Monday, October 28, 2013

Pack Weekend and a Failure

This weekend was full of fun and failure.  We had Friday off due to Nevada Day, so we decided to go to Sacramento to go to Ikea and West Elm to look for a closet organizer and other items to spruce up our house.  We didn't have much luck other than a new rug.

That evening we went to the new tradition of March the Arch.  This is an event during homecoming where we start off in downtown Reno (at the arch) and march up to the quad on campus for a homecoming celebration.
Notice the blue lights? Well those are only for the Pack. Did they help, NOPE!
Myself and our friend Wolf Man, aka Neil
While we had a really fun time that evening, the next day would bring heartache.  Yes I am over dramatic about our SPOILER ALERT loss.  

We had lots of fun tailgating with former Delta Sig's (my husband is one of them), then the Silver and Blue Outfitters tailgate and lastly hanging out with my in-laws at their mini tailgate.

The Pack didn't play well and lost the cannon.  Total fail after having it for 8 years.  Pretty sad day, but fun none the less.  I guess there is always next year?


  1. Looks like a great weekend (Despite the loss - The Hokies feel your pain too)! Hopefully next weekend will bring some wins!

  2. Thanks Chelsea. At least my NFL team won this weekend...silver lining. Go Niners!