Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Domestication Station

I am settling into this domesticated wife thing pretty well I think.  I have been crafting (I have two new craft projects I will be posting soon), buying furniture and buying other household things.  And I can tell you I absolutely love it.

I have been nagging asking my husband if we can go furniture shopping to replace our Ikea media center and maybe a new coffee table if we feel inclined.  Now I hate our media center.  I don't mind it being from Ikea, but it just looks cheap.  I can feel my husband glaring at me as he has had it for about 8 years (can we say bachelor lifestyle?).  As for our coffee table, I actually like it, but if and when we have kids, it isn't the most kid friendly.  It is a very heavy metal bars with a stone table top that can move.  Believe me, I have smacked insert body part on it many times.

Last weekend I noticed there were many furniture sales going on, so we decided to take a look.  We went to Pottery Barn, World Market and Macy's.  And we bought not one, but three pieces.  I can't wait to have them delivered.  But they won't be here til the 1st of December, or maybe sooner.  So I will keep the pictures until we can do the switch out and show you the transformation.  But we bought a new coffee table, media center and bed!

Plus we had some gift cards to use from our wedding, so we got another set of dinner plates, salad plates and bowls from William Sonoma.  Ok we also got my favorite salted caramels from there.  I die thinking about them.  We also bought a new tv and mounter set for our kitchen, so I can watch football and cooking shows while cooking.  Score.  Oh and we may have done some fall/winter clothes shopping.  I may have gotten new black boots too.  Maybe.  Now that the wedding is over, we have more cash to spend.  But I do miss our wedding, but loving the married life.  SO. HAPPY.

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