Thursday, January 14, 2016

Making A Murderer and a Group Giveaway

Tuesday night we finally finished Making A Murder. And to say that I am disgusted by court system and law enforcement is an understatement.

If you haven't finished Making A Murderer, skip down to the bottom for an amazing giveaway I am co-hosting with several amazing ladies.


1. How can they convict Avery and Dassey when they have no blood evidence on Theresa. There was no blood in the bedroom and if they slit her throat like it was suggested, there would be blood spatter everywhere. On the walls, the sheets, the mattress, the floor boards, the ceiling, etc. And it would be really hard to clean all of that up. To get every spec of it up. Nope. Not having it.

And then they said it happened in the garage. But the only piece of evidence they found was the bullet with her blood on it. There were cracks in his garage floor. Blood would have gotten in there. And there was so much clutter in that garage that they couldn't have possibly cleaned up all the blood. Plus they found deer blood and Avery's DNA in the garage. What he cleaned up her blood, but not the others?

2. The confession of Dassey should have been thrown out. That confessions (and the others from him) were never consistent. And it was coerced out of him. "What body parts did you see in the fire pit?" After he said none of them several times, they said they knew he saw them. So what parts were there? They elicited a confession out of a boy who has an IQ of a 6 or 7 year old.

3. The cops did not find the Rav4 key for 4 days. So after everyone searched Avery's bedroom for three days, it just happens to be placed under slippers in plain view. Nope. It was planted to nail him (whether he did it or not).

4. It was creepy and suspicious that the ex-boyfriend and roommate could get into Theresa's phone (because her password was so easy) and then present the evidence. What are they hiding? And the fact that the roommate didn't call the police to say she was missing for three days is also off.

5. The fire pit area where the bones were found is off too. How can you burn a body there and it be burned to the degree it was. Only to find some bones. I think there would be a lot more body parts left over. And to burn a body that completely would mean that mega accelerates were used or she was burned elsewhere. Avery had an incinerator, he would have burned her in that. Then there would have been no trace of her. And he wouldn't go spread her bones and ash in the burn pit.

6. The Rav4 and where it was found. If Avery killed her, why would he just park the car up on the ledge area with some branches put on it? He has a car compactor. Wouldn't he get rid of the car that way? And Avery's blood was found in the Rav4, but no fingerprints were found. So he wiped his fingerprints off, but not the blood?

7. Avery did have the shackles that Dassey told the police about in his confession, but the DNA on them was from Avery and an unknown person. Not Theresa.

8. The pierced vile of blood from Avery's first investigation (rape). The only people who had access to the blood was the police....Detective Lenk. And the evidence package was opened and taped back shut using scotch tape. The cap was also pierced. Lenk took blood from the vile and put it in the car of Halbauch. Plain and simple. And so dirty.

9. Finding out about DA Kratz and his sexting put the final nail in his coffin of how dirty he is (literally and figuratively).

And now somethings that don't sit well with me regarding Avery/Dassey.

1. After reading some transcripts from the trial, I read about the perspiration on the hood latch of the Rav4. Avery had to have touched that car at some point and opened her hood. I don't know why? Did he wipe part of the car clean? Can it be planted? It was suggested that he and Dassey moved the car and then he popped the hood to remove the battery cable.

2. The bullet used to kill Theresa came from Avery's gun that hung above his bed. A felon with a gun is a no-no. And it is hard to believe that he didn't know something about her murder. Even if he didn't commit it, he may have known who did it. A family member? Charles?

Ok onto something lighter. A GIVEAWAY!

I am participating in a group giveaway hosted by Karli from September Farm. She is one of my favorite bloggers. We have done several group giveaways together and I even wrote a guest post, Saturday's Confessional.

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  1. YES to all the MAM stuff! So after watching it and then reading some articles, I'm kind of leaning towards Steven doing it. BUT those cops definitely planted evidence to get him locked up. And I think it's so sad that they coerced that confession from Brendan. And now that I think about it, why wouldn't Steven have crushed the car right away if he did it? Maybe the police moved it first and then he didn't know where it was. I don't know. I did also think the ex and the roommate were super fishy too.

    They're doing a special on the case on Investigation Discovery so I will definitely be watching it!

