add one of JT and I.

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