Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Crazy Weekend

This weekend was a really good one. A crazy busy one, but a good one (mostly).

Friday afternoon wasn't as easy as I expected. I took the girls to Renown for their doctor's appointment to get their flat spots checked out. We arrived at the hospital early which was good because Sutton blew her pants out. So gross and screaming babies ensued in the bathroom. It was hectic.

Then they cried through the entire hospital and the entire time they were getting their vitals checked. Then I got Sutton to calm down and blow bubbles at me. It took holding Avery most of the time to calm her down.
 Happy Sutton
The girls destroyed those paper sheets in no time.

After the doctor looked at their heads, I took them a few rooms over to get a 3d scan of their heads. The doctor had to put little sock helmets on them so their hair didn't interfere with the scan. So cute. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. After they were both measured, Avery has a 15 mm difference and Sutton has a 14 mm difference. This basically means they have a moderate to severe deformation. So they recommend getting them helmets. It wouldn't be so bad (and could auto correct) if their heads weren't bulging out a bit in the front. It is better to get them fixed now, then regret it later. So our babies are getting helmets. We are waiting on insurance to approve them.

In the meantime, we are still changing the position we lay them down on and waiting it out. My insurance usually takes their sweet time, so we may have to get them scanned again before they can get their helmets. Babies heads change so much during 4 to 6 months that they only have a 2 week window to make their helmets.

I am super sad about this, but it will be harder on me and my husband than the girls. It is a small blip in their story, so hopefully they thank us for it later on.

Oh and momma did this alone for over 2 hours. Not an easy task.

Saturday morning we headed out on a road trip to the Bay Area. We had to pick up a couch from my in-laws (aunt and uncle) and it required us to bring a flat bed trailer there. FYI, it is super hard to park a trailer in the Bay Area. I wouldn't recommend it.

But first, we made some pit stops along the way. One for coffee, another to buy a new WubbaNub (since Walter ate Sutton's) and again another to feed the girls.
Miss Sutton bear happy to be roadtrippin
Avery isn't so sure about the car ride

We stayed in a hotel that evening. My brother and sister in-law came over to our hotel with pizza and salad and we provided the wine (a World Market was across the street). It was a fun relaxing evening.
Chillin babies

Sunday, we picked up the couch. And when I say we, I mean my husband and brother in-law moved it. I watched the girls with my sister in-law and checked out the new house.

We drove back pretty early because I had a bridal shower to attend. Along the way, the girls got fussy, hungry and it was pretty rough. We couldn't find a place to park and feed them and it was 12:00 pm and we still hadn't had any food for the day. Luckily, we found something and after some dramatics by the girls, we fed them, ate some food ourselves and were on our way.

We got home around 3 pm, fed the girls (again), made some coffee and I got ready for the shower while my husband and neighbor moved the couches inside. We way underestimated the size of these couches. They are HUGE. But so comfy. I see us moving around our furniture in the very near future to accommodate these. Pointer, measure your living room before getting new couches. In the end, it worked out though.

Now onto the lovely bridal shower. My dear friend Nathalie is marrying Nick. And my husband and I set these two up, so we are pretty excited to share their wedding day with them in August. The theme of the shower was Marie Antoinette, let them eat cake and pretty in light pink. The shower was gorgeous. Champagne cocktails, teacup flower favors, cupcakes by my friend Stacey at Cake on Sunday, yummy food and lots of girl talk. We had so much fun.
Tea cup flower favors
The bride opening gifts under the pink canopy
Stacey and I at the shower (bridesmaids)

While I was gone, I did miss my precious Avery girl rolling over for the first time. I got this little video from my husband while I was gone. One proud momma.

So I would say it was a pretty good weekend. I am dreading/excited/fearing/nervous about this upcoming weekend. My husband goes on a work trip for 7 days, 6 nights. Luckily, I have my mother, sister and mother-in-law helping me out the entire time. So happy about that. Wish us luck.

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