    Oh and this would help reach my resolution because I could add it to my clothing budget and then I wouldn't go over! Or maybe that's cheating on my resolution...

    1. Oh elaborate more on why you think Avery did it? I go back and forth on it, but even if he is guilty, he had an unfair trial and they couldn't prove him guilty BEYOND a reasonable doubt.

      Oh when is the special? I must watch it too. I am obsessed with this case. Have you listened to The Serial podcast? I haven't but heard it is great if you loved this case.

      Love your thinking about spending the money on clothing. It wouldn't break your resolution since you didn't put anything about winning money!!

  2. I am with you on Making a Murderer. It was so frustrating to watch!! Love your blog! I found it through Karli's giveaway and can't wait to read more!

    1. I am so glad you found my blog. Thanks for stopping by!!

      Ah. I am so obsessed with knowing more about MAM that I can't stop researching. Such a crazy story and sad I never heard about it before.

  3. I agree with you on so many points about MaM. Especially, number 3. Let's not forget that it was the Manitowac police officer that just so happened to stumble upon that key. Let's not forget that he wasn't even supposed to be there. This whole thing makes my blood boil. We are a few hours away from Manitowac & all of our local news stations are covering it all over again.

    1. Yes it was shady Lenk who found it, right? And he had his times wrong about when he checked in there. Super shady. Everything about him was shady.

      That's crazy how close you are to there. I went there for work and to the Madison area, so it was crazy to see all the things I recognized there.

  4. Yes, yes, yes to all of your points! Another thing that really got to me. Avery and his attorney's were adamant about testing the blood spatters for EDTA. Why would they have pushed the testing so hard if they had inkling that Avery did it and it was not from the tube? Everything about this case blows my mind. It's scary that things like this happen and that (if Avery truly is innocent - which I believe he is) real criminals are on the loose.

    1. I agree so much about the EDTA testing. It is so scary to think the real killer is still out there. Just like the real rapist was out there when Avery was convicted the first time. Definitely blows my mind. There is an investigative update being done at the end of the month on the Avery case (Investigation Discovery). You should check it out too!

  5. I've got to check this out - everyone seems to be loving it!

    1. You should, but be ready to binge watch it. We watched it over a week and a half (because of our girls), but it is so good. It hooks you in and takes you on a roller coaster of emotions.

  6. I just finished watching all episodes this past weekend & had to read more into the case. I think that he did it, especially after reading about all of the things they left out of the documentary. But, I do question the whole key thing & how they didn't find it for several days. Same with the bullet in the garage. As for Brendan, his confession was all over the place which is why I think it was mostly coerced. I am not sure if he had anything to do with it or not. I'm really interested to see what happens now since the documentary has become so popular!

    1. There is an update coming out end of the month Investigation Discovery that will update about his appeal and what not. I go back and forth on his innocence. I think it was either Bobby Dassey (Brendan's brother) and Scott (Brendan's moms boyfriend) after some crazy stuff I found in court docs or the ex boyfriend, roommate, brother duo. I read Reddit too much, but so much is backed up with court evidence, court docs and police reports.

  7. So I've held onto this post to read it after I finished the show. I finished it last night and 100% agree with you. Honestly, I think this whole ordeal was the direct result of all of the parties making poor decisions. I honestly think Charles might have killed the girl and did what he could to pin it on Avery. He seemed to have a vendetta against him anyway. Then that was prime opportunity for the law enforcement to deal with the case in inappropriate ways (I do believe the key and blood were planted by Lenk upon trying to cover his tracks in the poor way he dealt with the finding of the Rav4). Then, to show solidarity to the law enforcement, the DA followed the same poor decision pattern. Both Avery and Dassey deserve a retrial and, honestly, one in a different county.

    1. I am so glad you came back to it!

      I thought it could be Charles too (that's his brother right, well one of them).

      I agree that Lenk planted that evidence after Coulbourn found the car (on the 3rd after calling in the plates from his cell phone). They had to cover their tracks, lead them to the car, and figure a way to put it on Avery.

      I agree that they should get a retrial. Especially Dassey. Poor kid. He did just get transferred to a different prison, I read.

      I want to know who really did it. I am also on the Scott/Bobby train. Something doesn't seem right about those two either.