Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Fun

Happy late Thanksgiving all!  I am so excited that the holidays are here.  That means I was able to finally craft and decorate.

I found an awesome DIY project on Our Styled Suburban Life (check out Laura, she is amazing) and wanted to recreate it.  I bought some Christmas ornaments from Target about a month ago plus some ribbon (which was the wrong kind) and I let it sit on my table for a month.  But that all changed last Wednesday.
It took me forever to find two boxes of ornaments that didn't have any broken ones in it.  Hint: buy shatterproof ones if you can.  After searching every box, we found two sets that were complete.  You can use three sets if you want (especially over a long mantle), but we chose two.  Buy ribbon in whatever color you would like, but make sure if it is the fabric kind, not the plastic kind.  I had to make an extra trip back to the store for my ribbon.  Luckily, I can use the ribbon on everyone's gifts this year.

Next take your ribbon and fold it into a point, like the picture below.
image via Our Styled Suburban Life

Now string each ornament along the ribbon (at least 6 plus feet, you may have to adjust later, I did).  You can put the ornaments as close as you would like (I think the closer the better).  Once you are finished, hang in your desired location.
We don't have a mantle over our fireplace, so I hung it up on a blank wall that we normally put all of our Christmas cards on.  I love this decoration and it was really simple to do.

Thursday was Thanksgiving which we spent with my side of the family.  We went to my aunt's house and I way overate.  Like ALWAYS!  But it was worth it.  I think Walter (my dog, if you didn't know) enjoyed it more than everyone because my dad fed him so much turkey.  Lucky pup he is.

Friday we went Christmas tree cutting with friends and family.  It has been a tradition for years, but I missed it the last two years since we were in Las Vegas with Rory's family.  We found the perfect tree for us, played some football, again ate too much and had more family time.  Friday night was reserved for Rory's family Thanksgiving dinner.  His sister and boyfriend flew in from New York.  Again I overate.

Saturday we had our last Nevada Wolf Pack football game.  So sad, but after this losing year, I am ok with it being done.  Now I just want next year football to be here.  Too soon.  Probably.  I still have many weeks left of NFL.  So much better.  Saturday night we stuffed ourselves again with Basque food.  What a treat.

Sunday we finally laid off the food a bit and decorated the house.  We put up our Christmas tree, decorated it, put up other decorations and put up our lights outside.  Our house smells so good.  Here are a few photos of our decorations.  I will leave some out because next post will be about our new furniture that was delivered last Wednesday (and they show more decorations).

Flash On                   Flash Off
Anyone know where I can get mini ornaments to decorate the mini live tree?  We got it from Home Depot and he is just too cute to not display.

Have you decorated yet?
(all photos personal, unless noted)


  1. I love your ornament DIY! You did such a nice job!

    1. Thank you Stephanie. It was so easy. Now I am going to craft wine bottles to look like Santa and snowmen with a friend this weekend.