Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Late Weekending

Happy Veterans Day to all of our military who are currently serving and those who have served in the past. And a special Happy Veterans Day to my father who retired from the Army in August!

So I am really late on my weekend update. Life got in the way and I can finally sit down and update you all.

I told you all on Friday how I got the biopsy results from my moles, but I didn't tell you how my stitches removal and wound check up went. My stitches came out easily and sort of felt like I was being tugged inside my stomach. Such a weird feeling. Then I told them that my biopsy area on my back was still tender. The nurse practitioner said it was probably from the band aids I was wearing (they were leaving little micro scabs from being changed daily), but they would check it out.

Well it turns out the area around my wound was really sore (2 weeks and 2 days after the biopsy), so they did a swab of my wound. And it HURT. Raw q-tip rubbing an open wound. Ouch. And they said they would send off the swab to test, but most likely I have a staph infection. They hate to give out antibiotics, but they need this wound to heal ASAP to do the excision/surgery. So I am on antibiotics that I take 4 times per day and it makes my pee smell so bad (TMI, sorry). And I got the test results Monday which said I did in fact have a staph infection. Only 6 more days of antibiotics.

After my appointment, I took Walter to the groomers for a bath, cut and nail clipping. He smelt so good after! And I met my husband at his appointment to pick up the girls from him. It was a busy day to say the least.
 The glass of wine my husband poured for me Friday night

Saturday we had some errands to take care of. Costco and Petco. We got those done and got home in time to get ready for our date night. My sister and aunt came over to watch the girls. R and I went to see Sicario. The movie was awesome. Very intense. Then we went to a little Italian place for dinner and wine.

When we got home, we caught up with my sister and aunt since the girls were already in bed. It was the perfect evening.
 My aunt with the girls Saturday evening

Sunday we had more errands to run. So we did those, grabbed lunch and got home in time to watch the Niner game. The Niners won with Blaine Gabbert (and now everyone is praising him. So lame.). My in-laws came over to hang out with the girls and catch up. I did some grocery shopping and came home to cook dinner for that night and prep the crock pot for Monday's dinner. We lit a fire and relaxed while the storm started to roll in. If we only knew what we were in for.
 Sutton passed out Sunday while playing with her grandparents
Avery passed out as well


  1. Oh sweet girls!! Playing with family is exhausting. :) love that you have family so close to help and be with the girls. I'm a bit jealous. :) stinks that you were feeling so sore from the biopsy. :( praying you feel back to normal soon. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. I love having family around. I really don't know what I would do without them here. Especially with twins. I am beyond grateful and thankful for them! And my wound site is finally healing, but I have scabs all over around it from where the bandaids were. And to think I have to do it again in a month. Ugh.