Thursday, November 5, 2015

Random Thursday

Did you know we are about 7 Friday's away from Christmas? Ya me neither. I am already getting asked to start Christmas lists for myself and my girls. This could take some time as I have no idea of what I want...other than a Kendra Scott necklace. Otherwise, I am not sure.

Another thing I am not sure of, is this post. It is going to be full of random, like most Thursday posts from me are.

- This week, Sonnet James released their holiday line. Now it isn't huge, but it has some very cute things. They even have some dresses for your minis. Too bad my girls aren't big enough for them yet. But I received a gift card to Sonnet James from my sister for my  birthday (in August) and I finally got to use it. I bought this dress.

A Chanel inspired vintage-y looking dress. I have another dress from Sonnet James and I love it. So comfy, perfect for work and it transitions well into the evening for girls night or date night. I wore mine on Tuesday for meetings at work and then girls night after. 

- My lady babies are sick. It isn't too bad, but they both have a cough that is horrendous. I just hope it doesn't progress into anything else. Did you realize that you can't give them much for that cough? I didn't until I researched. After research, I saw that you can and should put on the humidifier at night, can prop their crib mattress up with a book to help with the mucus, give them a bath and lots of cuddles. Any other suggestions mommies out there?

- We have date night this Saturday. As always, it has been far too long since our last one. We had every intention on going to Fantasies in Chocolate, but then R decided it was a lot of money and it would be more fun to go to a movie (since we NEVER get to see any in theaters anymore) and dinner. And in true parent fashion, we are going to the movie first to make sure we don't fall asleep after a tasty dinner and wine. We are going to see Sicario. We heard it was really good and it is something we can't really watch at home. Have you seen it? Would you recommend it?

- So in the middle of writing this post, my husband comes up to me with our french press...broken. He was cleaning the container out and it tipped over in the sink and shattered. And we had just bought two new bags of delicious coffee from Hub Coffee Roasters yesterday. And we CANNOT go without coffee, so I had to make an emergency run to Starbucks. Did I mention this all went down at work? Yes not a great start to our morning.

- This weather here is crazy. It was 77 degrees last Saturday and then it changed to the 40s rather quickly Monday with lots of rain and snow. Our mountains are covered in snow and it looks beautiful. Our next storm is forecasted to hit Monday. Bring on the powder. I can't wait to go snowboarding. Mt. Rose opened Wednesday!

And that's enough randomness for Thursday.


  1. Love the dress! Sorry to hear the girlies are sick. Colds are so annoying because there isn't much you can do. You sound like you're doing everything I'd recommend myself. If you figure out any other tricks, let me know. Hope you guys have fun at your dinner and movie!!

    1. Thank you. And it is so rough listening to your babies cough and know there isn't much to do. So far we are doing what I posted above and hoping for the best.