Monday, January 11, 2016


Monday already?! This weekend flew by in an instant (as it always does), but it was a good one.

I didn't work Friday since we had the girls' 12 month check up (post coming tomorrow about it). I was able to run some errands, walk Walter and get a bunch of play time in with my girls. We went to dinner that evening at a restaurant we USUALLY love, but they changed up their menu and concept. It was still good, but way more expensive than last time. And they didn't have our favorite dishes anymore. Total bummer. We came home to watch more Making A Murderer.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to get the girls ready for some play time with their grandparents while mommy and daddy went snowboarding. We snowboarded for 2 1/2 hours straight and had a blast. Pretty good snow for not snowing the last two days prior to it. After snowboarding, we headed back down the mountain to grab some in-n-out (deserved it after snowboarding) and get home to our babies. We got home just in time to feed them and put them down for a nap.

We went to a friends children's birthday party at a place called Jump Man Jump. Think of a warehouse with lots of bounce houses and toys. The girls aren't big enough to do things on their own, but we took them around and they had a great time playing with all the other kids.
Sutton loved this bounce house. Avery wasn't too sure of it.
Mommy and Sutton going down the Bounce House Slide (so hard climbing up the ladder with a baby)
Avery learning to drive (they got a princess car like this for Christmas!)
Avery loved this bike (the video is even cuter)

The girls had so much fun attending their first friends birthday party. After the party, we went to pizza (because it was near and easy with two sleepy babies) and then home with two exhausted babies. We watched more Making A Murderer after the girls went to bed and crashed early ourselves.

Sunday we got up and saw that no one won PowerBall, so I headed to Stateline and bought some tickets. I thought I would be gone for a half hour including grabbing breakfast to go. Nope. I underestimated the lines. Since Nevada doesn't do the lottery, we have to go to Stateline to get lottery tickets. There are a few near Reno and I chose the one everyone and their moms were at. And I didn't come prepared. No coffee and the wrong shoes. Total fail.

The worst shoes I could have worn out there. I was naive to think I could walk up and grab tickets and go. I thought since it was Sunday and we still had 4 days until the next drawing that I would be ok. I stood outside and in line for an hour and 20 minutes. But I got our tickets. Now here is to hoping we win SOMETHING.

I grabbed breakfast on the way home, watched the Vikings/Seahawks game by the fire and tried to warm up. We spent the day playing with the girls and watching football. I did head out again around 4 pm to grab groceries for the week, but that was it. Lots of cuddles, bath time, play time and naps were had yesterday. And it was the best.

We finished our evening off with another episode of Making A Murderer (only three left to go) in which I barely made it through that episode. I was so tired. 

How was your weekend? What did you think of the playoff games?


  1. You had a busy and fun weekend! Love the pictures of the girls at the party. Emmy and Cam love jumping on trampolines and in bounce houses. It's so cute. Fingers crossed you win something this week!

    1. Thank you. Does Cam have a trampoline at home? I was wondering if it would be a good gift later on?

  2. I'm impressed you climbed up the ladder with Sutton! That picture of Avery on that bike is sooo cute.

    1. I was impressed too. She wasn't too fond of the climb, but she did like the slide.

  3. Those photos from the birthday party are awesome! They are just so cute. I didn't realize that you can't buy lotto tickets in your state. That's annoying you had to wait in line, but it's kind of fun with all the hype around it! Glad you guys got some snowboarding in too :)

    1. You can't buy them in Nevada, but California stateline is 20 minutes away from my house, so we can go there. And there are two other statelines within an hour of us too.