Thursday, January 21, 2016


So with Mexico less than three months away, I need to get my butt into gear. Health wise, body wise and mind wise.

I would consider myself pretty healthy, but I do indulge in my favorite, pizza, pasta and an occasional burger. I go on walks, I chase my babies around the house and I work out at the gym two to three times a week. But I want to get a bit more clean leading up to our trip. But that doesn't mean I am cutting out my favorites. Just having them less. I want more soups, salads, fake-outs (turkey tacos in an avocado shell, spaghetti squash instead of noodles, etc.).

Body wise I just want more tone, to be more lean and my dang droopy skin on my tummy to go away (but that doesn't look like it's happening). And I really need to focus on using my scar creams and other stuff to get my excessive number of scars to fade (c-section, umbilical hernia and breast abscess). So if anyone has miracle creams or things to help, send them my way.

My boobs won't be fixed by then, so I am going to have to bite the bullet and find a new bikini or at least bikini top. I have one that MIGHT work (its a 34C) and not gap too much, but I haven't tried it yet. So I am looking for new bikinis for my trip. And it sucks looking at bikinis right after the holidays. Hello extra 5 pounds from the holidays. Luckily VS has its 2016 line out. Here are some of my favorites.

Suggestions on other places to shop for bikinis? Or just bikini tops?

Mind wise I am mentally preparing for taking our girls to Mexico. They are sitting on our laps the entire flight (5 1/2 hours in total flying time) (please pray we can get bumped up to economy plus/business class, haha), they have never flown before, then we have to lug everything around to get to our condo and hope that we have some happy babies, ahem, toddlers.

So I am looking for tips and tricks on traveling with toddlers on long flights and international flights. Heck any flights. Snacks, toys, entertainment, must haves, things to leave at home, etc.

Oh and we are looking at umbrella strollers or easy travel strollers that don't cost a fortune to take with us. Suggestions on those.

Help me out please. 


  1. That's a lot to have on your mind girl! I am sure you will look amazing in your bathing suit. We are always our own worst critic so I'm sure you see things the rest of us wouldn't notice at all. Walmart and target have small umbrella strollers that you could take. Do you have to take a pack and play too or does the hotel have that stuff for you?

  2. If you find out how to get rid of the post-baby droopy belly skin, please share! I weigh less than I did pre-pregnancy and I'm down a size, but I feel like my belly looks awful!

    I always buy VS bikinis as well, but I've found some cute ones at Target. Not sure if they have any summer stuff out yet, but it's worth a look!

    Good luck with the girls on your flight. I took an entire bag full of snacks and activities for my daughter's first flight back in November and the only thing she touched from the bag was a notebook, crayons, and stickers. She had a rough time with take offs, so I'd say just do your best to distract them when you're taking off and landing.

  3. When my brother and SIL traveled with their baby, they made sure they fed the baby on the flight especially during takeoff and landing (when their ears are more prone to pop...the feeding helped prevent that). If they are past bottle feeding, then sippy cups. They also tried to maneuver naptime to be during flight time.

  4. You will look great, girl! We are always hardest on ourselves. :) Will it be just the 4 of you? Are you meeting with any other family or friends? Either way, it will be so much fun!

  5. Super jealous of your upcoming Mexico trip! You're going to look awesome in whatever bathing suit you rock! VS always has a great line, and last year Target was killin' it too. I noticed their new suits in the stores last week. If you're not seeing them in store, check online ;-)
    Green Fashionista