Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

It's time for some confessions and thoughts on Thursday, so sit back, read, enjoy and come back to link up.

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- I really need to make a new button for Thursday Talk/Confessions, but I haven't gotten around to it. I don't know why really. I guess I would call it laziness.

- I am about to finish the last episode of 13 Reasons Why at the gym today and I am sad that it will be over. I am also scared that I may cry while running. Probably not the best choice of a venue to watch it, but I love catching up on my shows at the gym. Have you watched it yet? Thoughts?

- Today is 4/20 which is the anniversary of Columbine. I hate bringing up another awful event, but that day changed me. I was in high school when it happened and I remember subsequent years having pipe bomb scares on 4/20. I am soooo paranoid on 4/20.

- I went to Starbucks yesterday morning and I saw that they had the new Unicorn Frap and didn't get it. I didn't think it would taste good and I wanted a caramel macchiato, but I am sadly missing the typical Instagram photo.
Unicorn frappuccino


- I hate how my girls' daycare has dirt in the playground. My girls love to crawl in it, sit in it and play in it. This means they are always dirty when we pick them up and often have a shoe full of sand each evening. I wish they had grass or something else in the playground area. Ugh.

- I hate bath time for my girls. It used to be fun, then it wasn't, then it was and so on. Right now we are not in that fun stage. Well I should say that it is partially fun and then a bunch of screaming. My girls hate having their hair wet and getting it washed. They even freaked out when my nephew got water in their hair while he was taking bath. Another twin mom recommended this toy and it has been a godsend for us lately until it is time to wash the hair. They don't mind their bodies being washed, but hair, nope. Ugh. Any recommendations on how to get them to like it?
Yookidoo bath toy

- We didn't color/dye eggs this year because I worried about my girls spilling all over my table even with the use of whisks. Plus after they didn't care for the egg hunt on Friday, I didn't think they would really enjoy it. But we will do it next year for sure. But I am totally ok with skipping it this year other than getting that one cute photo.

- I really need some Spring colors and clothes because I didn't have anything bright and fun to wear for Easter that I haven't worn a billion times. Man, do I wish I could win the lottery and buy all the things.

- I am loving my new car soooo much, but I am dreading making my first payment. Ugh. 


  1. It's never fun making that first car payment. But just enjoy the newness of it! The Starbucks drink looks like a trip to the dentist to me. I feel like one sip of that drink would shoot my blood sugar through the roof. I think you made a good choice with the macchiato! :)

  2. My boys hate having heir hair washed too. Jack literally asks "do we have to wash our hair" before every bath they take. Car payments stink but yay for loving your car!!! I thought he unicorn frap looked gross and I saw that it had as much sugar as 3 snickers... I'd rather eat the snickers haha.

  3. Around that age, Our youngest son would scream to the top of his lungs every.single.bath for 6 months....ugh!!! I told my husband, lets just let him run through the sprinkler as his bath time, lol!! This too shall pass mama but I know it is frustrating. So Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today said the frappe is good and it is pretty but I don't know, it scares me. I wish someone would just give me a sip to try it, lol.

    1. Ugh. I hope it doesn't last for 6 months. That would be a nightmare. I wish I could try a sample too. And now I am hearing they will have a dragon frapp out soon as well.

  4. My kids have done the same thing in the bath. It was just a stage and they've moved on. Sorry no advice here. I think the unicorn drink looks kinda gross. If they had a free samples in a small cup I'd try it but I'm not buying one. So much sugar.

  5. I heard that unicorn frap isn't very good, but I still want to try it just to try it. Ughh sorry about the girls and bath time - that was so Brayden! HATED getting his hair and face wet. It literally took him to 4 1/2!! Now my girls, total opposite as they are literally swimming underwater in the bathtub LOL

  6. Fynnlee has started hating getting her hair washed might be a girl thing. The only thing I can recommend is getting a mirror and letting them watch you wash it. We sing songs and make shampoo mohawks and fun shapes with her hair. As far as the rinsing, we do a conditioning thing at swim class that has helped so much. You take a bowl filled with water and say "Fynnlee...ready...goooooo" and then slowly pour it over their belly. Then do the same things with their shoulders. And finally their head. Do it when they don't have shampoo in their hair...just get them used to the water being dumped on their head. Oh, and make sure you clap and cheer for them when you do it. My kids dump buckets of water on their head and it helps with hair washing. Good luck!!

  7. That new unicorn drink is ridiculous I saw the nutritional fact oh my sugar! #babybigtruck isn't a huge fan of getting her hair washed but otherwise loves bath time. Good luck!

  8. I've seen such mixed reviews about 13 Reasons Why, I'm not sure if I want to watch it.

  9. That first payment is the worst!!!! I am with Jenny Pittsburgh (comment above) on the bowl (or cup) of water and make it a game or challenge. I hope it helps!

  10. That bath toy is really cool. I love it. I feel ya on the baths. We have good days and bad days. I always tell Ben the "water monster" is coming and then I dump water on his head. He finds that to be hilarious, so it usually works. Although he's a boy, so water monsters are funny...not sure if that works for a girl, hehe. I saw all the unicorn cups, and I randomly even had a dream about it, haha. I did not get one though. I don't think I would like it. Almost Happy Friday!

  11. I got my car paid off in October but I keep writing the check for a car payment so I can save up... car payments are the worst - even when you dont need to pay one ;) haha

    UGH - that stupid Unicorn frap. It had the line at my starbucks wrapped around the building & so I went inside where the line was COMING OUT OF THE DOOR> I turned around & walked away. I just wanted an iced coffee. Geez.

  12. I didn't think I'd like the frap but it's so pretty!

  13. I'm so intrigued by the unicorn frapp, but not enough to try it. I do not miss car payments, Ia m npt looking forward to having them again in the future. Stay strong car! Bathtime is never fun, but it will get better!

  14. I really want to try the Unicorn Frap, too, but have you SEEN how much sugar and fat are in it? Oh, it is just awful.

    And girl, I totally feel ya on bath time. I can't stand bath time so Brian does it every night. On the nights that he has tennis (like tonight) I just want to pull my hair out when I have to do it. Haha.

  15. That first car payment is ROUGH. Heck, it's rough every month! That bath toy looks like a lot of fun. I will check it out for Liam. Oh, and you didn't miss out on anything with the unicorn frap. Everyone I know who tried it said it's absolutely repulsive!