Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rivalry Week for UNLV vs. Nevada

This week is rivalry week for UNLV vs. Nevada, or as I like to refer to it as Southern Nevada vs. Nevada.  This is one of my favorite games of the year.  I have traveled to Las Vegas for many years where we play on their ugly turf (not as ugly as Boise State though).  We have had the cannon for 8 years strong, and hopefully Saturday night will make it 9 years.

During this time it is always brought up about proper etiquette for how we say our name.  I know, pretty lame.  But as evidenced several times on facebook this week, it is Nevada vs. UNLV, not UNR vs. UNLV.

I am pretty excited for this game as it is always brings a sell out crowd and friends of mine who live in Las Vegas always come up for it.  Even if they are Rebel fans.  I just try to ignore it.  Now UNLV has us beat in basketball usually, but football the cannon will always bleed blue.

Are you excited for the game this weekend?

Former Pack player Virgil Green who now plays for the Broncos
Former Pack players Rashard Matthews (Miami Dolphis) and Virgil Green (Broncos)

Battle Ready, Battle Born. Go Pack!

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