Monday, October 28, 2013

I Love Shoes

I love shoes, but not as much as my husband does.  We have an ongoing joke about him having more pairs of shoes than I do.  I think he does, but we will have to just count one day, won't we?
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But they really do make me happy!  I got a phone call from my hubby Thursday afternoon saying Walter, our dog, ate some of my shoes.  Now how did he get into my room you might ask?  I think he is a ninja as I definitely closed the bedroom door, but I am thinking, I might have not closed it all the way where he can still push it open.  Total bummer as he decided to feast on my shoes.  So what did he decide to eat?  My gray corduroy Toms (and only one of them inside and out), black sandals from Urban Outfitters (one was found buried in the backyard), golf shoes (luckily they were only wet with slobber and not harmed) and my slippers (only minor markings and slobber).
What can I say, my dog loves shoes...the more sweaty/stinky the better.  You all know how it is when you wear Toms or flats without those tiny socks (that can't be seen over the shoe) that after awhile your shoes aren't the, ok?  Well, I was pretty bummed to say the least since I always wear those gray Toms during football/basketball games, and we had a game this last weekend (which we lost).  I didn't get to wear my beloved Toms, but it allowed me to go shoe shopping that day.

I bought not one pair, but two pairs of Toms.  I couldn't find my chewed up ones, so I bought a pair of simple black ones (been wanting these for awhile, but was on a wedding budget) and these soft cozy white, blue, gray, pink colored ones.  They have the fake fur lining and I was in love.  Was my husband in love with me buying two pairs?  Probably not, but I NEEDED them.

Now if my dog would only eat my non-existent black riding boots I have been coveting, I can get these babies....
I don't just want these shoes, I need them for this winter.  Can I have my Christmas present early, please?!

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