Monday, April 3, 2017


This weekend flew by. We enjoyed the weather, did some car shopping, hung out with friends and got way too little of sleep. But we are onto a new week and hopefully I will finally kick this sinus infections butt.

Friday after work, we headed over to Toyota to test drive some cars and fell in love with one. But we didn't have much time to talk price and negotiate since Rory had an appointment and I had a lunch date to get to. So we left and contemplated the car all day.

I had lunch with my parents and sister and then went back to their house to wait for the girls to wake from their nap at daycare. Once it was close to pick-up time, my mom and I headed over to get the girls and bring them back to my parents house so they could also see my dad. But we made a stop at Starbucks on the way home and sadly they didn't have any Spring cups. Bummer.

Once we got to my parents house, they brought out the toys and the girls played. They also ate a ton of snacks and walked their grandparents around everywhere. We stayed until almost 5 pm before heading back home.

Once we got home, we made the girls dinner, played some more and then put the girls to bed around 7:30. Once the girls were asleep, Rory headed out for some take-out and then we watched Parenthood to end our evening.

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to one of our favorite breakfast places.
twins at breakfast

I had the best omelet and as we were leaving we spotted some yummy cookies, so we let the girls pick one out for themselves and Rory and I did as well.
Schwinn Balance Bikes
The girls are finally starting to use and like their balance bikes.

We got home, settled in and then Stacey came over. We all caught up and then Rory and the girls went for a walk while Stacey and I chatted more and waited for Jess to show up to my house. Once we got there, we headed out for Strange Bikinis soft opening. The store was set up beautifully, so many bikinis, shirts and sunnies to chose from and then the owner's husband was giving out some of his home brew (cider and beer) to try. I bought a new top from her Dream collection and my friends bought several items as well.
Strange Bikinis Dream Collection

Once we were finished there we headed down a block to grab some lunch (for my friends) and mimosas (for all of us). We talked for about two hours and then headed back to my house, so Jess could go to a baby shower.

I got home during the girls' nap, so I hung out outside with Rory while he did yard work. I just took pictures of Spring stuff, walked around and soaked in the sunshine. I also enjoyed my macaron that I got that morning at breakfast.
Spring peach blossums
french macaron
Pistachio macaron. Look at how big this one was.

The girls took a two and a half hour long nap and then we headed out to Target and Home Depot. We needed to get stuff for Easter plus a few other things for the house. At Home Depot, Avery had a total meltdown, so Rory and Avery stayed outside with the plants and Sutton and I headed in to get the stuff we needed. 

After shopping, we were hungry and it was close to the girls dinner time, so we headed out to dinner where they would be playing the South Carolina vs Gonzaga game and had burgers and fries. The girls also had mac n cheese, but mostly ate our burgers.

We took the girls home, got them in their pjs, hung out and then I headed off to a sports bar for game two and time with my girlfriends (again). It was so nice to see my friends twice in one day and more came that evening. We had some drinks, watched the North Carolina vs Oregon game and chatted the night away.

I got home late and headed straight to bed.

Sunday we got up and were being lazy for a bit since the girls got us up so early. I showered and then went out to grab coffee and pastries for breakfast. When I got back, we had breakfast, played for a bit and then I headed out to grocery shop.

I got back, unloaded the groceries and made lunch for the girls. Once they were done, they took their nap and we caught up on some shows, did some yard work and I headed out to grab more coffee and dessert for the evening. Just after the girls got up from their naps, my in-laws came over to hang out.

After catching up with my in-laws for a bit, we headed out to go test drive another car. We loved the car and tried to work a deal, but this car is a little out of our budget and the interest rates were not that great. Bummer. But the search is still on. We spent almost two and a half hours there though.

We headed home, made the girls dinner and said our goodbyes to my in-laws. Once the girls were eating, I started making dinner for Rory and I, chicken lettuce wraps. They were time consuming....all of the chopping, so we didn't get to bathe the girls last night.

The girls went down at almost 8 pm and we had dinner right after. Nothing like a late evening dinner. Ha. Then Rory took Walter for a walk while I cleaned up. I threw in a load of laundry and then we settled in for dessert and The Americans.
Dorinda's Chocolates homemade ice cream sandwich
Homemade chocolate and caramel cookie with vanilla ice cream

We headed to bed around 10 pm and fell asleep quickly.

How was your weekend?

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  1. You had a productive one!!!
    Now you know what car you like, maybe you can just keep an eye out for a used one now. You can stumble into those ones that have low miles & all the warranties but so much less than a new one.

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! I'm jealous of your spring weather! It won't stop raining here.

  3. Happy Monday girl! Getting ready to head to the airport but checking in first with my faves. Love to go out for Sat morning breakfast and I'm smiling because I'm eating a macaroon right now called Birthday cake. I love pistachio! Have a great start to your week!! xoxo

    1. Awe thank you. I hope you had a safe flight! Yum. I love a good macaron!

  4. Sorry the car didn't work out! Sounds like a very fun and productive weekend

  5. Ohh this post made me hungry for some sweets haha! happy monday!!

  6. Wow busy busy but fun weekend!! That's awesome you got to see so much of your friends! That's so needed sometimes! That homemade cookie ice cream sandwich has me drooling!

  7. Okay, that macaron has got to be the biggest one ever! It looks so delicious!

  8. Oh yes to all the sweets haha! That macaron looks delicious.

  9. what a fun weekend! Are y'all shopping for a new car or just looking? I know your car has given you some trouble. That ice cream sandwich looks bomb...i need one in my life haha.

  10. Do you mind me asking which car you liked? Andy is looking for a car in the next month or two. I would love to hear your recommendations!

  11. That sounds like quite the fun weekend! Gotta love all the girl time. Glad you had fun. My hubby is the vehicle king when it comes to buying a new one. He has one picked out for me before I even look and damn him if he's always right.

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend with great weather! I can't wait to see things start to bloom around here. That macaroon and ice cream sandwich cookie look so good!!

  13. Sounds like a fun weekend! I need some girlfriend time!