Friday, November 15, 2013

Football and Wine

Today is Friday which means it is Fan Friday Link up with Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars.  Seriously go check out her blog.  She writes about sports and life.  My kind of blog.

Football and Wine...two of my favorite things in life.  Lucky for me, I enjoyed both in massive quantities this last weekend.  Sunday we drove to San Francisco for the 49ers game.  It was our last time (maybe) at the Stick (Candlestick Park).  We watched the Niners offense get stomped on.  Thanks for the six sacks Kap.  We watched Cam Newton play poorly, but still manage to get a touchdown, which the Niners did not.  We saw some drama in the stands (very entertaining), and we saw everyone support our troops.  It was an amazing time, even though we loss.
Super pumped to walk a mile(?) to the game.
Celebrating our troops
 Drama in the stands
Newlyweds pumped even though the Niners were losing

The drama in the stands was awesome from an entertaining aspect.  If you look at the guy standing in our row, he was pretty pissed that the people in the next row were cussing, getting drunk and being all around rowdy.  He told them to quiet it down since his kids were there, but the others just kept being idiots.  So security got involved twice and then the cops came and asked them to take a break from there.  They were gone maybe thirty minutes.  Once they got back, we got to see the dumb girl cry and whine for another thirty plus minutes.  There was more action going on in the stands where we were than with the Niners offense (OUCH).  Yes I just went there.  Please let Crabtree get healthy, Manningham get his groove back, and for the love of god, Greg Roman, let Kap run the ball and do his thang.  Rant over.

After the game, we were pumped to go to our favorite restaurant in the city, Sotto Mare.  But fools we were as we didn't check to see if it was open on a Sunday night.  Nope, closed.  Luckily, we found an amazing restaurant, Vicoletto, conveniently located next door to Sotto Mare.  We ordered a bottle of wine and dined on yummy pasta.  We had the mozzarella burrata which is fresh mozzarella that is imported weekly from the Italian region of Puglia.  Amazing.  It comes with fresh arugula and cherry tomatoes.  Then I had the ravioli aragosta which was lobster (huge chunks) raviolis with prawns in a tomato brandy cream sauce.  My mouth is watering thinking about it again.  Hubby had the Taglierini al nero di seppie, or as we like to call it, black squid ink spaghetti with clams, squid and prawns in a light tomato sauce.  So good.
We walked about a mile to the restaurant uphill, so we decided we could indulge a little more and get some gelato at Gelateria Naia.  I had gelato from here last time I was in San Fran for work, so I wanted to share this little treat with my husband.  I got the toasted coconut and the pistachio gelato.  Hubby got the nutella and another flavor I can't remember.  We walked back to our hotel area and had another glass of wine.  This time he won the wine battle (whose glass of wine is way better).

Monday we went to one of my favorite places...Sonoma for some wine tasting and to pick up our wine from Scribe (we are members).  We went to four wineries including our membership winery.  I am a bad blogger and didn't take many photos because I was too busy being a lush with the wine.  We went to Larson Family Winery where we bought their Three Lab Cab (named after you guessed it, their three labs that hang out there) and their Sonoma Red.  Since we bought two bottles, our tasting fee was waved.  This is a great little winery where you can sip wines in the back with different lawn games, hang out areas or sample and hang out inside their large barn area.

Next they recommended we try, Anaba. This is another smaller winery (producing less than 5,000 cases per year).  We again bought another two bottles of wine which meant our tasting fee was waved.  This time we bought their white Rhone blend and their pinot noir.

Next up was Homewood Winery.  This was also a smaller winery with a smaller tasting room, but they also had a tasting area outside for warmer weather.  Again, we bought two bottles of wine here.  Lushes I tell you.  Actually, we just want to stock up since we are sadly cancelling our wine membership.  We bought a bottle of their merlot and a bottle of Late Harvest Albarino.

We finally made it to our 2:30 appointment at Scribe for some wine tasting, a tasting plate and our shipment of wine.  We tried six wines and had a tasting plate of fruits, cheeses and nuts (all free with our membership) and ended up taking home 5 bottles.  We originally had four bottles of red wine, but changed it to three reds and two whites.  One of the reds was a reserve that we normally don't get in the wine shipment.  Sadly, this will be our last shipment as we want to try to have babies.  And what are we supposed to do with four bottles of wine every quarter?  Let my husband drink alone?  Nah.
Isn't the view breathtaking, even in the fall?  In heaven and not sure if I can actually cancel our membership.

Also in other football news, I lost my fantasy football last week, both teams.  One team, I am a complete failure at and don't care much about, but the other I was in first place.  Boo.  This week I better dominate.  I can't have my husband beating me with all the shit I talk.  What is up with all my players getting injured and messing with my fantasy team?  Or was it the fact I left 23 points on the bench from a kicker?

What are your plans for the weekend? Does it involve lots of wine and football?

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. So when I went to the cowboys game I got to watch drama go down too! It seems like you still had a good time though, even if they played like crap. I feel your pain, I really do.

    The wine tasting looks incredible! I can't tell you how jealous I am right now!!!!

  2. I am sure you feel my pain. Watching the Cowboys has been painful this year due to all the injuries.

    I love wine and you should make your way out to Sonoma/Napa area sometime. It is gorgeous.