Monday, November 16, 2015


Another weekend in the books. And thankfully our girls finally seem to be on the mend from being sick last week. Cross your fingers, but we haven't had a blowout/runny diaper since Friday. Please oh please let them be done with that. Their coughs are tapering off and they seem to be much more happy.

This weekend was pretty chill.

Friday we worked almost the entire day (so hard when you are used to half day Fridays). Then my dad and his friend met us at home to deliver wood and help R stack it. I stayed in with the babies. We attempted to take the girls to dinner that evening (at 6 pm which was a risk since bedtime is at 7 pm), but had to leave in the middle of it. We were those parents whose children started crying, had to get our food to go instead and rush home to feed them and put them to bed. Lesson learned, either don't go to dinner so late or bring their bedtime bottles with us.

Saturday was game day and the last home game of the season. We were running late as usual, but made it in time for all the food and fun. The chili was awesome, the company was even better and the Pack won the last home game of the season. Definitely a win in my books.

After the game, we headed home to pick up our little ladies. They had a pretty good day with their babysitter, but were so eager to see us.

We headed down to South Reno for dinner at my sister's house for a family housewarming. They built their house (ok builders did) and we were all so eager to see it. I love their house. And my sister made us a very yummy dinner, complete with homemade beer and dessert. So good. And the girls were spoiled with attention from their grandparents, great aunt and aunt.

Sunday morning we headed to brunch before a few errands.

Sutton enjoying herself at breakfast. She was wanting to nap, but too interested in everyone around her. After breakfast, we ran errands to World Market and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Do you know how hard it is to find a replacement french press glass carafe? A lot harder than I thought it would be. But we are back in business at work with coffee and saving money on our morning coffees.

After errands we headed home to build a fire and watch football. It started to rain and snow and we were hoping it would dump a bunch, but it was short lived. I ran to the grocery store and came home to start prepping dinner. We bathed the girls, fed them, put them to bed and started watching the Cardinals vs. Seahawks game (was recorded to skip commercials and catch up) while dinner was baking.

We had dinner followed by the rest of the game and falling asleep on the couch early. Total parent life. But a very good weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. We have totally been those parents too. Gosh darn bedtimes. :) sounds like a great weekend though. Have a great week!!

    1. Good to know that we aren't the only ones. We thought we bothered this younger couple next to us, but after my husband was loading up the babies and I was waiting on the food, they were so kind. They told me that our girls are so cute and they were sorry we had to leave, but that the babies didn't bother them at all. Made me feel better about the situation. Hope you have a great week too!