Friday, December 6, 2013

Football Fridays

It could be a painful football weekend for me, but let's hope it isn't.  First off, I am playing my husband in Fantasy Football.  This means I must dominate him.  I need to win and go into the playoffs next week strong.  So please cheer on my fantasy league, so we can show the guys that girls can play and play even better.  By the way, I am in second place with a two game lead on my husband.

Second, the Niners play the Seahawks.  My dad is a Seahawks fan, so it gets pretty intense during OUR family rival weekend.  I expect my dad to call me a million times to heckle me, but I am hoping and praying Kap can run his butt off, Crabtree can have a touchdown or two and the defense annihilates the Seahawks.  FYI I have Russell Wilson on my fantasy team, so let's let him get some points (so I can win), but have the Niners take him down after.  Deal?

I will be watching the game biting my nails, cursing like a sailor (I'm sure) and hopefully eating my woes/nerves away.
Which game are you excited for this weekend?

And I will be right here come Monday!
I can't wait to experience Christmas in New York City again.  Too bad I am only there for a week.  But good news is, next weekend is the Heisman trophy ceremony and most of the former winners and the current candidates stay at the same hotel as I am.  Last time I met Doug Flutie.  Who will I meet this time?  Johnny Football.

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  1. Christmas in NYC? COOL!! I swear, the worst feeling in the world is when your real team plays someone on your fantasy team. So dang stressful.

    1. Well I am losing to my husband in fantasy, but the Niners won. And I will still be in second place in my league going into the playoffs. I would call it a slight win for the weekend.