Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eshakti Review

Awhile back, I bought a skirt online on eShakti.  You may remember my post here.  Well I finally got around to wearing it and having my husband take a few photos of me in it.  Warning, he didn't do that great of a job at photographing it.  He always brags of his camera skills, but this isn't up to his usual standard.

If you remember, you can customize your apparel to your true size by entering in a variety of measurements.  They even tell you in detail how to correctly measure yourself.  Plus when you get your first item, they send you a measuring tape for the next time.  I customized my skirt to have it hit just above the knee, have pockets and a cute sash.  I am so happy with this skirt.  I wore it to work today, and I have gotten a ton of compliments, so I put that in the win category.
Best thing about this skirt?  Pockets.  Super pleased with it.  Sorry I don't have any photos to show you the pockets or up close of the details.  Fail on the hubby's part.

Now to narrow it down between these three for my next piece.
 Which would you choose?

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