Thursday, May 21, 2015

Random Thursday Post

Sorry I have been MIA all week. I spent my free time (during work) Monday and Tuesday at the gym, followed by an awful lunch time dentist appointment yesterday. Why did I make a dentist appointment during lunch? Those are the worst kinds of lunch times.

Good news cavities. The bad news is...I have to have two fillings replaced from when I was a kid and my teeth are still sore from my cleaning. I guess my teeth have taken a backseat since having new babies. Luckily, no new cavities, but I still have to get stupid shots to replace those pesky fillings. Why can't they last forever? No one wants to get unnecessary shots unless they are the whiskey kind.

In other news, we are finally biting the bullet and fully changing to new bottles in the Butler household. Big news, right? Haha. We have been avid Dr. Brown bottle users (we received some from the NICU that the girls used), but were tired of cleaning 7 parts per bottle, 8 bottles when we got home from work. And that doesn't include the 5 am feeding nor the 8 pm feeding. It was a laborious 15 plus minutes of my day plus the other feedings and my pump parts. Way too much time spent when I could be cuddling those precious babies of mine.

So we went with Tommee Tippee bottles. Plus we had to transition out of our 4 ounce bottles to 8 or 9 ounces. The girls seem to do very well with their medium flow nipples (we tried the slow flow and they hated them) and it is only 3 to 4 parts to clean per bottle. Win-win for this momma.

I am so looking forward to this weekend. For one, it is a long weekend (3 day weekend!). Two we get to see some family that the girls haven't met yet. Three, this momma can sleep in. I fell asleep on the way to work again (my husband was driving). But we do have a million and one errands to run.

I do have a question for you pumping mommas, when did you transition to less pumps per day? I currently pump 6 times a day and want to drop to 5 times. When I dropped from 7 to 6, my supply increased. I want it to stay the same or up again (wishful thinking). Is it too early to do it at 5 months? On a related note, can you believe my girls will be 5 months next Friday? Time is going way too fast!
   Cutest babies EVER!


  1. Dentist appointments are the worst! And that is coming from someone who used to be a dental assistant!

    Your girls are so cute! I'm glad the bottle transition is going well, I know that can be tricky.