Monday, November 4, 2013

Craft, Craft, Craft

I had a pretty busy weekend with football and crafting.  Ok we did a bunch more than that, but I will save it for another post.  This weekend I wanted to tackle more post-wedding DIY projects and I finished two more, plus I ordered all my wedding prints and a beautiful canvas.  I can not wait to get those photos TODAY!

I started my wedding shadow box last week, but still needed a few things to secure some items in....mainly my sash.  That was the hardest part of this shadowbox.  I did NOT want to ruin or mark up my sash, so after hours of adjusting, I finally got my shadowbox done.

I would recommend trying different layouts on your shadowbox background before securing any items.  I tried many layouts before deciding on this one.

I did not use the handkerchief or the lavender bag, but I added some of the navy lace I used on my centerpieces.

 Finished shadowbox
I also have my mother's corsage, wine cork from my centerpieces, second garter (made my my Maid of Honor), paper from from my bridal shower and silver letters from our gift table.  Overall, I am really happy with how it turned out.  Now I just need to hang it.

My other DIY post-wedding project I tackled was a Christmas ornament.  When pinning things for my wedding on Pinterest, I saw several wedding ornaments and knew I wanted to replicate it.

 I bought a plastic ornament from JoAnn's Fabric for about $2.00 (50% off coupon).  Then I cut my wedding invitation into strips and rolled each piece up.  I found it easy to wrap each piece around a pen and then pull each end to stretch it out a bit.  Then I slipped each piece into the ornament, filling it up to my liking.  I ended up using about an invite and a half.  Then put your ornament cap back on and it's ready for your Christmas tree.

Next project is putting all my wedding photos in albums and frames, and hanging up our beautiful canvas.

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