Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Honeymoon Part 3

I finally got my husband to send me some of the ATV tour photos from our honeymoon.

After searching yelp for recommendations, we decided on the Kipu Ranch Adventures.  We scanned through the reviews (ok my husband probably read them all) and decided the three hour ranch tour was the best option for us.  They do offer a four hour waterfall tour, but it was less riding time, the waterfall wasn't flowing as fast at the time and you eat lunch on this tour.  We wanted adventure over relaxing.

Our tour did not disappoint.  We had two amazing tour guides that took us all over the ranch telling us stories.  Did you know that Jurassic Park 1 and 2, The Descendants, Outbreak, Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark and many more?  Hawaii has a really high tax rate, so in exchange for movie companies to film on the ranch, they bargain for other items such as paved roads, fences, atvs, etc.  This makes it super cheap to film movies and tv shows on Kauai.  They filmed Lost all over the island and it was awesome to see some of the locations in real life.

But back to the atv tour.  We opted for single rider atvs whereas some others did the Teryx 4 UTV.
Teryx 4 UTV image via Kipu Ranch
First in line and ready to go!

I really enjoyed this atv tour even though you stop a lot more than some of the other atv tours I have taken (in Puerto Vallarta, Graeagle and Alaska).  You will get amazing pictures like this one...please disregard my lovely helmet head.
The best part of this tour was towards the end of the tour.  Do you remember the scene in Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark where Harrison Ford is running down a hill, grabs onto a rope swing into the water and the plane comes to get him?  Well fear not, if you don't remember it, you can relive it right now.

We went to this area which we hiked down a tiny bit to, and you can do the rope swing yourself.  Don't worry, they have since changed the rope.  There were about 20 people on our tour and only 6 people were brave awesome enough to do it.  And Rory and I were two of those people.
This was after my first rope swing as my husband didn't take any pictures or video the previous time.  Funny thing was he went first and our guide asked if I captured the video and/or photos because most people mess it up.  Not me, but my husband did the first time.  Luckily, he did get a video and pictures the second and third time I did the rope swing.  Since there was only six of us, we went a bunch.  Just try not to swallow the water.
Hubby on his first rope swing.  He killed it!

Check out the video I recorded of him taking the rope swing on.
This tour is worth it if you are in Kauai in the Lihue area.  Make sure you check around online for the best deals on pricing.  Here is one last shot of us after the rope swing (luckily it is hot and humid and you dry relatively fast as before it looked like I wet my pants and was lactating, TMI?).

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