Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekending

Back from another weekend, a long weekend at that. We celebrated Halloween, the girls turning 10 months (post coming tomorrow) and a huge winter storm rolling in. It is still raining/snowing right now and is finally starting to feel like Fall/Winter. Bring it on.

This wasn't from the weekend, but from the week. The girls rode in their first shopping carts. We usually bring them into stores in their stroller, but since they love being out of their car seats when we are out and about, we put them in the carts. I can't get over the cuteness here.

Friday we had off for Nevada Day, so we did what we do any weekend, we went to brunch.

We also took the girls 10 month photos, but I am saving those for their 10 month post. We didn't do too much Friday other than hang out with our little ladies and run a few errands and cuddle with this little guy.

Saturday morning we relaxed at home and noticed that we need to drop the girls crib mattresses because of this...

The girls are climbing up on everything. They are on the move and loving every minute of it.

Saturday was also Halloween, so we dressed our little ladies up for the days festivities.

Our little ladies were Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss. I thought about doing something more original, but this way the ladies can get more use out of their outfits. They can wear the onesies again and the leg warmers are perfect for Christmas time. Plus they were so adorable in their outfits! They loved playing with the candy too.

We took the girls out on some errands and a long walk with Walter. The girls went down right after the first few trick or treaters came by. We spent the evening handing out candy and watching the kids freak out over our neighbors zombie window (a screen that showed zombies coming up to the window. So realistic, scary and fun). We handed out candy until 9:30 and only have a very small amount left which is good so we don't load up on Halloween candy for the next week.
 Sutton working on pulling herself up (on everything)
 Avery working on standing up with her daddy

Sunday was a lazy day. The storm started rolling in and football was on. We had an early morning breakfast since everyone must have still been asleep from Halloween and the time change. We went out in our sweats and had the restaurant almost to ourselves. Then we came home to watch the Niners crap the bed. I did some grocery shopping and came home to more football. We played with the girls and worked on their crawling.

Did any of your children not do so well with the time change? Our girls woke up early and were super fussy come 6 pm. Once they got out of the bath, it was game over and we spent the next hour crying and not happy. Not to mention, they are starting to get colds too. Runny noses and coughing. Last night wasn't the best sleep for anyone in our family.

But we did watch the Royals win the World Series (shout out to our in laws in Kansas City) and the Broncos beat the Packers. And we cuddled up in blankets and watched the rain fall all night. It is still raining and snowing, and it is going to be for the next several days. Bring on the El Nino because we need a good snow pack year (so we can do day dates snowboarding).

How was your weekend?


  1. Love their Halloween costumes!! Thing one and thing two is just perfect!! Who cares about originality. I think it's fitting and if they can wear it all again that's key!! Great idea! Love them in the carts!!

    1. Thank you. I did see some cute costumes that we wanted to do, but they were too young. Mario Kart players. So much fun. But I think my girls rocked their costumes!

  2. They are pure sweetness! The costumes were such a cute idea and of course they totally pulled it off :) Glad you guys had a good weekend and yay for the girls sitting in the cart. It's gotta be hard with two in the store!!

    1. It is very hard with two in a store. That is why I don't do it often. I usually leave the babies at home with daddy and mommy has freedom to grocery shop alone. I used to not like grocery shopping that much, but now it gives me a much needed break.