Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Can you believe it?  IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!  Where did the time go?  The year is almost over and I am still feeling like we got married last week (we got married in August).

We celebrated a mini Christmas last night with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law made delicious bolognese for dinner.  She simmered it for over 5 hours.  Now that is love.  We watched the Niners game and opened gifts throughout the game.  Can I say that I am thinking the best way to watch a football game is with wine, good food, presents and amazing company? 

We were spoiled and I think we spoiled them too.  Plus the Niners won and clinched a playoff spot.  I can finally bring my blood pressure back down for two weeks until we have our first playoff game.  All I want for Christmas is for the Niners to win the Superbowl!  Is that too much to ask?

Today we are working, but hopefully only part of the day.  Can the kind work gods please let us go home early?  It is really dead here.  I guess only the diehards or people who don't have much leave left are here.

Tonight we are spending Christmas Eve with my family and our family friends.  Our family friends have an annual Christmas Eve party that I just love.  There is entirely too much food, homemade alcoholic eggnog, spiced wine, friends, family and love.  One of my favorite traditions.

Tomorrow morning will be spent with my favorite person in the husband and our favorite pup, Walter.  We will cuddle by the fire, watch A Christmas Story ALL DAY long, open presents and remember how blessed we are.  Then we will spend the evening with my in-laws family in Truckee where we will eat entirely too much again and cherish the new memories we will make as a new family. 

I have been looking forward to our first Christmas as a married couple my whole life.  I have so many blessings this year and I look forward to the many more to come.  How will you spend your Christmas?

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