Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's are Awful

Back from the weekend and it doesn't feel good.  I came into work today only to have our whole office get in trouble.  Nice way to start the week off.  I hate you Mondays!

This weekend was full of too many ups and downs.  Can we fast forward to Thanksgiving week please?  I get my new furniture delivered, get to see family (sister-in-law comes in from New York!), have a 5 day weekend, watch the Pack play BYU and cut down a Christmas tree.  So jealous of next week already.

Back to this weekend, I donated blood on Friday.  I was so excited to actually donate because for the past year, they wouldn't let me.  Who knew vacationing in Costa Rica was that "dangerous" for malaria?  Warning: turn away if you are grossed out by blood and needles.

I also got my hair done.  One of my favorite things to do.  Isn't it for most women?  Plus my hairstylist was back from maternity leave, so I got to share my wedding with her and see her adorable new son.

Then I went home to chaos drama.  When Rory and Walter got home from their hike, he was racing around like a crazy dog.  This is the norm for him.  He gets really excited to see us, and since he hadn't seen me all day, he did about 5 laps around the house.  While he was racing around, he caught his dew claw on the couch (I think) and tore it off.  We didn't even notice until he was trying to clean it and there was blood all over the couch.  Poor little dude.

We tried to clean it up enough, but it ended up being an unexpected trip to the vet.  An emergency (they called it that) vet visit that cost $140.  Not bad considering this is our first visit other than normal check-ups.  Walter had to get patched up (silver nitrate to stop the bleeding), get some pain pills and the cone of shame.  He has not been himself the last few days.  He hates the cone.
 He was not a happy camper
This is only partially what he tore off
So Walter has to live in the cone the rest of the day and then he can run free again.  Hopefully my cute, cuddly, hyper, happy pup will be back.

In football news, I am losing my fantasy football this week.  So long first place.  Thanks to Peterson for not having an outstanding game and Niners shitting the bed AGAIN!  My only hope is for Brady throwing 7 touchdowns and Newton getting injured (like we could ever count on Brady. I still hate myself for drafting him).  Ugh bad end to a football weekend.  At least the Pack broke their 5 game losing streak.  Now can they beat BYU in two weeks?  Probably not, but it could be a Thanksgiving miracle.
The best way to end a tailgate...Wolf Pack vanilla cupcakes

I am going to complain just a bit more as my back is killing me for stacking wood yesterday morning, but now we can have fires all winter long.  Monday is really sucking, but at least I have Picasso and Wine (painting and wine with my ladies), dinner at my sisters house (she is an amazing cook) and a friend's 30th birthday party Friday.  Please let me make it through this week.  

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