Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I am Thankful For

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought I would write about some of the things I am  thankful for.

The first one is easy. My sweet baby girls. They may have had a rough start (premature birth and the NICU for 4 weeks), but they have brought so much joy and love into our lives. I never knew, only imagined, the love I could have for someone(s). These girls are my everything. They make life so much better. I feel beyond thankful and grateful to be their mom and watch them grow. Baby girls, the last 11 months with you has been nothing short of the best months of my life.
 Left: My girls at 6 weeks old  Center: Avery at 10 months  Right: Sutton at 10 months

I am thankful for... my husband. He has been my rock this last year. He is the best daddy to our baby girls. He has really stepped up to his daddy role and takes on his fair share of baby duties. He has been my nurse after three surgeries. Including one where he changed my open wound (pulling out the gauze, cleaning the wound, repacking the gauze and bandaging me up) on my chest twice a day for five and a half weeks. My husband is one of a kind and I really won the husband lottery with this one.
Tahoe Wedding

I am thankful for... my family (immediate and in-laws). My family has been nothing short of amazing this last year. They have been there through my pregnancy, birth of the girls and through their first year. They have babysat the girls more than we could ever ask anyone else. They have taken care of me after the three surgeries I have had this year. They have showered the girls with love and so many gifts (very spoiled little girls). They have been there through it all and I feel so fortunate that our families live close by and can share everything with us.

I am thankful for... my pup, Walter. Walter is a pretty amazing dog. He puts up with a lot and still loves us unconditionally. The girls are fascinated with him and he puts up with them pulling on his tail, not so gently petting him and he returns their loves with lots of slobbery kisses. He may not get as many walks as he did when he was an only child, but he is my first child. He has a special place in my heart and I love my Roo Dog.

I am thankful for... my and my families health. This year has been full of health scares. From my own three surgeries (traumatic birth, breast abscess and umbilical hernia) to my father-in-laws retina detachment repair, we have had our fair share of health issues this year. But thankfully, everyone is healthy and have made it through this year fairly unscathed.


  1. So glad you and your family have come through all the heath issues!

    1. Thank you. We are as well. Crazy how life throws curve balls at us all at once.