Friday, October 18, 2013

Honeymoon Part Two

We left off at the end of Friday, which brings me to Saturday and our amazing harder than shit hike in the Napali Coast, Kalalau Trail in the Haena State Park.  This was such a rewarding hike.  They rate this hike as moderate, but couple it with mud, it becomes a lot harder than the Mount Rose Summit hike here in the Reno/Tahoe area.  Round trip it was about 10 miles.  That's from where you park, roaming around while hiking and the actual hike.

Here is an amazing cave near where we parked.
There were several of these caves and were beyond gorgeous.  There are tons of signs warning of falling rocks and to not swim in them.  No thanks.

We started the first part of the hike which wasn't that bad.  You climb over rocks, muddy rocks, muddy areas, hike up and down a lot, and the views are beautiful.
This was at a high point along the trail

Isn't the water so clear?  Please forgive me, I have a ton extra photos on my camera that I have yet to put onto my computer and may do a sub post later.

After a little over two miles, you come down to a "secret" (but not so secret) beach.  Earlier in the day, you can play in the surf at your own caution, but the beaches are so sandy.

These pictures don't even do this area justice.  I have literally another 20 photos of this area as it was so peaceful, the surf was high, the sand so soft, and you just felt at peace here.

We then headed up the next part of the hike which again is a over two miles to the top.  This is where things got more treacherous.  There was more mud, more rocks to actually climb over, more thinned out walking terrain area, creeks to cross back and forth through, more areas to fall down (spoiler: I fell pretty hard once) and more broken guavas on the ground.
Speaking of guava, along the waterfall hike part, there was guavas all over the path EVERYWHERE.  It smelt like fresh fruit along the whole way which was great at first, but then becomes a bit nauseating. 

While crossing one part of the creek (you do this several times up and down), I slipped on a rock and fell in the water.  That wasn't too bad, but smacking my wrist and knee on the muddy rock sucked.  Commence pain and still a half mile to go.  But I toughed it out, rock climbed a million more rocks (or so it seemed) and made it to the waterfall.  Uhh, breathtaking is an understatement.
Approximately 300 foot waterfall

The waterfall was beautiful and well worth the hike.  We read reviews and wore our bathing suits under our hiking clothes, so we were able to swim in the pond to the waterfall.  It was cold, but refreshing.  I have never swam under the waterfall and that was an amazing experience.  So glad we did this.  But so not stoked that we had another 4 1/2 miles or so to hike back...up and down.

We spent about an hour here before heading back.  I got a second wind and the hike back wasn't as bad.  We did get a little lost (you have to follow pink ribbons to make sure you are on course), but not for long.  We hiked, rock climbed and trekked our way back to the hidden beach and then a bunch uphill to get back.  The hubby got really tired and hungry, but we motivated each other and made it back.  It started to rain on us with half a mile left which meant those rocks that you have to climb downhill on towards the end were slippery and muddy.  I almost fell off the side of the cliff and made my husband a widow.  Ok, it wasn't that close, but if I was clumsy enough, I would have gone over.

We made it back to the bottom, washed our feet off and headed back to the car.

I wore Keen sandal shoes which were great for the rocks, water and the hike, but they make your feet dirty (if it is muddy) and get a bit uncomfortable towards the end.  I would recommend getting yourself these shoes for Hawaii.  They may not be the most stylish, but they were great.
The drive home was long and boring after the hike.  It took forever to get home, shower and then we were ready for food and the sunset.

The sunsets are amazing in Kauai as I mentioned before, but here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Gorgeous Kauai sunsets in Poipu

Sunday we were exhausted, sore, but ready for a relaxing day.  We hung out by the pool, caught up on some reading and then watched the Niners game at a local bar which included happy hour and many Mai Tai's.  Proceeded by more football and food.

Monday we decided to go golfing again.  But first we headed to Poipu Beach for some sun.  People watching was epic.  Think older lady trying to relax on a bogey board with waves crashing in and she kept flipping.  Yes it was mean to laugh, but even the lifeguard called her out.  We worked on our tans and then headed out to go golfing.
This time we went to the pubic course, Wailua Golf Course.  It was really cheap, in between Lihue and Kapaa, gorgeous course and on the ocean.  My golf game got a hundred times better on this trip and I had so much fun golfing with my hubby.  After golf, we rushed home to shower (humidity = lots of sweat) and head to Roy's Restaurant (please make a reservation and make it for sunset time...for here and Merriman's).

We told them when we called in our reservation that it was our honeymoon and they spoiled us.  We had menus made out for us, welcoming us.  We had the Famous Hawaiian Martini to start (even after bringing a bottle of wine to the restaurant, $18 corkage fee).  Then we had the crab cakes as an appetizer.  So good.  Next up, we asked the waiter for some suggestions on his favorite dishes.  I got the Roy's Island Fish Duo.  I was nervous since I had never had monchong, but it was so good.  I practically licked my plate clean.  It had macadamian nut crusted opah and a lemongrass crusted monchong with spicy red curry.  Aww I am dreaming about how good it was.  My hubby ordered the Blackened Ahi with a spicy soy mustard butter sauce.  Really good, but I loved mine more.  We also enjoyed our bottle of wine we brought with us.  It was a pinot noir I believe.

For dessert, Roy's brought us the melting hot dark chocolate souffle with a raspberry sauce.  My mouth is watering thinking about it.  And a dense dark chocolate cake that was equally incredible.
Spoiled, yes!

This was a really special meal and a nice way to cap off our day.

Tuesday was our last day before leaving and we made it count.  We had a great breakfast followed by an atv tour. I need to get these photos from my husband as I didn't bring my camera or phone since it was muddy and he took one for the team and brought his.  So he has all the amazingness we experienced.  I guess I must save it for part 3 of the honeymoon.

So stay tuned.

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