Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Workout

I have a love-hate relationship with the gym.  Sometimes it is a struggle to go three to four times a week, but once I am done with my workout, I feel AMAZING.  Like last night....spin class with a different instructor almost killed me, but I loved the workout.  Her music was just ok though.  Who plays country music while spinning?

But ever since getting married, I am not as focused on the gym as I used to be.  Maybe I need to change things up?  Maybe I need a partner there?  Who knows.  But what I do know, is I saw this planking workout which I did in yoga (maybe I should start yoga again), but not as focused as this one.  Basically, I am going to throw this little workout in and see if I can get my abs looking a bit more defined.  My abs look pretty good, but have been the same for months.

I saw this workout on facebook today, so I thought I would post it, do it and see my results.

Do you know the benefits of planking?  And no I am not talking about planking on items.  I am talking about yoga planking.  Planking develops your core muscles: abs, back, hips and butt.  It strengthens your lower back (which is key for me).  It helps you avoid injuries and encourages good posture (which we all know sitting at a computer all day makes you have really bad posture).  And if I can make those abs look even just a bit better, I would say it is a win-win.
Snapshot of the muscles planking works out via

The workout is really simple and can be done almost anywhere.  First get into a pushup position with all of your weight on your forearms as shown above.  Then you hold this position for different lengths of time and that is it.  Ok, not really, you must pull your core in (pull your abs muscles in) and hold it while taking deep breaths.  This is a beginners workout, so you can add more reps through as you get better.

Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4: 30 seconds
Day 5: 40 seconds
Day 6: rest or 40 seconds
Day 7: 45 seconds
Day 8: 45 seconds
Day 9: 60 seconds
Day 10: 60 seconds
Day 11: 75 seconds
Day 12: 90 seconds
Day 13: rest or 90 seconds
Day 14: 90 seconds
Day 15: 100 seconds
Day 16: 120 seconds
Day 17: 120 seconds
Day 18: 150 seconds
Day 19: rest or 150 seconds
Day 20: 150 seconds
Day 21: 150 seconds
Day 22: 180 seconds
Day 23: 180 seconds
Day 24: 210 seconds
Day 25: 210 seconds
Day 26: rest day or 210 seconds
Day 27: 240 seconds
Day 28: 240 seconds
Day 29: 270 seconds
Day 30: 270 seconds to plank as long as you can

Wish me luck.  I am in pretty good shape as I run, do the rotating stairs, weights, spin class, daily pushups and strengthening exercises, but I do know that planking in yoga was hard and an amazing workout.

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