Monday, November 25, 2013

My Dress

Rory and I had dinner at my sister's house last week and we were talking about Christmas ideas which lead to me telling them I love clothes, want more clothes and have been buying too much clothing lately.  Yes I have a problem.

I couldn't buy or I should say, was on a budget when we were planning the wedding, that I never bought myself something unless it was necessary or for the wedding.  Now that our wedding is done (super sad face), I have been buying lots of stuff as evidenced by my last post, One For You, One For Me.

I told them that my favorite piece of clothing was my wedding dress.  Yes I love her so much.  I was super sad when I had to get her cleaned and boxed up.  It is a pretty box, but this is how she sits right now.
I did put her on and do random things around the house for about three hours before taking her into the cleaners.  No shame.

I really think someone should have a party where you wear your wedding dress, tux, wedding suit or bridesmaids dress (if you haven't walked down the aisle yet).  It would be so much fun and I could wear my beauty again.  Please oh please, someone plan this party.
Isn't she dreamy?
I always joke (but really want to in all actuality) that I am going to wear my wedding dress to work.  She is the most beautiful, most expensive and most coveted piece of clothing I own.

This post has been brought to you by my lovely friend Stacey because she did a photo shoot this last weekend in her wedding dress doing normal things around the house.  She said it was inspired by me, but I am still 100% SUPER JEALOUS that I didn't get to partake in this.


  1. I'll host this event!! But seriously! My nail lady and I were talking about Shark Tank and we were trying to think of a business to start that involves wedding dresses and getting girls to wear them again! Picasso and Wine...but instead it's outtings in wedding dresses, haha, I don't know. Your dress looks really pretty in there!! How much did it cost to get cleaned and put away like that? I honestly have NO clue on the cost and don't want to get blindsided when I finally have to take her in :(

    1. Or instead of trash the dress, we can wear our dresses and paint in them. Aww we must think of ideas to wear them more often. I like your ideas.

      My dress was $150 (that was with a discount. was $180) for the cleaning and preserving. My dress wasn't even that dirty and it still cost a fortune. When are you taking yours in? It is a sad day to see her in a box, but I just can't give her up.

    2. Yes that's a lot...especially right around the holidays...waaahhh! I really need to get it cleaned before Matt's mom and her husband stay with us for the holidays because it takes up so much room...but that means in like the next two weeks. Where did you take it? I want mine to be in a neat little box!

  2. I took mine to Lakeridge cleaners. I take all my dry cleaning there, so I trusted them. Plus they have great reviews.

  3. You got a beautiful wedding gown, Danielle. No wonder, you fell in love with it so deeply. Sadly, it cannot be worn everyday because aside from its volume, it’s not that easy to wash as well! Haha! Anyway, I think the bridal-themed event is a good idea. Thanks for the share!

    Brad Wike

    1. Thank you Brad! It is definitely my favorite day of my life so far. I wish we could all dress glamorous on a daily basis, but it sadly would take away from it all.