Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

We made it through another week. On Wednesday, I swore it was Thursday. I even told my boss that we didn't have time last night to watch the season premiere of Fargo because kids, and then he proceeded to tell me it was only Wednesday and it was on tonight. Ugh. I was so out of it.

We don't have much planned this weekend and that is nice. We have some good weather headed our way and hopes of spending a lot of time outside.

Anyways, onto my Friday favorites.

ONE. I saw this funny and I couldn't stop laughing. One, because I LOVE my coffee and sharing with my co-workers how much I drank and two, because I have been that IT guy and hated those types of jokes. But now I love them.
coffee funnies

TWO. Earth Day. Our city has a huge celebration for Earth Day and it is at the park that is about a 10 minute walk from our house. With the weather being so nice this weekend, I hope to take the girls down there and enjoy the festivities.

THREE. Did any of you happen to shop at the Mindy Mae's Market sale on Tuesday? Everything was on sale and went sooo fast. I had a few pairs of shoes that I have been wanting forever, but they sold out in my size in seconds and believe me, I was on right at 10 am. I did manage to get the dress that I wanted which will be perfect for Spring and Summer. I limited myself from getting much else because new car payment.
Mindy Mae's Market dresses
dress (sold out)

FOUR. One of my friends posted shared two videos this week and I found them so funny. It is kids reactions to Nirvana and AC DC. While I laughed the whole way through, I also cringed a bit knowing my kids are going to think and say the same things with my music which includes these bands.

I grew up listening to bands like AC DC and Pink Floyd because my dad loved them and now I loved them. Then I got into middle school and high school and bands like Nirvana, Sublime and Incubus became my favorites. I LOVE their music and seeing the reactions that kids have are too funny. "He sounds angry." "Why would you eat your cancer? What does that even mean?"

Do yourself a favor, when you have time, watch some of these.

FIVE. After going back and forth forever, I decided to change my Instagram name to my blog name. I thought about making a separate account, but I see other bloggers struggle with keeping up with both accounts and decided just to change my name. So now I am under @sparklesandlattes instead of @daniellekira. So if you see my new name, please don't unfollow me. And if you don't follow me already, head over now. #shamelesspromo

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  1. That dress is super cute!! Yay for changing your IG name. I have two separate acts and sometimes I wish I only had one but so far it works for me. Hope y'all have a great weekend. That earth day at the park sounds fun!!

  2. I missed that sale, I love their florals, what a cute dress you got!!! I work with our IT staff at the hospital often, totally telling them that, ha ha, cracks me up!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend beautiful babe!!

    1. Thank you. I love their sales and their clothes.

      I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

  3. Thank you for the Insta update - I actually don't think I follow you! Changing that today and you'll be so easy to find :) I agree - having two accounts never works. I've never hear of Mindy Mae but I need that dress! :)

  4. hahahaha about Java!! That is so funny, I'm totally going to say that to my IT guys. They think I'm crazy as it is. I swear, we talk to different languages when we have a meeting. I'm always like ugh, can you say that in stupid people language. I'm not a coder so at times I have no idea what they are telling me. And yes they speak English. For myself, well, I speak English but clearly I'm not that bright.

  5. Happy Friday! I watched the ACDC one the other day - too funny!!!!

  6. Happy Friday! Cracking up at that java funny. I had two separate IG accounts and don't even use my personal one anymore. It was way too much. Haha I shameless plug all the time. We do what we gotta do, right? Have a great weekend!
    Beautifully Candid

  7. That dress is ADORABLE!!! Perfect for spring.
    I gotta watch these videos - I just watched the one where the kids reacted to Guns & Roses - it made me laugh so hard

  8. LOL at the chick who said "When music videos used to be normal, there's no one stripping". Can I give her a big hug?! Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. That floral dress is awesome! And LOL I totally need to watch those vids when I get home. I love ACDC and Pink Floyd and Sublime, too! For the longest time classic rock and current rock were what I listened to the most. Sublime is just classic... I mean, who doesn't know all the words to What I Got?

  10. Ha, I was laughing when I saw that Java image. Too funny. And, I love that floral dress. So pretty. I love the colors so much. Hope you guys have a great weekend. I'm always following along on IG ;)

  11. Woohoo for getting that dress!! I also had to limit myself which was so hard to do because I wanted everything!! Yay for Earth Day celebrations, I hope you guys have fun!! xo

  12. I wish our town did something for Earth day! Hopefully when we are in a bigger city they will.

  13. I love that your town celebrates Earth Day! Everyone should!
    Stopping over from the linkup and would love if you had a chance to pop by mine as well =0) Have a great weekend!

  14. Another thing about being able to purchase songs online, by the song. I remember when you saved up $18 for a new CD. Did you ever buy a CD because you liked one song, but the rest of the album was bad?

  15. That java joke is hilarious! And I am cracking up at the videos of those kids!